Written By Rodney Atkinson


This article was first published on Freenations.net and we republish here with kind permission.





While there have been encouraging signs of both world and UK economic recovery from COVID the latest political panic and new business lockdowns threaten that recovery and do so on the basis of flawed and fraudulent statistics on COVID cases and COVID deaths.

Johnson/Hancock are destroying companies, jobs, wealth and the future of our children by locking down businesses employing millions on the basis of flawed COVID-19 “cases” and minimal but also flawed death statistics. The Government is destroying the investments which retired people (and those of retirement age who are forced to carry on working) have built up over 90 years of lifetime work (for a typical retired working couple).

The Government is destroying high street businesses and high street landlords, creating ghost towns and wiping out pensions and savings reliant on property investment.

And yet the daily more socialist Chancellor Sunak (who with his latest “support” package has once again kicked the self employed) is threatening in socialist style to tax “the rich” – those very people whose business assets the Government is wiping out.


The fraudulent graphs show the April height of the first wave as some 5,000 “cases” per day and now up to 19,000 per day. But the testing then was almost non existent compared to today. It is estimated the daily count in April was about 100,000 per day – 5 times today’s figure. And today’s figure is not “cases” but infections, the vast majority of which have no symptoms! And the very high figure is certainly due to the UK having the fourth highest tests per million population in the world.

UK:         417,289
USA:      366,655
Russia:  358,196

Only the United Arab Emirates, Israel and Bahrain, all with much smaller populations, have carried out more tests per million than the UK. What the asymptomatic infection figures show is that herd immunity is probably growing substantially – as it does for other coronaviruses. Indeed we are so infected by other coronaviruses that the tests (which seem to be set at far too sensitive levels) are picking up these related viruses and not necessarily COVID 19 itself.


But are the tests picking up infections? It has been determined that the tests record many “false positive” infections – in other words “cases” which are not infections at all. For instance the number of tests in the UK on 15 Sept 2020 was 227,075. The number of false positives anticipated at this level of testing is a median of 2.3% – in other words 5,222 false positives.

But the umber of positive tests actually recorded was 3,105 – far below the level of anticipated false positives meaning that most or all of the positive results are probably errors.


In the UK only a few hundred people have died of just COVID under the age of 60.

One paper published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation by John Ioannidis, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, reviewed 61 studies from around the world that have calculated the Infection Fatality Rate.

His analysis shows that their median – the middle figure – value for the IFR is 0.27 – suggesting that only four in every thousand people who have been infected with Covid-19 have died from it. This is far lower than for influenza! And for this the world has been brought to a standstill – except ironically in China (where it all started) which will be the only major economy to grow this year, the IMF predicted. The Chinese economy is forecast to expand 1.9% in 2020, compared with growth of 6.1% last year with 2021 growth accelerating to 8.2%.


The “COVID death” statistics continue to show deaths where the main cause was not COVID. We know from international studies that those who die ONLY of COVID (and not other morbidities like obesity, cancer, heart disease etc but WITH COVID) is about 12% of reported deaths – that would make UK deaths recorded today around 20 a day instead of the official 140.

This compares with typical daily deaths in the UK from

Heart disease – 460
Cancer – 450
Flu  – 85
Suicide – 18

In other words both “cases” and “deaths” are fraudulent and virtually everywhere the “second wave” has not been matched by an equivalent rise in deaths.

In Spain “cases” are today more than double the first wave but deaths are about one third.

In Italy daily “cases” today are higher than in the first wave but deaths are about one tenth of the first wave.

Germany’s second wave of so called “cases” is equivalent to the first but deaths are about 12% of the first wave.

In the USA the second wave looks like the first but deaths are still falling.

Sweden’s second wave is following a similar pattern to the first but deaths are averaging about 4 a day while the first wave saw about 75 a day.


At last the IMF has agreed with this website and said that Governments could work their way out of COVID debt without raising taxes since raising long term debt is no problem for the major economies – IF they grasp their first priority is promoting growth, not taxing wealth creators! And the OECD has revised its September world growth forecast upwards from its pessimistic June estimate.

In the UK there has been a strong bounce back in shopping – the latest retail figures for the 5 weeks to October 3rd show a rise of 5.6% on year – the best since 2009. UK annual GDP growth reached 2.1% in August and the total trade surplus, excluding non-monetary gold and other precious metals, increased £3.8 billion to £7.7 billion in the three months to August 2020.

The enormous burden of financing the costs of the COVID crisis was given a boost by firms who had taken worker furlough funds repaying £215m to the Government. London has held on to the second spot in a respected ranking of global financial centres and even gained ground on New York, which takes the top spot.

But for poor Brussels there’s some even worse news, their master plan to make Paris and Frankfurt the new financial hubs of Europe doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction with Edinburgh overtaking both in the rankings.

In Cornwall a “globally significant” find of LITHIUM has been made – the rare fuel for car batteries and also important in nuclear physics, many industrial applications and as a mood-stabilising drug for treatment of bipolar disorder.

So until the latest Government panic about a resurgence in COVID “cases” (which are no more than a result of a massive rise in testing) the UK economy was doing well – better than the major EU economies (apart from Germany) and the UK figures include Health and Education – which other countries tend not to try to factor in. UK employment fell in the 2nd quarter by 0.7% compared to average a Eurozone average of 2.9% while the August PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) was the strongest of any major economy.


So only the Johnson Hancock restrictions on business (and their refusal to compensate businesses properly) can derail the UK’s recovery. And that is what their latest measures seem to be doing.

Lockdowns have little effect on the spread of the virus. Sweden did not fully lockdown, its GDP fell by less than half the UK’s percentage and it has fewer deaths per million population than the UK. Even fewer restrictions were applied in Belarus where the deaths per million were among the lowest in the world.

Deaths per million

High Lockdown UK                                       637
Low Lockdown Sweden                                585
Very low lockdown Belarus:                          97

The greatest threat to our world is not COVID but the hysterical reactions to it by politicians whose lockdowns and restrictions have led to massive loss of life from other illnesses and suicides as the livelihoods of consumers and businesses are arbitrarily destroyed.

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