Remainers, led by the Chancellor, are still trying to thwart a no-deal Brexit.  The Telegraph says:

Philip Hammond is leading a group of 30 Conservative MPs who plan to stop no-deal Brexit.
The MPs are believed to have met three times, with some of the meetings held in the chancellor’s office, where they have discussed how to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, according to Sky news.
It is believed David Lidington and David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, are prominent within the group of rebels.
The group plans to establish a date in October where MPs will control the agenda and force through legislation before Parliament rises for summer.

The Independent calls it a plot.

A plot to stop no-deal Brexit by a group of Tory MPs headed by Philip Hammond could kill off the chances of Boris Johnson’s “do or die” EU withdrawal strategy before he has even taken office.
The chancellor has put himself at the head of the informal group of about 30 MPs discussing parliamentary manoeuvres to ensure the Commons has an opportunity to block a no-deal outcome in October.
It is understood that one option is to force a vote, before the summer recess, on whether to set aside a day in the autumn – before the Halloween deadline for Brexit – when MPs would control Commons proceedings in order to apply a last-minute brake if the new prime minister is taking Britain towards no deal.

BBC News reports he’ll find a way.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told the BBC he and other MPs will “find a way” of blocking a no-deal Brexit.
He told Radio 4’s Political Thinking Podcast he would personally oppose leaving the EU without a legal agreement on 31 October.
He warned Theresa May’s successor as prime minister not to “sideline” MPs, saying this would be “shocking”.

And Sky News claims he’s pushing for a second referendum.

Thirty Tory MPs led by Chancellor Philip Hammond are plotting to stop a no-deal Brexit in October in a move which would raise the chance of a second referendum, Sky News understands.
The informal group of rebels, mostly serving ministers, have held three meetings since Theresa May announced her departure a month ago, about how to prevent the UK crashing out on 31 October.

He will find a way, says the Sun.

PHILIP Hammond is leading a group of 30 Tory MPs plotting to block a No Deal Brexit.
The Chancellor has hosted three meetings with the group since Theresa May announced her departure a month ago.
And he vowed to “find a way” of preventing the next PM taking Britain out of the EU on October 31 without a deal.

The justice secretary is also on the team, reports the Independent.

MPs will find a way to stop a no-deal Brexit if the next prime minister tries to force one through, a senior cabinet minister has said.
David Gauke, the justice secretary, predicted that “a way will be found” to stop Britain leaving the EU without a deal, given a majority of MPs are opposed to such an outcome.
It is unclear whether the House of Commons has the power to force the government to avoid no deal, but Mr Gauke said he thought MPs would find “other mechanisms” to stop it from happening.

And the Express calls their plans ‘sabotage’.

REMAINER Cabinet big beasts led by Philip Hammond were last night plotting to sabotage Boris Johnson’s “do or die” promise to deliver Brexit by Halloween.
The Chancellor issued a threat to the Tory leadership frontrunner that Parliament would find a way to block a no deal exit from the EU. Around 30 Remainer rebels have met three times in recent weeks, including in Mr Hammond’s Commons office, to cook up plans.

Tory leadership

Meanwhile, Hunt and Johnson continue to battle it out for the premiership.  The Telegraph reports on prospective smears against BoJo.

Theresa May’s aides were accused on Friday night of “playing petty politics” with Britain’s intelligence services in an attempt to smear Boris Johnson.
As Conservative Party members receive their ballot papers to elect the next Prime Minister, the BBC led their morning bulletins on claims that the former Foreign Secretary had been excluded from security briefings.
The story said information was withheld because “Theresa May and some in the intelligence community had worries about Mr Johnson’s ability to keep information confidential”.

The Mail reports Boris’ plans to force immigrants to speak English.

Boris Johnson has demanded that immigrants to the UK learn English because ‘there are too many parts of the country where it is not the first language.’
Mr Johnson made the comments while at a Tory leadership hustings in Darlington on Friday where he also said he wants immigrants ‘to be and feel British’.

The Times also reports the Tory leadership candidate’s comment.

All immigrants must learn English because there are too many parts of the country where it is not the first language, Boris Johnson said yesterday.
The former mayor of London and Tory leadership favourite praised the “amazing” story of immigration into the UK. Specifically identifying “waves” of people who have come to London including Bangladeshis, Jewish refugees from Tsarist Russia, and French Huguenots, Mr Johnson said that immigrants had “adapted and made their lives and they have helped to make our national culture and they have bought into it”.

The Telegraph says he is proud of his gaffes.

Immigrants should be forced to learn English, Boris Johnson has said, as he insisted he was “proud” of his gaffes because they made “true and necessary” points.
Mr Johnson, the favourite for the Tory leadership, told a hustings of Conservative party members in Darlington that he was worried there were too many towns and cities where English is not spoken.

But the other contender may have broken the rules, reports the Express.

TORY leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt has been reported to Parliament over a possible rule breach that saw the Foreign Secretary use official House of Commons headed letter paper and a photo of himself to drive his bid for Theresa May’s role of Prime Minister.
Priti Patel reported Mr Hunt to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, according to Guido Fawkes. Ms Patel said the incident could be a “clear breach of Parliamentary rules” which specifically prohibit such stationary use for party political purposes.

And the Sun reports that Boris has been given police protection.

BORIS Johnson has been given 24 hour police protection for the duration of the Tory leadership contest, The Sun can reveal.
The Met’s Protection Command decided to issue the Tory leadership frontrunner with his own armed officers after carrying out a review of his personal security.
High profile Boris is not thought to be under any specific threat.

Sky News  reports Boris’ suggestion that parole should not be automatic.

Boris Johnson has suggested that violent or sexual offenders could remain behind bars for longer, should he win the race to be prime minister.
Mr Johnson said it is was wrong that prisoners were being routinely released after serving just half of their sentence.
He added that Theresa May was wrong to introduce curbs on the police’s stop and search powers, and indicated he wanted to “change that balance back”.

But Boris still commands a good lead, says Westmonster.

The latest Conservative Home survey of Tory Party members has found that Boris Johnson still has a commanding lead.
With ballot papers beginning to arrive, the poll of 1,470 Conservative members finds Boris way out in front.
ConHome have him on 67%, with Jeremy Hunt way back on 29%.
Boris has consistently pledged to deliver Brexit on 31st October if he wins the contest, also committing to a possible No Deal Brexit.

But the Tories election procedure may have been hijacked, says the Independent.

The Conservatives are being flooded with leadership ‘ballot papers’ rejecting Boris Johnson  and Jeremy Hunt – and demanding a fresh Brexit referendum instead.
The stunt has been organised by the People’s Vote campaign, in protest at Britain’s next prime minister being chosen by “just 0.25 per cent of the population” who are Tory party members.
The organisation said hundreds of supporters had already posted ‘ballot papers’ to Brandon Lewis, the Conservative chairman, to show their “disgust at the freezing out of the people”.

The Times claims he’ll have a ‘resounding victory’.

Boris Johnson is on course to enter Downing Street with a resounding victory this month, according to a poll of Conservative Party members.
Mr Johnson is backed by 74 per cent with Jeremy Hunt on 26 per cent, according to a YouGov/Times poll taken as Tories start to receive ballot papers.
Mr Hunt has urged party members to hold off voting at least until after next week’s two television events that start with a head-to-head debate on Tuesday on ITV.


More money could be demanded for Northern Ireland, reports Sky News

The DUP is set to present the next prime minister with a demand for cash for NHS waiting lists in Northern Ireland within days of coming to office.
The party’s MPs have told Sky News they expect to review the confidence and supply arrangement later this month after Theresa May stands down.
In 2017, the DUP negotiated a £1bn budget boost for Northern Ireland as part of a deal to ensure the ongoing support of their 10 MPs over Brexit, budgets and in confidence votes.

And ITV News reports both Tory leadership candidates claim they can sort out the problem.

Both candidates to be the next prime minister see alternative arrangements as the key to unlocking a Brexit deal.
These are ways of making sure the controversial backstop is replaced or never used.
Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have praised the work of the ‘Alternative Arrangements Commission’, a body led by Conservative MPs Greg Hands and Nicky Morgan.

Labour Party

Corbyn’s not going to budge on his views, reports the Times.

Shifting Jeremy Corbyn to a more pro-Remain position on Brexit has been a long and drawn-out process that sometimes makes you feel like banging your head against a brick wall, Sir Keir Starmer has admitted.
Nonetheless, the shadow Brexit secretary said that Labour had “moved a long way”. He has played a crucial role in Labour’s gradual shift from opposing a second EU referendum to supporting the concept. Speaking in a podcast released this week, Sir Keir revealed just how fraught that process had been.

The leadership is split, says the Mail.

Labour’s Brexit civil war deepened today as pro-Remain MPs led by Tom Watson launched a formal campaign to keep Britain in the EU amid open speculation over how much longer Jeremy Corbyn  can stay leader.
Mr Watson has launched a website called Labour Remain and he is urging activists to sign a declaration vowing to ‘fight, fight and fight again to keep Britain in the EU’.
The deputy leader’s declaration states that Labour must become the ‘party of Remain’ if it is to have any chance of winning the next general election.

And Breitbart reports two councillors’ defection to The Brexit Party.

Two local Labour figures have defected to the Brexit Party, as Labour sinks to fourth place in a recent YouGov poll.
West Heywood councillor Alan McCarthy and former Labour councillor and leader of Rochdale council Colin Lambert defected to the Brexit Party this week.
Their constituency of Rochdale voted 60 per cent in favour of Leave in the 2016 referendum, and Councillor McCarthy said that he left because Labour no longer represents the people.
Mr McCarthy told Rochdale Online on Thursday: “I have been a Labour Party supporter for 40 years, nigh on 20 of those as a sitting councillor for West Heywood. The Labour Party pledged to respect the decision of the referendum and has gone back on its word.

Westmonster also has the story.

Two senior local Labour Party figures in Rochdale have defected to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.
They include Colin Lambert, who was the former Leader on Rochdale Borough Council.
Lambert told Rochdale News: “I have served the people of Rochdale for nearly two decades but I no longer believe my former party represents the people of this town.


Guido has a story about the House of Commons eateries.

MPs could lose their exclusive access to some of Parliament’s best bars and restaurants under new recommendations being drawn up by the Commons Executive Board. They are holding a consultation as part of their response to the Cox Report into bullying and harassment in Westminster. A draft seen by Guido shows that they plan to recommend that staffers no longer be barred from MP-only areas like Strangers’ Bar, the gilded Pugin Room and the riverside Terrace. The plans are intended to end the culture of “them and us” relationships between MPs and staffers…


Bully-boy tactics on the Continent will not work here reports the Telegraph.

Paris and Frankfurt could be shut down within a year by Brexit Britain if Brussels tries the same strong-arm tactics on the City of London that it is using on Switzerland’s financial sector, Nigel Farage has warned.
The Brexit Party leader is not intimidated by the EU freezing Swiss stock exchanges out of the bloc’s market on July 1. Bern has retaliated by banning EU stock exchanges from trading Swiss shares, forcing EU traders to go through intermediaries to trade them, which is slower and more expensive.

And Nigel Farage writes for the Telegraph

During the opening remarks of a speech given this week by Antonio Tajani, the outgoing President of the European Parliament, he said: “Welcome to the House of European democracy.” The irony of his words was not lost on me and my 28 fellow Brexit Party MEPs and the collective laugh of disbelief which we gave earned us our first icy stare of the day. As all honest people know, the EU is not run on truly democratic lines, and over the ensuing 48 hours, any suggestion that the European Parliament is somehow in control of the EU was demolished.
The Remain lobby likes to say that the UK should stay in the EU and reform it from within. Indeed, the new liberal group in the European Parliament, backed by France’s President Macron, has even renamed itself ‘Renew Europe’.

The outgoing commission president doesn’t like the way his successor has been chosen, reports the Telegraph.

Jean-Claude Juncker has attacked EU leaders for the secretive and undemocratic way they stitched up a deal to nominate his successor as European Commission president.
Heads of state and government named Ursula von der Leyn as their choice to head the EU’s executive after about 27 hours of negotiations behind closed doors over three days.

The Mail calls the process ‘shadowy’.

Jean-Claude Juncker has taken aim at the shadowy process for choosing his successor as head of the European Commission, amid fury at how the EU’s top jobs were filled ‘behind closed doors’.
The outgoing Juncker said the process was ‘not very transparent’, after EU leaders rejected the lead candidates at the European Parliament elections and picked German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen to replace him.

And the Independent claims the decision damages democracy.

EU leaders are “damaging democracy” by ignoring the results of the European parliament elections, the leader of the legislature’s largest party has said.
Manfred Weber, whose centre-right group won last month’s contest, said the decision by leaders to reject all the candidates for European Commission president and instead pick a little-known ally of Angela Merkel in a closed meeting was “not the Europe I imagined”.
It comes as a poll by German broadcaster ARD found that the German public does not support the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen, the leaders’ pick for the top job. More than half (56 per cent) said they did not agree with the decision.

The Express reports a warning about beef.

THE VICE President of the EU Parliament has warned Ireland against committing to the bloc’s new trade deal with South American countries over the impact it could have on Irish beef farmers.
MEP Mairead McGuinness, who is also a member of Fine Gael, believes Ireland needs to assess the EU-Mercosur deal in greater detail while it is still being considered by the European Parliament. Both the EU and the South American bloc, made up of Argentina, Paraguay Brazil and Uruguay, need to finalise the agreement text before it is sent to the other EU member states for approval. Some Irish farmers have shared concerns the deal will flood the market with cheap beef from South America countries.


Laws to force murders to reveal when they buried their victims have been welcomed in the Telegraph.

The mother of murdered Helen McCourt said she is “elated” laws are to finally change so killers are denied parole if they refuse to reveal where they hid their victim’s body.
Marie McCourt has begged murderer Ian Simms to tell her the whereabouts of her daughter’s remains ever since the insurance clerk vanished on her way home from work in 1988.
But the pub landlord, who was convicted by a jury on overwhelming DNA evidence of the 22-year-old’s abduction and murder and is still in jail, has always maintained his innocence.

And ‘Helen’s Law’ has to be taken into account by parole boards, reports the Mail.

Ministers last night confirmed plans for a new ‘Helen’s Law’ which will keep killers who refuse to disclose the whereabouts of victims’ bodies in jail for longer.
Justice Secretary David Gauke said it was time that ‘wicked’ murderers who compounded the grief of innocent families by staying silent were held accountable.


The high speed rail line has been raking in rentals, reports the Mail.

HS2 has been making millions of pounds a year in rent from homes it had pressured owners to sell.
The company behind the £56billion high-speed rail plan has made almost £30million this way in the past five years, according to figures obtained by the Daily Mail.
Under a compulsory purchase scheme, residents living within 60 metres of the tracks are entitled to the ‘unblighted’ value of their property, plus 10 per cent and moving costs. Other schemes exist for those who live slightly farther away and are eager to move.

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