The Treasury – ‘Fortress Remain’ under Phil Hammond


This weekend we’re back on ‘home ground’ as the BoJo-Hunt enters the desperation stage. The ballot papers have been sent out to Tory members and as every vote counts, the Big Beasts are now wading in. Polls suggest that BoJo will be the winner, therefore their intervention is an important pointer to the unfolding of the coming Brexit Betrayal.

There’s no bigger Tory Beast than Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer. As we’ve also learned during the May Premiership, there’s been no bigger Brexit Traitor, next to May, than Philip Hammond. He has been gracing various TV shows where he was extremely coy about which candidate he supported or about his support for their Brexit policies.

Now however he has come out in the open. As the BoJo Premiership looms on the horizon, he’s now openly thrown his weight behind the “rebels” who have already made common cause with opposition MPs to stop Brexit. Here’s a brief report and here is a quote from the paywalled DT:

“Philip Hammond is leading a group of 30 Conservative MPs who plan to stop no-deal Brexit. The MPs are believed to have met three times, with some of the meetings held in the chancellor’s office, where they have discussed how to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal. […] It is believed David Lidington and David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, are prominent within the group of rebels. The group plans to establish a date in October where MPs will control the agenda and force through legislation before Parliament rises for summer.” (paywalled link)

These reports relate to a BBC interview and the BBC, arch Remainers that they are, have helpfully published a text:

“Speaking on Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking podcast, he [Phil Hammond] made clear that he would vote against a no-deal exit if it came to it in the Commons. “The Commons has been clear already that it does not support a no-deal exit. That is my position, and as a backbencher I will continue to argue against a no-deal exit,” he said.” (link)

It’s extraordinary and rather disturbing that the Chancellor and other Tory Grandees are already busy plotting the downfall of their own government, before the new PM has even got into 10 Downing Street. They must know that their plotting means a GE, but for the sake of Remain they’d rather have a Corbyn Government than support the PM elected by their own Party. There’s more:

“Pressed on how MPs could stop Brexit if the government was unwilling to pass legislation amending the 31 October deadline, he said it would be “shocking” if the next prime minister tried to sideline the House of Commons. “Well, let me quote the Speaker of the House of Commons, who has said that if the House of Commons is determined to do something, he is quite sure that it will find a way. And I am quite confident that the House of Commons will find a way, and indeed should be able to find a way. Because this is a parliamentary democracy and it would be frankly rather shocking if the House of Commons – the elected representatives of the people – could be simply sidelined by a government that was doing something that was the exact opposite of what the House of Commons clearly wanted done.” (link)

‘Shocking’ is correct, but it’s Hammond and his plotters who are shocking. Isn’t it extraordinary that Hammond’s and the other Remainers on both sides of the floor obviously believe that once we have voted, based on their hollow promises and lies, we, the sovereign, have lost the right to be heard, never mind to speak.

What he and the Remainers promote is not a Parliamentary Democracy, it is an elected, time-limited Parliamentary Dictatorship where even a duly elected PM is naught but a puppet. Hammond is not alone, as the following part makes clear:

“His [Hammond’s} comments were echoed by Justice Secretary David Gauke, who told the House magazine, a “way will be found” to block a no-deal Brexit. Meanwhile, Cabinet Office Minister – and Mrs May’s de facto deputy – David Lidington said he would not want to serve in a government committed to a no-deal Brexit. He told the BBC: “I am very clear in my mind that I would not want to serve in a government that made a deliberate commitment to a no-deal departure from the European Union.” (link)

This is the light in which we ought to regard the allegations about Boris Johnson being deemed ‘unsafe’ and ‘untrustworthy’ by the security services. Allegedly that’s why they didn’t provide him with intelligence material when he was Foreign Secretary.

This smear is a rather nasty piece of collaboration between May and her staff  – anyone who believes that she was not fully cognisant of this smear briefing probably still believes in Father Christmas – and the MSM, the BBC first and foremost:

“Theresa May’s aides were accused on Friday night of “playing petty politics” with Britain’s intelligence services in an attempt to smear Boris Johnson. As Conservative Party members receive their ballot papers to elect the next Prime Minister, the BBC led their morning bulletins on claims that the former Foreign Secretary had been excluded from security briefings. The story said information was withheld because “Theresa May and some in the intelligence community had worries about Mr Johnson’s ability to keep information confidential”. Downing Street has faced claims allies of Mrs May briefed the story in an attempt to undermine the former Foreign Secretary.” (paywalled link)

Just so. It does make Mr Hammond’s intervention that same day look rather distasteful. After all, mud sticks, and if Johnson ‘cannot be trusted and wasn’t trusted’, allegedly, then that makes toppling his prospective government that much more urgent, doesn’t it. There’s more:

“Ben Wallace, the long-serving Security minister who backs Mr Johnson, said: “The ridiculous story being run by BBC about Boris is total tosh. No Minister – Cabinet or junior sees all intelligence. They see what is relevant to their briefs and warranty. […] The ‘need to know’ principle always applies. Attendance at sensitive meetings is always a matter for PM and will be tailored to the subject. Those briefing these stories know little. Playing petty politics with intelligence dishonours the professionals who serve their political masters irrespective of what party they are from.” A senior former intelligence figure also told The Telegraph that the claims were “very bizarre” adding: “I am not sure I even believe the story.” (paywalled link)

This next remark from ‘a source’ – presumably in Whitehall if not the security services – is also illuminating:

“It was highly unlikely anyone in the security services briefed the story, they [‘sources’] said, because “the senior people in those sorts of organisations knowing that there is a change of Government and he is the favourite would not dare brief that out.” (paywalled link)

Interesting, isn’t it: on the one hand we have ‘a source in 10 Downing Street’, i.e. someone with the backing of Ms May briefing against the prospective successor, on the other we have the incumbent of the second highest office of state, the Treasury, plotting against the prospective successor – and that on the same day when the Tory members receive their ballot papers. Honi soit and all that …Of course, the BBC is as innocent as the driven snow:

“A BBC spokesman said: “This was a significant and legitimate story to report and we believe it was in the public interest.” A source at the corporation added: “We made clear this story was not just about Mr Johnson, it also examined the role of Downing Street and the actions they took. We report independently without fear or favour.” (paywalled link)

Yeah right: ‘public interest’ in support of Remain trumps proper research. And of course the poor BBC has no ‘sources’ inside government and Whitehall whatsoever …like the  ‘sources’ available to the DT.

All of the above is playing out while the EU watches. Asa Bennett in the paywalled DT writes:

“EU leaders have seen one Prime Minister make out they were not afraid to pursue a no-deal Brexit, only to be pushed by Parliament into asking them to extend Article 50. They will hope that the next Prime Minister can be similarly compelled. If Mr Johnson wants to prove them wrong, he’ll need to be ready to face down Mr Hammond and any revolt he stirs up. Only then might his European counterparts conclude that it is time to blink first.” (paywalled link)

We’ve become used to the Remainers playing their ‘stop Brexit’ games inside the confines of the HoC, disregarding the EU and the rest of the world outside.

They don’t care if a prospective PM is damaged by their unsubstantiated smears, they don’t care if they undermine the negotiating position of the prospective PM in regard to Brussels, they don’t care how much damage they do to the standing and reputation of our country in the world.

And then they moan that we ‘little’ people’ dare to call them traitors …




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