Brexit apparently causes insanity in Remainers. It doesn’t matter which political party the Remainers belong to, it doesn’t matter if they are otherwise normal, it doesn’t even matter if they live here in the UK or elsewhere.  A bit harsh, you might think, but when I present the evidence from the few Brexit-related articles in today’s and yesterday’s MSM then I think you might concur.

For starters, look at this report about M Barnier’s latest pronounciations. Here’s the headline: “Barnier hails soft Brexit breakthrough – EU expects May announcement in days” (link) …

Goodness gracious me! Reading on, we learn:

“EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said the outcome of talks between the Tories and Labour could emerge next week and has hinted Theresa May’s hardline approach could be about to soften. Mr Barnier stressed the cross-party negotiations could not change the 600-page withdrawal deal negotiated between the bloc and the British government. He said: “This week will be very important. We will have the results of negotiations between the Labour Party and the Theresa May’s government. Are these talks going to yield something?” He continued: “The two parties agree that the deal we have is the only one possible. The deal we have reached is non-negotiable. Mrs May agrees, so too Jeremy Corbyn. What we could negotiate and improve, is the political declaration that defines our future relationship with Britain.” (link)

This is priceless! The all-powerful M Barnier seems to be ignorant of two facts: that Labour and Tories have said their talks have not had any results and will probably fizzle out this week, and that there are crucial (for the Tories, that is) Local Elections taking place here in the UK in three days time. That’s what happens when SpAds and other advisors are on holidays and the top people are talking off the top of their heads, unaided.

Here’s the next piece of evidence: not just the Tories are fighting like ferrets in a sack, so are Labour. We heard about the fury of certain Labour Grandees that their EP Election manifesto hadn’t included a commitment to a 2nd Referendum. That row has now been taken to a higher level with the intervention of Mr Tom Watson MP who seems to have secret ambitions to supplant Mr Corbyn:

“Labour descended into civil war over Brexit last night as senior figures demanded that the party commit to a second referendum in all circumstances.The party’s deputy leader Tom Watson went over Jeremy Corbyn’s head to urge activists to lobby for a second poll. He appealed to campaigners to lobby members of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) ahead of a meeting which will decide whether to make a manifesto commitment to a ‘confirmatory’ referendum in next month’s European Parliament elections.” (source)

It surely is a sign of insanity to think a ‘manifesto’ would convince voters when all have seen how the GE 2017 manifestos have been trampled into the dust by the main parties!

Not only is Corbyn’s Labour as divided as the Tories – they are as cynical about using Brexit for their own aggrandisement as the Tories:

“The idea of a second referendum is opposed by senior members of Mr Corbyn’s inner circle, who fear it would enrage party supporters who backed Brexit. Labour’s business spokesman, Rebecca Long-Bailey, yesterday suggested the party’s call for a second referendum would not apply if it did a deal with Theresa May.” (source)

Take note of that last sentence! I wonder if Remainers are sufficiently lucid to recognise that their demand for a “People’s Vote” is just an instrument used by Labour’s leadership to keep them on board while they’re prepared to do backroom deals with Ms May in order to force a GE and get into 10 Downing Street. Once in, a 2nd Referendum will be binned.

The next bit of evidence is sad, horrendous, and upsetting. We read in the DM (link):

“Brexit has become a recruiting tool for the New IRA, a member of the terror group has said as it vowed to continue its campaign of violence after murdering 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee. The militant said Britain’s upcoming exit from the EU had helped ‘put the border on the agenda again’ and that ‘it would be remiss of us not to capitalise on the opportunity’. The group has claimed responsibility for shooting dead Ms McKee last week as she watched a riot in Londonderry.”

The following illustrates perfectly the despicable attitude used by Remainers in our MSM and Parliament, in the EU and Ireland, employing the Good Friday Agreement as justification for the Backstop:

“The group was formed in 2012 after three of the four main militant nationalist groups merged, the first time since the peace deal that most of the disparate nationalist groups still intent on violence came together under one leadership. It has been responsible for other attacks since then, including the separate killings of two prison officers.” (link)

Just look at the date: in 2012 Brexit wasn’t even on the horizon, nor was a Referendum, and UKIP hadn’t even yet won the majority of EUPArl seats! But we Leavers must believe that only the Backstop will prevent new unrest?  Insane, isn’t it!  

Finally, as Tory grandees are making a final push for the Local Elections to prevent the predicted bloodbath – see BoJo in his paywalled Monday column in the DT here – Ms May is set to bend Parliamentary rules yet again, this time by delaying the Queen’s Speech. The Times explains:

“A viable government is defined as one that can secure a Commons majority for a Queen’s Speech. It is a test that Downing Street cannot be sure Theresa May would pass so it is doing what it can to avoid it. The longer the present session goes on the less the government looks like a going concern and the longer the list of delayed decisions.” (paywalled link)

While this may seem like an arcane Game of Rules, unimportant to us peasants, the actual reason for Ms May’s alleged attempt is crucial:

“The terms of her confidence and supply arrangement with the Democratic Unionist Party, the Conservatives’ parliamentary allies, require a review of the deal at the end of each session. A Queen’s Speech that contained legislation enacting the Northern Ireland backstop in its present form would not be supported by the DUP or a handful of hardcore Tory Brexiteers, meaning that the government would fall. Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act both main parties would then have two weeks to try to fashion a viable government to avoid holding a general election.” (paywalled link)

“Fashioning a viable government” – is that a hint that Ms May would be happy to make up a government of ‘National Unity’ with Labour, over the heads of the voters? You might certainly think so …

The true Brexit reason is that Ms May hopes that the talks with Labour which resume today will somehow result in Labour finally agreeing to support her WA. While Labour is playing hardball, Ms May knows that, no matter what, the EP elections will now take place, but:

“Downing Street is now clinging to the hope that Jeremy Corbyn will shift position after the European elections on May 23 and agree a deal before the new MEPs take their seats on July 1.” (paywalled link)

She also knows that the chances of the DUP agreeing to her deal are highly unlikely, thus she needs Labour. Here’s another indication that Ms May might look for that government of ‘National Unity’:

“Steve Baker, deputy chairman of the European Research Group of Eurosceptic backbenchers, told The Sunday Telegraph: “Any [potential] leader who continues to vote for this deal, who accepts it being put through on Labour votes to deliver Brexit in name only, will need to explain how they are going to achieve a confidence and supply arrangement to prop up their government. You will find yourself leading a government which collapses if you ram this deal through over the heads of the DUP.” (paywalled link)

Ms May must know that her government is doomed if she clings to her WA. Delaying the Queen’s Speech gives her a bit more breathing space while stuck between that rock and that hard place of her own making. It’s a clear case of insanity, according (allegedly) to Albert Einstein:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I rest my case …



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