Testing for Covid – or: “how to get Covid scare numbers”


It’s as if the Westminster Cabal is holding their collective breaths. Nobody knows as of yet if the Speaker will allow the ‘Tory Rebel’ amendment to be voted on – the one which demands an end to “covid-goverment-by-Hancock-decree”. ‘Our MSM’ are therefore very careful with the Covid news they’re feeding us today – you never know, and they so want to be able to tell us that ‘they knew all along’ that ‘covid government’ was bad, but please forgive and forget that their fear & hysteria campaign created this horror. Or not. It’ll depend on what happens in the ghostly HoC this afternoon …

While the broadsheets are starting the morning with reports about BJ not having a clue in regard to Lockdown Rulz (paywalled link e.g. here) the red-top paper editions have found a new ‘issue’: One million breast cancer screenings were missed because of covid! Yes, well – what did they expect, given that the NCS (National Covid Service) has abandoned all cancer sufferers since March, and never mind those with such ‘negligible’ illnesses as heart diseases or diabetes. To gain a much needed perspective, you might like to take a look at this report, published yesterday by our friends at facts4eu.

There are two ‘numbers’ which RemainCentral splashed across their home page. One is that ‘case numbers’ rose to ‘record heights’:

“Daily coronavirus cases topped 7,000 for the first time in Britain yesterday, dashing hopes that the “rule of six” was weakening a second wave of infection. A death toll of 71, twice as many as a week ago, and a doubling in ten days of the number on ventilators to 259 confirmed the sharply worsening trend.” (link, paywalled)

Those numbers are simply thrown out, the ‘scare numbers’ of patients on ventilators aren’t put into context – are only covid patients on ventilators? – but there’s help at hand. On that same home page we read that:

“Ministers spent more than half a billion pounds on ventilators to treat patients with Covid-19 but most are now in storage having not yet been needed by the NHS, a report by government auditors reveals today. The National Audit Office said that the government prioritised “speed over cost” as it looked to acquire 30,000 ventilators that early modelling suggested would be necessary to treat patients. […] While the government failed to hit its target of acquiring 18,000 ventilators by April, getting only 11,500 new machines, it reached the 30,000 target by August. At no stage was anyone who needed ventilator treatment unable to access it because of shortages.” (link, paywalled)

Money well spent, right? Based on ‘modelling’ … better disregard the cost, it’s only taxpayers’ money. There’s more, and it’s not just about availability of ventilators. These numbers are from the NAO – not prone to provide ‘fake new’s:

“The NAO study said that most of the new ventilators were now “being held in reserve”, adding: “As at September 16 only around 2,150 mechanical ventilator units acquired through the programmes had been dispatched to the NHS. This is because the anticipated demand did not materialise.” (link, paywalled)

So the ‘anticipated demand’ – based on modelling, one assumes –  didn’t ‘materialise’? How odd …! Given the ‘scare number’ quoted above, of 259 patients currently on ventilators, is it inhumane to ask why we must put up with more of the same Lockdown measures when about 1% of patients – Covid or not – are on ventilators which are actually available to ‘Our (not overwhelmed) NHS’?

Next in Covid news: it’s interesting to note that the latest demands to make life a misery because: ‘Covid!’ come from Labour politicians:

“Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, had called for the 9pm curfew on alcohol sales from shops on Monday, claiming that the 10pm curfew on the hospitality sector did not work. […] The mayor of Liverpool has become the latest northern leader to voice support for a 9pm curfew on alcohol sales in supermarkets and off-licences. Joe Anderson suggested that while the move would not have an impact on planned gatherings, it could help prevent spur-of-the-moment situations.” (link, paywalled)

That curfew has only been in place since the weekend – but obviously, given those rising numbers, the screws must be tightened further! Now! Spontaneously buying alcohol? The horror! Funny though that nobody asks how come there are so many infections when most people have been wearing muzzles for some time. It couldn’t have something to do with, ahem, tests? 

There was an amazing article on tests and false positives in the DT yesterday afternoon – not by a ‘science editor’ nor by a ‘health reporter’, but by their ‘digital travel editor’, whatever that means. However, covering ‘digital’, that editor has a clue about numbers. He first describes what happened:

“This week hundreds of passengers on board a Tui cruise, the first sailing for the company in the post-lockdown era, had their holidays interrupted after a dozen crew members tested positive for Covid. The captain halted the voyage, ordered all passengers to self-isolate in their cabins, and moored the vessel off the Greek island of Milos. The 12 staff members, however, all of whom were asymptomatic, were retested. Low and behold, all turned out to be free from the coronavirus after two further checks, a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test performed by Tui and an antigen rapid test carried out by Greek authorities.” (link, paywalled)

‘Asymptomatic’, but ‘computer sez yes’ and that’s that! It surely is useful to ask if the tests done by our test-obsessed covid government, praised as ‘cure’ by our covid-obsessed MSM, aren’t also producing false-positive cases, thus producing these ‘scare numbers’. 

We recall that Belgium has ditched counting their ‘cases’ based solely on ‘unreliable’ PCR tests and are only counting numbers of Covid patients in hospitals. Many scientists, especially Prof Carl Henegan, have written about the problem of false-positive results since testing took off. The inventor of PCR, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis, pointed out that PCR was for research purposes, not for diagnostic purposes, and doubts were already raised in June 2020 in such a non-conspiratorial publication as the British Medical Journal BMJ (here).

That was apparently too scientific for the ‘science editors’ in ‘Our MSM’ and didn’t fit their covid fear and hysteria drive. The DT’s digital travel editor however describes the problem in terms which ordinary folk can understand:

“Boris Johnson wants to drop £100bn – more than half the annual NHS budget – on his ambitious ‘Project Moonshot’, which would see 10 million Britons tested every day. But with a false positive rate of 0.5% that would mean 50,000 of us might be told to self-isolate on a daily basis when we don’t even have Covid.” (paywalled link)

Fifty thousand ‘new cases’ every day! We’d surely be in permanent Lockdown! But that is what ‘Our MSM’, what Labour Mayors want: a Lockdown so they can control us, permanently.

The Times reports that further restrictions for Merseyside are on the cards, to be announced tomorrow – on ‘household mixing’ – but in another instance of the incredible cunning of the virus they write that: “A decision on London is likely to be deferred until next week”. (link, paywalled). Moreover, ‘sources’ told The Times that BJ was:

“updated on the capital’s infection rates earlier this week alongside plans for a “social” lockdown. He did not want to go down that route, according to an official with knowledge of the briefing. He is understood to be wary of the effect it would have on the capital’s economy if people were instructed not to go out and socialise, and the knock-on effect on the rest of the country. Officials warned Mr Johnson that he would face an outcry if the capital were judged by other nations and regions in the UK to have been treated leniently.” (link, paywalled)

Ignorant, naive peasants like me wonder why that cunning virus apparently won’t attack Londoners this weekend, thus allowing Londoners to socialise until next week, while we out in the sticks have to stay at home. ‘Tis certainly strange … are Londoners more hardy, less susceptible? Or are they harder to control? Not enough police officers, perhaps? 

Did you notice the latest expression: “social Lockdown”? That confirms our suspicion that these Lockdowns aren’t really about ‘stopping the virus’, about ‘protecting Our Sacred Cow’ – it’s about controlling us, plain and simple.

I leave you with news which truly take the proverbial:

“Mark Drakeford, the Welsh first minister, wrote to Mr Johnson to urge him to stop English people living in high-risk areas travelling to Wales.” (link, paywalled)

The North of Wales is now also in ‘local Lockdown’ which amongst other things stops people from travelling more than five miles from where they live, and so Drakeford demands ‘equal treatment’: BJ must see to it that the English do the same, that ‘would only be fair’, innit! However, “The first minister stressed that he did not think it would be right to institute “border controls”.”(link). 

No indeed – but surely the English on the other side of the border can be put into local Lockdowns to keep Drakeford’s Wales pristine and covid-free? And weren’t Welsh police officers deployed in Spring, stopping English travellers from visiting Wales? Nicola must be so aggrieved that she didn’t think of writing to BJ first! I’m sure she’d be only too happy to institute border controls at the borders of ‘her’ Scotland …!

Meanwhile the Brexit talks go on in Brussels, but I’m out of breath and am tired to collect all the sayings and suppositions produced by Brussels ‘sources’, faithfully regurgitated by Brussels correspondents. The indefatigable Sir John Redwood again makes the case for a No Deal being better than conceding to the EU (link). So I’ll wait until the weekend when we’ll know more. For the time being, as always, let’s




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