Over four years ago, before the Brexit referendum, I wrote my first article for this publication, I intended it to be shocking and possibly back then it was. Since my first article, rather depressingly, many of my first predictions are coming true much sooner than I thought possible, people are not so easily shocked anymore and that is a good thing.

These days I often wonder if I have much else left to say but I’ll offer you this quote from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War,’ video here.

“Therefore I say: know your enemy and know yourself and in a million battles you will never be in peril.”

I’ll relate this to one of my own experiences in life. Many years ago, as a young man I was interviewed and ended up working for a firm of city traders; the interview process was exhaustive. Endless interviews and psychometric tests were undertaken and I couldn’t help but wonder why for me they seemed to go on for a lot longer than anyone else.

Eventually I was told just why my testing had taken so long. There are two types of people in this world, those that form a model in their heads of how they think the world should be and those that react to situations as they find them. The former academic types would be slaughtered as market traders, the trick is to ‘trade the market that you have,’ no matter how illogical and extreme the market appears.

My interviewers were puzzled by me as I seemed to have the ability to change the way my thought processes worked at will to suit the occasion: I’m very rare apparently. The point is that I do now understand how this works, particularly when I’m dealing with people. I suppose the ideal situation is a bit of teamwork where ideas are tested for their practicality but in today’s political world it is seldom the case.

History is full of tyrants that tried so very hard to force their own world view on everybody else, no matter how impractical or ridiculous their ideas turned out to be; imagine if you designed aeroplanes like that, they simply wouldn’t fly. It is unclear to me, just how many dictatorial tyrants actually believed in their own dogmatic worldview and which of these were merely opportunists in pursuit of wealth and power.

Stalin I think was just an opportunistic tyrant, perhaps Trotsky was more of an idealist, Angela Merkel another idealist with Tony Blair being just an opportunistic sycophant, his eye firmly on wealth and power: just my opinion of course and there are many other examples, in fact Adolf Hitler seemed to propagate any message that he thought would suit his purpose at the time. Certainly though, many of these tyrants seem to have had psychological and mental problems of a nature that I’m not qualified to diagnose.

The main problem though with these extreme idealists is that we don’t live in an ideal world, like the stock market trader or the aircraft designer, if they can’t adapt their ideas to suit the world as it really is, then they too will crash and burn. Fortunately, historically these tyrants always do seem to crash and burn, the only question is just how many innocent lives will it cost this time around.

Unfortunately, whatever their motives, these narcissistic, probably psychotic tyrants are very good at selling their toxic ideas to those that are blinded by their disaffection, dissatisfaction, personal misfortune or chip on their shoulder. People such as these are all too readily indoctrinated with tyrannical ideals that can never work in the real world.

Stalin had his secret police to subdue the population, Hitler had the Gestapo among others but he also had his Brown Shirts that intimidated the population much like Black Lives Matter and Antifa do today.

These tyrants certainly know how to sell their message to the disaffected, those with envy and loathing in their hearts, indeed Hitler came to power during the great depression, he capitalised on the misery and poverty of the German people at the time. Today as we head into an even greater depression the potential for this is increasing but already we have disaffected minorities blaming our distant past history for their misery.

“Nothing is new under the sun,” the saying goes and so we can see that globalisation as promoted by the European Union, United Nations and various non government organisations has all happened before. These people are tyrants that will enforce their unworkable world view upon us all, never mind that these ideas can never work, have no regard for our culture and way of life and ultimately will cause the loss of our lives as they already have.

So now we are a little closer to understanding our enemy, they want the world to be as they wish or expect it to be, they will not shift one iota from their mental construct for whatever reason is driving them. These are extremist tyrants, like all of those before them, some are idealists, others self seeking criminals and the people that have bought into their ideals are just pawns in a power game. Some people say that Stalin referred to such people as “useful idiots” but it is unclear as to whether he actually said this; even so it is a very apt description of today’s Liberal Lefty cult. A cult propagated by globalist organisations such as the European Union and the United Nations: these people are enemies in every sense of the word.

Estimates of the numbers of people murdered during Stalin’s reign vary but some estimates put this figure at around sixty million; it is estimated that between 70 and 80 million perished in the second world war when we fought Hitler. The question that we should be asking now is: just how many lives will it cost this time around? There are rumours that the globalists are looking to dispose of far higher numbers.

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