Part 2

Ed: This was first published in ‘Free Nations’ and we re-publish with the permission of the author. Part 1 can be read here.


It is high time that the UK Government started issuing guidance on the tariffs which the UK would apply on imports – which would rise and which would fall (food, raw materials and clothing for instance would fall)

For raising tariffs the general principle would be “tit for tat”. We would not apply new higher tariffs unless the EU applied such tariffs to our exports. We would make a big profit from mutual tariffs because we import more from them.

Very quickly the boot would be on the other foot and the EU would be forced into a u-turn on trade and sensible co-operation.

Transport for London which comes under the control of Mayor Sadiq Kahn, is to allow adverts on the tube for the People’s Vote Campaign – in direct contradiction of TfL’s own ban on political advertising campaign (“..contains images or messages which relate to matters of public controversy or sensitivity”)

The politicisation of public services and the arbitrary interpretations of laws and regulations to disadvantage political opponents or promote political friends is the essence of fascist politics. No wonder Kahn’s London loves the EU.

When anti democrats lose a vote they attack the voting system and promote a system reflecting their own prejudices. In the case of the 2016 Referendum result its far left opponents now call for a different result through a different “People’s Vote” as if “people” did not vote in 2016!

Of course the use of words like the “People’s” vote or the “People’s Court” is a classic expression of fascist politics where public institutions serving all are turned into political tools of the fascist class.

Two of the organisations which promoted marches in London for a second referendum have received direct funding from the EU. European Alternatives received €300,000 and the European Movement €350,000. (Imagine if the British Government donated to French or German anti EU organisations and parties!)

A recent letter from over 100 MEPs “to the British people” shows how the EU and its fifth column have worked over Brexit. The letter said the UK should now have another vote “because Brexit is so different from what people voted for”! Thanks to their scheming with UK Remainers and their refusal to follow the democratic choice of the British people we have indeed ended up with the May deal which is even worse than staying in! THEIR manipulations frustrate us – so WE must vote again!

Jaguar Land Rover sales were down in 2018 and the company said Brexit was a factor. What manipulative rubbish! In fact their sales figures showed exactly why the UK should leave the EU. For sales in Europe were down 7.8%, China minus 21% but sales to the USA were up 7.2% – how much better we would be with the freedom to strike a trade deal with the USA! The small fall in the UK of 1.5% was entirely due to the UK Government’s own policies on lending and diesel cars!

Jaguar of course has benefited from some pretty distorted EU subsidies which have driven jobs from the UK. The company received £100m in state aid from Slovakia to take production and jobs from Solihull. While this State aid was apparently acceptable the EU was applying state aid controls to the UK when it came to reducing scandalously high business rates. No company can benefit from more than £200,000 if their business rates are reduced!

The UK’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Jonathan Allen, has said that 2019:

has to be the time when the silent majority stand up & are less silent. Otherwise we will lose ground to the national sovereigntists.

It is the UK Government’s policy – and that legislated for by our parliament – that the UK retrieves its national sovereignty by leaving the EU. What is our UN deputy ambassador doing making up his own policy?

John Redwood visited an exhibition at the Design Museum in Kensington. He records a massive snub to British design and an emphasis on European – such are the loyalties of the europhile elitist classes in the political and arts Establishment.

The vehicle selection centred on the chassis of a Model T Ford , a huge picture of a VW Beetle, commentary on Porsche and a picture and comment on a large Citroen saloon of the 1960s. I did not see any images of the amazing Mini which revolutionised and popularised small cars, nor any hint of the beauty of an E type Jaguar. There were no Rolls Royces or Morris Minors. There seemed to be some kind of block on UK vehicles. There was a Vespa scooter but no Triumph or Norton motorcycle.

Corporatism, Statism and incipient fascism have united the establishment political parties and their sponsored agencies against the people. Their natural home is the European Union. Their natural enemy is the democratic and patriotic instincts of the British people. We, the British people, will win.

If you can make something of the points in this article – use them in a letter to the press (local, regional national). If you can mention all the better!


Rodney Atkinson is the author of And Into The Fire, Fascist elements in post war Europe and the development of the European Union, with contributions from William Dorich and Edward Spalton.  It is available from Amazon.

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