Plotting … again …


When you point a finger at an opponent in an argument, three fingers point back at you. That’s what my granny told me when she was teaching me manners. It’s a populist take on a psychological mechanism called ‘projection’. 

The Left has weaponised “projection” as political trick to shut up opponents and the Remainers have learned from them. Looking back at this week’s events, looking at reports in today’s papers, we find examples galore. It’s not just Remainers who do it – it’s their sacred EU as well. How else can one explain M Juncker’s plaintive cry that, should there be a No Deal Brexit, it’ll be our fault (paywalled link) when we hear at the same time that the EU keeps saying ‘no’ to everything Johnson’s government is putting on the table? 

We discern more projections when we look at the Remainers plotting to prevent Brexit. First, the latest ‘background’: Nicola Sturgeon for example is giving the green light to her SNP colleagues in the HoC to support a VoNC and then install Corbyn as caretaker PM (here, and paywalled here and here). The ‘prize’ Corbyn has to pay for this is giving the Scots another IndyRef. That’s democracy! 

Next, the alleged ‘government plots’. John Major was dominating the MSM yesterday with his warning about Johnson possibly using a dastardly ‘ploy’ to circumvent the Surrender Act. We mentioned that yesterday (here). Now more ‘experts’ have joined the fray and are proposing other dastardly ploys which Johnson and Cumming could use, only to shoot them down, for example using

“the powers in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, which allows Ministers to suspend Acts of Parliament in a state of emergency. These powers are very tightly restricted for obvious reasons – there is no threat of damage to national security, human welfare or environment – and nothing that would allow a state of emergency to be declared.” (link, paywalled)

And who picked up this possible ploy, took it for reality and ran with it? Step forward, Dominic Grieve! Here he is:

“Former Conservative minister Dominic Grieve said he feared the Prime Minister intended to declare a state of emergency to force through Brexit, using the threat of civil disorder as an excuse.” (link)

The background for that extraordinary claim is in this video clip of Brendan O”Neill remarking on the effects a Remain coup might have. As far as I know, Mr O’Neill is not part of Johnson’s government, Mr Grieve, but then again, Remain, just like the Left generally, assumes that nobody can think for themselves or would be allowed to – there simply must be puppet masters. A nice example of projection because that’s how Remain and The Left work: all singing from the same hymn sheet.

But Mr Grieve wasn’t done quite yet. He doubles down (here):

“I have been astonished to hear ministers talking up the possibility of civil disorder if we do not leave the EU on October 31. […] My worry is that this is part of an orchestrated script and part of a Government policy to get around the law drafted by Labour MP Hilary Benn and approved by the Commons – with my support – designed to prevent the Prime Minister taking the UK out of the EU next month without a deal. My suspicion is that they may be planning to use the 2004 Civil Contingencies Act to suspend that law on the grounds that otherwise there will be riots before and afterwards.” (link)

You can drop the ‘without a deal’ phrase, Mr Grieve – we know that you don’t want us to leave at all. Also, I wonder how Leavers would actually riot. After all, haven’t the Remainers told us for the last three years that Leave voters are old and are dying in their droves anyway? 

Perhaps Mr Grieve should have read this column by Dominic Sandbrook in today’s DM before projecting his own Project Fear ‘riot scenario’ on us Leavers, or indeed arch remainer Matthew Parris’ remark in the (paywalled) Times:

“It isn’t true that Leavers are about to don gilets jaunes and start smashing windows. Leavers are as law-abiding as Remainers. ” (link, paywalled)

While it’s par for the course to blame Johnson and Cummings for everything without providing evidence, sensible Remainers might perhaps reflect on their own role in inciting ‘violence’ by talking up Project Fear scenarios leading to ‘riots’, as they did on Wednesday in the HoC!

Parris, taking swipe after swipe at Johnson and Cummings, then makes this observation:

“No EU deal is in sight and even if it were, this Commons would be unlikely to vote it through, especially after Mr Johnson’s performance on Wednesday.” (link, paywalled)

Does Parris really think that the HoC would vote down a deal simply ‘to punish’ Johnson? My conclusion was that, no matter what deal BoJo comes up with, it will be voted down because the Remainers want to Remain.

Rounding up these various ‘what-if’ ploys, plots and alarms by Remainers, here’s a final one which they have overlooked. Benedict Spence writes:

“Meanwhile, a further suggestion has been that Cummings could be planning for the Government to invoke EU law to get round the Benn Act, as Article 50, being a continental mechanism, trumps UK Law, to which the Benn Act belongs. It would be creative, to say the least, whilst also infuriating Remainers, and demonstrating to the public just how powerless UK law is in the face of the EU. Using the enemy’s strength against them? Very Sun Tzu.” (paywalled link)

That would be what is called  ‘a turn up fo the books’! Would the Grieves and Benns then go to court, to have Johnson jailed? Hm.

And what about our ‘friends’ in the EU? Are they perhaps projecting their unwillingness to negotiate beyond saying ‘Non’ onto our negotiators? See this item:

“EU diplomatic sources said heads of state and government would refuse to negotiate the Brexit deal at the summit. […] Responding to the warnings, a UK Government source said: “Brussels should be focused on getting a deal, not setting the ground for a political blame game.”(paywalled link)

I can’t help thinking that EU intransigence is fed and fuelled by our own Remain politicians who have been working with Brussels, overtly before Johnson and now behind Johnson’s back. As they cry that calling them traitors is inflammatory language, someone ought to tell them that negotiating with a hostile entity behind one’s government’s back is called treason, and that those who do this are, yes, traitors. 

Going back to the EU and their “negotiations”, this passage in Peter Cleppe’s article in the (paywalled) DT caught my eye:

“The EU must really consider carefully whether it wants to waste the upcoming month in the hope that Boris is deposed, opening the way for either a “softer Brexit” or the reversal of Brexit altogether. The latter is something many in the EU now realise is unsustainable, given how difficult the UK would be as a partner, not least due to the 17.4 million voters that would feel betrayed. Given that Boris Johnson may also adopt a much more radical position on Brexit in the event of an election, in order to gain votes from the Brexit party, the EU would do well to realise a deal with him now is likely to be much easier rather than one later.” (paywalled link)

Even if the EU were to follow that thought, showing some softening even unto some sort of deal, there is one obstacle which Mr Cleppe has overlooked: the Remain harlots in the HoC. It’s not fanciful to assume they will vote down whatever deal Johnson brings back.

Their aims are clear: to keep us ‘In’ through extension after extension, to install a Corbyn government, to get a 2nd referendum and finally kill Brexit stone dead. 

The chuntering by Remainers of Johnson’s alleged ‘dastardly plot’, i.e. to use the Civil Contingency Act 2004, is therefore an obvious projection. It is the Remainers who fear Brexit riots once they have usurped Downing Street. It is they themselves who would use that Civil Contingency Act against us Leavers.

Remember that, since we’ll still be ‘In’, this Remain ‘government’ could then call on Eurogendfor to ‘help’ them against us “rioting Leavers”. EU boots on UK soil: Berlin and Paris would finally have achieved our subjugation.

We however will channel our inner Churchill:

“We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”




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