I really think that it’s time for us all to wake up and admit, that we are no longer and probably haven’t been for a long time, living in a democracy. Sure, our politicians like to maintain a democratic façade but that is all that it is.

It has always been obvious to me as a sailor that a ship cannot have two captains. How can a government that is supposed to be the servant of the people, also be governed by globalist entities such as the European Union and the United Nations?

In 2016 when we voted to leave the European Union and Donald Trump won the Presidency of the United States, we thought that we’d won a victory against globalism. The reality is, that while we’ve been fixated over Brexit and Donald Trumps battles with the supposed Deep State, globalism has been marching on at a pace: we’ve been stitched up again.

In the US, behind the economic propaganda, the economy is in dire shape, the US Federal Reserve printed four trillion dollars in as many weeks and it goes on, a trillion here and a trillion there. Many of these printed dollars are being used to buy assets both in the US and overseas via other Central Banks; the worlds resources and assets of all types are falling into the hands of ever fewer people.

As people around the world wake up to what is going on the globalist, totalitarian tyrants seek to lock us down with a virus hoax. This kind of totalitarian control is always the last resort of every tyrannical regime in history when people no longer believe their lies.

Closer to home, we’ve been burying our heads in the sand for far too long and now we’re waking up to the full horror as to what is happening to us. Ask yourself: how could we ever believe that offshoring our industry, allowing our population to explode through mass immigration, while printing money to keep the economy going and causing massive asset price inflation: how was this ever going to be beneficial to we the people?

Even if we managed to force our government into some semblance of democracy, which people would they serve? Probably not us indigenous Brits!

This then is the true evil of what has been done to us, we’ve been democratically disenfranchised in our own country, all very carefully planned and executed. As negotiations with the European Union have played out, the one thing that the globalist EU has been reluctant to allow is for Britain to take back control of its borders.

As long as the globalists can maintain a steady and increasing flow of immigration into our country, their insidious plans will progress, whether or not we leave the European Union. Very soon, we native Brits will be a minority, we’ll no longer be able to resist globalisation, the EU and UN.

Today we’re being asked to believe that a nation that once, for centuries, defended our English Channel, fought and won sea battles at Trafalgar and around the world, cannot defend itself against a few illegal immigrants in rubber boats. Despite our armed forces being run down by successive governments, it is beyond belief that we can’t stop a few rubber boats.

The only reason that our government doesn’t stop this illegal seaborne invasion of our country is because it doesn’t want to stop it; so wedded to the globalist cause are our politicians. This is the only logical conclusion, Priti Patel may repeatedly let it be known how angry she is, she may even get the Navy to turn back a couple of boats but that is all that she will do: the invasion will continue.

Meanwhile, those military aged, illegal immigrants that are already here are living in four and five star hotels and being given expenses paid VIP tours of famous landmarks at our expense as well as many other benefits. I suppose that this is all just a short term measure until these illegals can be given a nice new house, free healthcare and a life of ease where they’ll never have to work, living at our expense.

The British economy, along with most other Western economies around the world are facing a crisis, COVID-19 or not, it was always going to happen, this at a time when our population, due to immigration, is exploding our of control. How do you think that you’ll feel when you or your children are homeless, hungry, failed by an overburdened health service, raped and groomed by immigrants that despise us? The immigrants of course will be living in comfort utilising resources that should in a democracy be ours.

Edward Health, John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May or Boris Johnson, behind their smiling reassurances, platitudes, lies and play acting, they are all as bad as one another, the worst traitors in British history. These are not our democratic representatives, these are globalist quislings, they are not fit to be in office, they are frauds.

We must ask ourselves then, not only how we’re going to establish a true democracy in our country, but what are we going to demand in recompense for the damage that has already been done to our country and ourselves, we native Brits?

Not only must we accept that we no longer live in a democracy, we must also accept the fact that globalisation is an attack on ourselves and our country as much as was either of the last two world wars and far more successful. The only difference are that this time we don’t have strong leaders such as Churchill, we have only greedy, self interested, quislings and traitors and the real fighting hasn’t yet started.

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