Part 1


Ed: This was first published in ‘Free Nations’ and we re-publish with the permission of the author.

When leaving the EU to trade on World Trade Organisation rules (like over 160 other countries and like most of our trade at the moment) is called ‘no deal’ and when the May Withdrawal Agreement binds us even more to the EU than now, producing no trade deal at all, and over 200 MPs vote for it, then we know the mad world which Remainer propaganda has created in the UK.

It is a miracle that the British people have remained sane and still regard the best course is leaving completely on 29th March without paying £39bn and starting to trade freely.

The madness has come about because the EU has had a very effective fifth column operating in the UK, lying about the reality of UK membership, misleading the public and MPs, covering up the chaos on the continent, ignoring riots and marches against EU Governments and keeping quiet about the massive further loss of national sovereignty if the UK were to remain a member.

Heading the Fifth Column is the Tory MP for Beaconsfield, Dominic Grieve, whose constituency voted leave and whose past attacks on British sovereignty became more extreme just as he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by France in December 2016! Today he seeks to make a minority of MPs capable of dictating business in Parliament, when it is always the elected Government which controls Parliamentary business.

Like the whole surrender of the people’s sovereignty by our corrupt political class in 1972 and in subsequent EU treaties, this goes to the very heart of democracy – that sovereignty lies with the people and their Government. Parliament, as Sir John Redwood rightly asserts:

is not set up to run competing policies, competing budgets and competing legislative programmes. That way chaos lies.

In 2010 Grieve had a different view of minorities in Parliament when he attacked the Alternative Vote system which would:

‘lead to weak, unstable government, to minority parties holding the balance of power on a tiny fraction of the vote, and to extensive parliamentary representation for madmen and extremists.’

Now he is the “madman and extremist” who spends his days seeking to overturn the will of Parliament set in legislation (leaving the EU on 29th March), defying the Referendum result and breaking the pledge of both major parties at the last election. As the MP Anne Marie Trevelyan pithily sums up:

“Grieve’s desire to reverse the referendum result (and) his own vote to trigger Article 50 is such an impossible case that he has decided to tear up the British constitution instead.”

If Grieve’s amendment passed, a minority of 300 MPs across five parties – with only 10 MPs from the governing party – would be able to control the parliamentary agenda. If these Grieve rebels got their way, what little trust there is in our unrepresentative Parliament would evaporate completely.

Even Rees-Mogg is going off the rails.

 “If I had to choose between no deal and Mrs May’s original accord, I would have no hesitation of opting for no-deal Brexit but even Mrs May’s deal would be better than not leaving at all.”

wrote Rees Mogg. But May’s deal is not leaving at all. Even worse it means we could potentially be kept in the EU for years with only the EU having the final say whether we could leave.

All that time we could not make trade deals with other countries, we would still have free movement of EU citizens to take British jobs, we would still be in the mad Common Agricultural Policy and the ruinous Common Fisheries Policy, inside the Single Market and the Customs Union and under the jurisdiction of the European Court. And in all these fields the EU could pass regulations against us (like taking even more of our fishing grounds) and we would have no EU Commissioners, no MEPs, no Judges and no vote in the Council of Ministers to counter anti British measures.

And those measures or the threat of them would be used to demand concessions from us in the final trade deal yet to be negotiated after Brexit.

The Irish backstop is only one of the horrors of May’s WA.

Boris Johnson has also foolishly said that if the Irish backstop were solved then the May deal could get through. Has he not understood the implications? All the horrors in the above paragraph would still apply for two years and untold damage could be done to our economy in that time. Labour could come to power and Brexit could be stopped altogether. The USA might decide not to conclude a free trade deal with us.

When even the best of our democratic representatives can say such things we are truly living with a decadent political class. Johnson has fallen for the oldest trick in the book: concentrate on only one disastrous policy, “solve” it and while people have been distracted from the other disasters in the agreement, push the agreement through.

There is only one way – out now!

As Sir John Redwood has pointed out there are only some 33 (at the time of writing) parliamentary days left to Brexit. Every day more arrangements are being hastily concluded in the UK and the EU to manage exit day and thereafter.

We are going to be like all the other non-members of the EU – many of whom do far more trade with the EU than we do. We start from a position of free trade with the EU and mutual recognition of standards. Trade flows freely nowadays anyway – thanks to trade facilitation agreements, WTO rules and TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) which allows (since 1975) goods easy transport between countries:

  • in sealed vehicles or containers;
  • from a customs office of departure in one country to a customs office of destination in another country;
  • without requiring extensive and time-consuming border checks at intermediate borders;
  •  while, at the same time, providing customs authorities with the required security and guarantees.

The Irish border would be little changed (there are already many checks because of so many excise and tax differences between the UK and the Republic of Ireland).


Part two will be published tomorrow.

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