If you believed the fake news media reports, you would think that the English Democrats’ case to prove that the UK has already left the EU had been thrown out.

Robin Tillbrook, leader of the English Democrats Party, assures Independence Daily that this simply is not true!

He says: “Despite the most outrageous attempts to manipulate and pervert the mechanics of the English justice system, our case is still on – and it’s still giving the Europhiles and their corrupt Westminster elite puppets nightmares.”

After months of stonewalling the ED’s applications, the increasingly politicised ‘system’ suddenly issued a special decision to reject the case as ‘Totally Without Merit’. This is a category of rejection introduced recently to deal with the genuinely groundless applications of litigants in person in immigration cases in the Administrative Court.

“To try to use it to dismiss our case is particularly outrageous given the public comment of retired Court of Appeal Judge Sir Richard Aitkin that our case is ‘strongly arguable’,” said Mr Tillbrook.

This is well above the merely ‘arguable’ threshold that is supposed to guarantee permission to Judicially Review.

Even more sinister, says Mr Tillbrook, is the fact that such a decision automatically gives the applicant a mere seven days in which to appeal – and the ‘coincidence’ that, after months of complete inaction, the legal Powers That Be sent it to his office slap-bang in the middle of the first two-week holiday he has taken in more than 20 years!

Mr Tillbrook is not directly accusing The Establishment of using underhand tactics such as finding out when he would be on holiday and making sure the necessary paperwork was delivered during that time.  Most sole practitioners like him will simply close up their offices when they are away but he had his assistant go into the office a couple of times a week to check mail.  It was she who picked up the order and pressed alarm bells.

It was also noted that while earlier, less important and less urgent communications were emailed to his office, this most important and time-sensitive order was only posted.  And while it was purportedly sent out on Wednesday 19th June – and therefore deemed served on Friday 21st – in fact it did not arrive on the Friday (when all his post was opened) and so was not seen until Tuesday 25th when his assistant next went into the office.

But Mr Tillbrook was on to the wiles of The Establishment.  “As soon as this attempt to knock out our case on technical/time grounds was spotted, our barrister, Francis Hoar, was alerted,” he said.

“Despite the short notice, he did a superb job in getting our Revised Application ready for us to issue in time. Indeed, despite the worse efforts of the Europhiles, our Appeal was submitted with a day to spare on 27th June as Claim No. CO/1322/2019.”

Mr Tillbrook bemoans that this is a “a very sad reflection on the state of ‘justice’ in this country which has now become so politicised that we seem to have lost the ‘Rule of Law’ which was the cornerstone of England’s hard won and hard fought ancient Constitution”.

He says there is now a Blairite judicial appointments commission which will only appoint judges who can “demonstrate a lifetime’s commitment to Equality and Diversity” and are therefore ideologically only of the multiculturalist Left and therefore almost all Remainers.

“Our battle to secure Brexit is thus not only still very much ‘on’,” he says, “but it is also just part of a much bigger political, legal and moral war to preserve and secure the unique and truly magnificent heritage and identity of our England and of the English whose sacrifices made her a beacon to the world, as well as the land we love.”

He told IndyDaily that he does not know when the case will next come to court “given the underhand tactics being used by the enemies of England within the legal system and the out-of-touch elite”.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on his blogspot.

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