Why did David Cameron finally relent to give the British a referendum on EU Membership? In short, it was to kill 3 or even 4 birds with one stone.

First, to sort out once and for all the Eurosceptic divide in the Tory party

Secondly, UKIP was eating away at the Tory party’s chances of forming a working majority in parliament

Thirdly, overwhelming resistance to EU military Union and fourthly, adopting the Euro.

The first and overriding duty of every government is defence of the realm, but what if a powerful Europhile group in the Cabinet Office believed defence of the realm should be an EU duty? Professor Prins from Veterans for Britain explains in his lecture about a “May Cell” that is determined for the UK to be involved in EU Military Union, naming several names in the May cell, such as Olly Robbins and Sir Mark Sedwill (Sir Humphrey)

Cameron’s “Best of Both Worlds” (2015) booklet identifies red lines allegedly “protected” from further EU integration, but in a perverse Orwellian world it was actually a prospectus for EU technocrats to browse through for what sovereignty to erase in one big EU referendum, with assurances from Cameron that “defence is the sole responsibility of the member state to protect our national security” and “keeping the pound” … honest, guv!

Just by coincidence a few days after the 2016 EU referendum PESCO meetings were taking place, planned long before, for EU military union.  They posed a problem for the Europhile Cabinet Office to overcome a largely sceptical British public.

EU Military and Defence Union, also known as EU military unification, are now called Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defence (PESCO) Some still call it EU Army or European Army. It’s not an EU Army, it’s your army seconded permanently to serve under EU control and command.

The Cabinet Office probably suspected rightly that a referendum on EU military union or adopting the euro would never get consent from the British public as would have been a requirement under the EU Act 2011, so Cameron offered up EU membership instead, thinking the British people wouldn’t dare vote to Leave, and then he would have used that referendum “Remain in EU” win as all the endorsement and consent he needed to ram through EU Military Union and Eurozone membership etc, and he would have claimed that you knew what you voted for. Cameron resigned; his Plan A spectacularly backfired….oops: democracy …!

The EU is desperately requiring control of its member states’ militaries and budgets and there are many in Parliament and of course the Cabinet Office ‘May Cell’ only too keen to collaborate. There will be no Brexit unless Britain extricates itself as a matter of urgency from the amalgamation of EU militaries, which will inevitably prompt an EU Treasury taking over from the member states’ budgets.

When David Cameron resigned following his referendum defeat, almost immediately after Theresa May was anointed Prime Minister. She and her ‘May Cell’ set about with renewed vigour and duplicity, agreeing to everything in all the EU PESCO meetings while at the same time claiming it was because we didn’t wish to be the “dog in a manger” as we were leaving the EU … right?

These series of high level defence meetings concluded with 23 EU member states signing up to a PESCO treaty in November and December 2017, with Boris Johnson, the then Foreign Secretary, and Theresa May stopping short of actually signing the PESCO treaty, but they were in attendance to observe the major “historical achievement”, as reported with much fanfare in the European Press and announced with great aplomb by Frederica Mogherini, the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Commissioner and EU vice-president.

Note: An EU member state or “third country” can join PESCO whenever they like, but special emphasis should be made on the permanent nature of this EU defence and security treaty.

Virtually nothing was mentioned about EU military union during the referendum, so afterwards, the deception continued with the complicit help of all the political parties and MSM never to bring up EU military union, and to this day, 3 years on, the PESCO project is gearing up for “fully fledged EU defence union by 2025” as stated in Jean Claude Juncker’s 2017 state of the union address.

The general public is blissfully unaware of the real, main reason why Theresa May is so keen to ram through the “Withdrawal Agreement”: the deliberately overlooked EU military union aspect of the binding Agreement and the Political Declaration, which is not just “warm words” as some have described it, but a firm commitment to unconditional, “deep and special partnership” on defence and security.

The fluffy language about “cooperation”, “Security” and “ Deep and Special Partnership” in May’s Munich speech, these words in the EU technocracy structurally mean “ever closer union” on all aspects of security and defence including defence budgets. We certainly won’t be going far if the EU has our money and our Armed Forces!

These are a flavour of some of the Government White Papers written in large by the European Union since we voted to leave the EU:

Implementation Plan on Security and Defence (SDIP) 14th November 2016

European Defence Action Plan (EDAP) 30th November 2016

DExEU Future Partnership on Defence 12th September 2017

The Withdrawal Agreement, 25th November 2018.

Article 156 is to continue financial contributions to EU defence institutions, such as European Defence Agency, European Satellite Centre and EU military missions, during the implementation period.

The Political Declaration, 25th November 2018.

In sections 92 to 107: the UK to be involved structurally in European Defence and Security institutions, EU led missions. It is not on ad hoc basis!

Undaunted by Cameron’s defeat, his Remainer replacement Theresa May set about  with Plan B, where the EU Act 2011 is set to be repealed as part of the EU Withdrawal Act 2018 … the plot thickens.

No longer held back by the EU Act 2011 restrictions, the Government is seeking to agree to the PESCO treaty, during the “implementation period”, in accordance with the Political Declaration – but only if her Withdrawal Agreement is agreed in Parliament.

Will democracy get again in the way of Plan B, in the form of Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party?…oops …


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