Today’s column is about something completely different. It’s completely different only at a superficial glance. It’s about a song. The song has the title ‘Patria y vida’. More on that below.

You may have heard or read about the violent street protests in South Africa. Well, that’s far a way and it’s not about covid – or is it? – but about corruption, about tribalism as some people stand up for the former president Zuma who was supposed to go to jail for corruption. 

Never mind – South Africa is far, far away …

Then there’s France where Macron is going to implement the harshest laws to make people get jabbed and to get a vaccine passport. Those without will even be denied access to A & E unless they have a ‘clean’ PCR test.

Yesterday was their Bastille Day. Macron watched a parade on the Champs Elysee, nicely reported in the Times (link, paywalled). 

Only the DM reported on the violent protests against Macron’s covid passport laws – read all about that here. Well, it’s the French, they always protests, so why should we bother.

Then there are the protests in Cuba. The BBC instructed us eloquently why the Cubans were protesting – a rare event. According to Al Beeb, the Cubans protested because of covid – yes, really! -; because of the economic situation, and because ‘internet access’ fuelled the protest (link). If only Cuba had learned from China …

However, I get newsletters from the USA. In one of them I read yesterday evening that, just as the BBC here, their MSM spun this protest as being caused ‘by covid’. Is that where Al Beeb copied their explanation from?

‘They’re all lying’, says the author of that article (link) and points out that the inspiration for the protests was a music video, first put online in February this year and now watched by millions. You might like to read that article in full. There’s also a description of the artists. 

The author then ties the song to the ideas of the US Founding Fathers and to the anti-slavery rebellions in southern America in the 1800s. His concluding questions show why the MSM – here and in the USA – prefer to interpreting this protest as yet another covid-and-poverty uprising, nothing to see here and never mind BLM! See this:

“What are the racist critical race theory proponents to make of real history as it happens? How should they view non-white Cubans seeing inspiration in white Americans the CRT proponents deride as oppressors — while the same Cubans seek to throw off real oppressors who are not white, but are evil?” (link)

That’s easy to answer: deflect, misinterpret, disregard. I think this song has the potential to become an international fanal, that it is a song for Freedom not just for Cubans but for all of us who are being subjected to the same totalitarian boots the Cubans have groaned under since 1959. 

Freedom is indivisible. It is the same in all languages. Watch the video, listen to the music. Oppression is now coming to us. Do we want to wait 60 years to stand up for our Freedom?



Photo by andres musta

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