Cross-party talks

Talks between the two main parties in Parliament have broken down.  The Express reports:

THERESA MAY and Jeremy Corbyn have come to the end of the road for their cross-party talks to find a solution to Brexit. So what now? A leaked document reveals the five options MPs could be faced with.
On Friday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said talks to find a Brexit compromise with the Government “have gone as far as they can”.

The blame game has started, reports the Guardian.

The government and Labour have sought to blame each other after cross-party talks to find a compromise Brexit plan collapsed, leaving any remaining hopes of an imminent solution to the impasse in tatters.
While both sides insisted the discussions had taken place in good faith, Theresa May said a sticking point had been Labour splits over a second referendum.
Labour in turn said the government had been unwilling to compromise and that May’s imminent departure from Downing Street meant there was no guarantee any promises would be kept by a successor such as Boris Johnson.

The Mirror claims it’s the Labour Party who have called it a day.

Labour have pulled out of Brexit negotiations with the government.
For the last six weeks the party has been locked in talks with to see if they could agree a deal to get an amended version of Theresa May’s Brexit deal over the line.
But, despite a face-to-face meeting between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May earlier this week the party have left talks.

Westmonster also claims it was Corbyn who ended the discussion.

The Labour Party have called off talks with Theresa May’s government on a potential Brexit deal. May has managed to elevate Corbyn whilst wasting even more time. And Conservative MPs let her get away with it.
Jeremy Corbyn has reportedly said that talks have “gone as far as they can”.
In a letter to the Prime Minister he also said “we have been unable to bridge important policy gaps between us”.

Breitbart claims the talks were intended to stitch up Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s efforts to stitch-up a Brexit deal with hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have ended in failure.
“I believe the talks between us about finding a compromise agreement on leaving the European Union have now gone as far as they can,” Corbyn wrote to Mrs May in a letter reported by the BBC.
The Prime Minister’s own preferred treaty with the European Union would have locked Britain into a lengthy “transition period” with the bloc in which it would have remained an EU member-state in all but name.

No deal

It seems there’s some serious talk about going to WTO rules, reports the Express.

BREXIT Secretary Steve Barclay said a no-deal scenario could be “mitigated” following the talks between the Conservatives and Labour ending with no agreement.
Speaking at the launch of the SNP’s European election manifesto in Glasgow on Friday, Ms Sturgeon said earlier that Scotland must be allowed to keeps its options open in the face of a potential hard Brexit.

Second referendum

And the Independent claims there’ll be a vote in Parliament on the prospect of a second referendum.

Theresa May has offered to give MPs the opportunity to vote on a  second referendum and a no-deal Brexit in a series of “indicative votes” in the first week of June, according to a document leaked from cross-party talks.
The document, obtained by The Independent, suggests MPs would be invited to vote on whether to rule out any Final Say referendum. And it makes clear the Prime Minister is ready to give Conservative MPs a free vote on the issue, so long as Jeremy Corbyn does the same for Labour.

Conservative Party

The car-crash that is currently the Conservative Party is explored in the Mail.

Theresa May today launched the Tory EU election campaign in a near-empty room by blasting Nigel Farage before she appeared to fluff her lines when promising to leave the EU.
In an extraordinary moment Mrs May began to say the Conservatives ‘will’ deliver Brexit – but stumbled and stopped herself – and then said ‘can’ instead – as her despairing MEP candidates watched on.

The Express calls the party ‘crumbling’.

THERESA MAY launched the crumbling Conservative Party’s European election campaign this morning in front of just five people and two photographers.
A bizarre image uploaded onto social media from one attendee showed an embattled Mrs May at the official campaign launch on a makeshift stage she shared with four people. To put the embarrassing situation into perspective – just one reporter was allowed to attend on behalf of all broadcasters and was allowed to asked Prime Minister just one question.

A picture paints a thousand words in the Telegraph.

As photographs go, it told a thousand words about the beleaguered state of a premiership on the brink. If Theresa May had hoped her unannounced appearance in Bristol would be a pleasant surprise for Tory MEP candidates, then they had a funny way of showing it.
With the Brexit Party riding high in the polls and Mrs May under  growing pressure to set a timetable for her departure, the glum look on the candidates’ faces appeared to suggest that they would rather the Prime Minister was anywhere else but in their constituency on Friday.

In an exclusive report, ITV News claims the party is now being investigated for Islamophobia.

ITV News has been passed a dossier of more than 100 alleged cases of Islamophobic or racist content posted online by people claiming to be Conservative Party members.
Nineteen of the 110 cases passed to ITV News are fresh allegations, not yet in the public domain. The list is the first comprehensive dossier of allegations made so far.
The comments made by people alleging to be Conservative Party members include: “We are letting our children down by allowing this cult to take over our country”.

Tory leadership

The PM is on her way out.  But who will replace her?  The Express says:

BORIS JOHNSON has confirmed on Thursday he is putting himself forward to be the next leader of the Conservative Party as Theresa May agreed to set a timetable to elect her successor. But could Mr Johnson be the one to save Brexit?
Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said he was “going for it” when questioned about Tory leadership at a business conference in Manchester on Thursday.

The Mail reports that Boris’s entry into the fray was accidental.

Tory support ahead of the EU elections is into single figures today as the Prime Minister heads out on the campaign trail and Boris Johnson accidentally launched his leadership bid.
Theresa May‘s Conservatives are expected to get nine per cent of the votes and are now 26 points behind the Brexit Party, a YouGov poll says.

The Guardian explores how quickly it could happen.

Senior Conservatives are warning against a prolonged leadership contest that would mean Theresa May remaining as caretaker prime minister until late summer.
The prime minister promised the backbench 1922 Committee on Thursday that she would set out a timetable for her departure once MPs had been given a vote on the withdrawal agreement bill in early June.

But would the Parliamentary Conservative Party allow Boris to become one of the final two?  The Mail speculates:

Boris Johnson’s Tory opponents began cranking up a campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister within 24 hours of his announcement he would stand for the party leadership, it can be revealed today.
The ‘Stop Boris’ campaign swung into action in Westminster last night – amid warnings that some Tories could force a general election rather than give him the keys to Number 10.

And in the country, the party has demanded a change in the rules to ensure Boris is in the final two, reports the Telegraph.

Grassroots Tories have demanded changes to the Conservative Party’s leadership election rules to ensure Boris Johnson is on the final ballot paper.
The former foreign secretary is the runaway favourite among Party members to replace Theresa May, but they fear a “stitch-up” by rivals who want to keep him out of Downing Street.

The Evening Standard claims Boris has a rival for the leadership.

Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson have improved their ratings among Conservative supporters in the past month in the race to succeed Theresa May, the Standard reveals today.
An exclusive poll by Ipsos MORI shows both leadership hopefuls up four points since March to be seen by 36 per cent as having what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.

And the Times has a poll saying he will win if he makes it to the final two.

Today’s Times poll clearly suggests that if Boris Johnson makes it into the final two of the Conservative leadership race he will become Britain’s next prime minister. That, however, is not a foregone conclusion.
The former foreign secretary has always been more popular among the Tory grassroots than with his colleagues at Westminster.

Theresa May

The pressure on Mrs May is increasing, reports the Independent.

Theresa May is facing growing clamour from within her own party to quit immediately as prime minister, after the collapse of Brexit talks with Labour sounded the death knell for her EU withdrawal plans.
With Tories trailing in fifth place on a humiliating 9 per cent in one poll for next week’s European parliament elections, furious backbenchers predicted certain defeat when the Withdrawal Agreement Bill comes before the Commons in June.

And with the failure of her Brexit talks, Mrs May is searching for a legacy, reports the Times.

Theresa May has begun searching for something her government can be remembered for in its final weeks.
The prime minister is understood to be holding meetings about her legacy. She is eager to announce more things to help those “just about managing”, the JAMs, whom she intended to prioritise on entering No 10.


There’s a crisis, reports the Mail.  Really!?

Britain is facing another tumultuous spell as politicians desperately try to find a way through the Brexit crisis.
Theresa May is facing the imminent end of her premiership after Tory MPs said she must set a schedule for her departure early next month.
That will trigger a potentially brutal Conservative leadership contest, with Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid and Jeremy Hunt among the contenders.

The Times claims Mrs May is still hoping MPs will back her Withdrawal Bill.

Theresa May is considering trying to persuade MPs to back her Brexit bill next month by offering them a free vote on the type of long-term relationship Britain should have with the EU.
Downing Street has drawn up plans to use a preferential vote system to allow MPs to rank different options for a customs deal with the EU in order of preference.


And when she does finally go, the party is being warned against calling a General Election, reports the Telegraph.

Theresa May’s successor must not call an early general election because it risks handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10 and “killing Brexit altogether”, Matt Hancock has warned.
With the Brexit Party riding high in the polls ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament elections and Labour projected to win the most seats if a general election was called tomorrow, the Health Secretary urged MPs to “deliver Brexit and move forward”.

BBC News also has the story.

Theresa May’s successor as prime minister should not call a general election until Brexit is completed, a cabinet minister has warned.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock said an early election risked losing to Labour and “killing Brexit altogether”.
His comments come after cross-party talks aimed at breaking the impasse collapsed on Friday.


The Brexit Party is riding high in the polls, but the Times reports its plans to turn a Conservative have failed.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party attempted to entice a Conservative backbench MP to join its ranks this week but was rebuffed, it can be revealed.
Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire and a staunch Brexiteer, said that he wanted to stay in the Conservative Party and “fight” for its future.

And the Guardian reports Mr Farage has urged Scots to vote for his party.

Nigel Farage has called on “genuine Scottish nationalists” to vote for his Brexit party in next week’s EU elections, as he described Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for an independent Scotland within Europe as “the most dishonest political discourse anywhere in the world”.
As anti-racist protesters chanted outside the venue, Farage told cheering supporters at a rally in Edinburgh: “If you’re genuinely a nationalist lend your vote to the Brexit party, let’s get out of the EU and then have an honest debate about independence.”

Guido reports fake TBP billboards.

Anti-Brexit campaign ‘Led By Donkeys’ have been busy racking up the FBPE retweets for a fresh swathe of billboards they’ve put up around the country.
The billboards are branded as Brexit Party adverts with a fake Brexit Party web address and feature phrases like “Attack the NHS” and “Target Gay People”. They’ve now said they’re taking down the “Target Gay People” billboard after a major backlash, Guido hears the Brexit Party are also considering legal action…


The Times criticises the latest Remain party.

Change UK has a bad name, a confused leadership structure and should have made a pact with other Remain parties, one of its leading candidates in the European elections next week has said.
Rachel Johnson, 53, who is top of the new party’s list in southwest England, criticised the party’s strategy in an interview with The Times. “Change UK is a terrible name,” she said.


The leader of the LimpDems is still talking up his party in the Independent.

Sir Vince Cable has said Liberal Democrats are now the “only serious challenger” to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the European election, after they pulled ahead of Labour in the polls for the first time.
The YouGov survey for The Times put Theresa May’s Conservatives on single figures at 9 per cent – in fifth place behind the Greens – as the Government continues to haemorrhage support to Farage’s new party.

And the Mirror claims they are now ahead of Labour in the polls.

The Liberal Democrats have leapfrogged Labour sending Jeremy Corbyn’s party into third place, according to one poll.
But despite a surge, reported by YouGov, Vince Cable’s party is still a distant second to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.
The Conservatives could come fifth in the elections on May 23 – with the poll suggesting they might win just 9% of the vote.
The YouGov study put Sir Vince Cable’s party, which is campaigning with a Stop Brexit message, on 16%, one point ahead of Labour , while the Tories dropped to single-digit levels of support on 9%.

In his swansong, the party’s leader has delivered a verdict on Gibraltar in the Mirror.

Sir Vince Cable may have little time left as Lib Dem leader but he is determined to make the most of it.
So just a week before crucial European Parliament elections the energetic 76-year-old jetted to Gibraltar to deliver a stark message to  Theresa May – “don’t betray” the Rock.


It’s the Eurovision final tonight and the Express reports a poll saying we should quit the contest.

BREXITEERS want the UK to quit the Eurovision Song Contest due to infuriating political voting tactics, according to a YouGov poll.
As the contestants prepare to perform at the 64th Eurovision final in Tel Aviv, Israel, a majority of UK voters have said they think the UK should no longer be a member of the popular singing tournament. The outcome of a recent YouGov poll finds Britons are just as divided on Eurovision as they are with Brexit, voting to leave the song contest by the same margin as the 2016 EU referendum.

Global warming

The Guardian is trying to rename global warming to make it scarier, says Breitbart.

The Guardian newspaper has decided to change the name ‘global warming’ because it doesn’t sound scary enough.
From now on, the Guardian‘s editor-in-chief Kath Viner has ordered, ‘global warming’ is to be called ‘global heating.’
This, apparently, will more closely reflect the “scale of the climate and wildlife crises” now afflicting Mother Gaia.
The use of the names ‘climate science denier’ or ‘climate denier’ for ‘climate sceptic’ makes a nonsense of Ms Viner’s claim that the Guardian is trying to be more ‘scientifically precise and rooted in facts’.

British Steel

And in a story that hasn’t received much publicity, it seems that our national steel company has not collapsed, reports the Mirror.

British Steel stepped back from the brink of collapse after four days of fears for its future.
The firm, which employs 4,500 workers, had been locked in crisis talks with the Government and union officials as it pleaded for a £75illion emergency loan from Whitehall.
The company was staying tight-lipped as to whether a deal had been reached – but insisted immediate worries had eased.
A British Steel spokeswoman said: “British Steel has the backing of its key stakeholders, including shareholders and lenders, and operations continue as normal.


In an exclusive report, the Mirror reports on a GP accused of discrimination.

A GP is facing the axe for asking a Muslim woman to remove her veil during an appointment.
Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, could not hear the mum through the niqab as she tried to explain what was wrong with her child.
The GP, a medic for 23 years, says he asked her to take it off as all three sat in the hospital consulting room and she agreed with no fuss.
Half an hour later, after her husband arrived, she complained to bosses at the Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.
They wrote to the General Medical Council who are to investigate Dr Wolverson for alleged discrimination.


And the Times reports on a new way to measure how poor we are.

A new way to measure poverty set to be adopted by the government could lead to a big shift in state support away from pensioners and towards families with children.
The Department for Work and Pensions said today that it would consult on experimental data to record poverty more broadly, including savings and other assets available to individuals, and to take into account daily living costs.
The measure would be adopted as an official statistic with annual figures published on how many households were considered to be poor.

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