What has she got up her sleeve?  The Telegraph is one of those papers predicting Mrs May has a ‘bold offer’ to make to the Labour Party.

Theresa May is to launch a last-ditch attempt to gain MPs’ approval for her Brexit deal, with a “bold offer” to Labour and Conservative critics.
This week Cabinet ministers will be consulted on concessions that Number 10 hopes could win over support from the Opposition and some Tory rebels if they are inserted into the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), which Mrs May is planning to introduce to the Commons next month.

The Mail calls it a ‘last-gasp’ effort.

Theresa May will make a ‘bold offer’ to Labour MPs on staying close to Brussels trade laws indefinitely in a last-gasp attempt to get her Brexit deal over the line.
Despite the collapse of cross-party talks with Jeremy Corbyn, Mrs May will attempt to split the Opposition ahead of her promised resignation this summer.

The Sun describes her Withdrawal Bill as ‘hated’.

THERESA May will make a “big, bold offer” to MPs in a final bid to get her hated Brexit deal through Parliament before she quits.
The PM will stage talks tomorrow on a package of measures aimed at winning cross-party support for the withdrawal agreement.
She will then put them before her Cabinet to draw up a series of “indicative votes” to test the water in the Commons.

And the Express describes the deal as ‘ravaged’.

THERESA MAY is preparing to make a “bold offer” to MPs in a desperate bid to see her ravaged Brexit deal through Parliament before the summer.
Mrs May has issued a latest plea to her colleagues in Parliament, promising an “improved package of measures” able to satisfy MPs across the Commons. She wrote in the Sunday Times: “I still believe there is a majority in Parliament to be won for leaving with a deal.

ITV News claims it’s her last try to get the agreement through the Commons.

Theresa May is preparing to make a “bold offer” to MPs in a final attempt to get her beleaguered Brexit deal through Parliament and on to the statue book before she leaves office.
Ministers will begin discussions on Monday on a package of measures to be included in the forthcoming Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) aimed at securing cross-party support.

The Independent thinks it may be a second referendum.

Theresa May has been urged to include a confirmatory referendum on the face of a critical Brexit bill in an attempt to break the Commons logjam.
Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer made the plea as cross-party talks between Labour and the government collapsed on Friday without an agreement, with both sides engaging in bitter recriminations about where to place blame.
The prime minister is now expected to plough ahead with a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the first week of June.

Sky News agrees.

Labour’s Brexit spokesman has suggested Theresa May could end parliamentary deadlock by including a “confirmatory” public vote as part of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) – as the PM claims to offer a “bold” new deal.
Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said he was doubtful another attempt to get the WAB through parliament would succeed.

No deal

A poll in the Sunday Express has found Nigel Farage should be included in Brexit negotiations, and that no deal should be back on the table.

NIGEL Farage is best placed to restore Britain’s self confidence and should lead the Brexit negotiations with the EU, a Sunday Express poll has revealed.
The ComRes survey has also shown strong backing for no deal, with 63 per cent saying that the UK should just leave with no agreement if Parliament rejects Theresa May’s deal again.
And the poll has set alarm bells ringing in the Conservative Party after providing evidence that a surge in support for the Brexit Party could wipe them out at the next general election and not just this week’s European Parliament election.

And Sky News reports the Brexit secretary’s advice that preparations for no deal should continue.

Preparations for a no-deal Brexit should be brought forward “at pace” if MPs do not back the prime minister’s deal, the Brexit secretary has warned.
The comments are likely to reignite the debate about whether the government should be prepared to take the UK out of the European Union with no-deal if – as expected – MPs fail to back the withdrawal agreement when it returns to the House of Commons in June.

But there are moves afoot to stop no deal, reports the Telegraph.

A 60-strong group of Tories led by Amber Rudd and Damian Green will launch a bid to block leadership candidates backing a no-deal Brexit, as they urge MPs to reject “narrow nationalism” and the “comfort blanket of populism.”
The One Nation Caucus, which is backed by eight pro-EU Cabinet ministers, is preparing to issue a “declaration of values” tomorrow before going on to hold hustings to interrogate would-be successors to Theresa May.


Members of the House of Commons could have more work soon, as the PM plans to have another go at Brexit, reports the Express.

THERESA May planned to stage a Brexit vote in Parliament giving MPs five choices that would force them to come to a decision by July 31, it was claimed yesterday.
Details of the plan, including blocking a second EU referendum, were contained in a leaked memo which was sent to Labour on Wednesday, a day after the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn met for private talks.
It included giving MPs free votes in which they would rank in order of preference five different forms of customs arrangements with the EU.

Meanwhile, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is being true to form, says Guido.

Brexiteers can only laugh at their lack of representation on the BBC. On the last Sunday before the Euro vote on Thursday the flagship BBC politics show will host a Brexit blocking party leader, an anti-Brexit First Minister, an anti-Brexit Tory, a party leader campaigning with the slogan “Bollocks to Brexit” and the founder of a party that has as its sole purpose opposition to Brexit. All flavours of remain represented.
We’ll see if Andrew Marr tries to bring up gotcha quotes from a decade ago for the likes Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon, Rory Stewart, Vince Cable and Chuka Ummuna.

Tory leadership

Will Boris succeed May as PM?  We know he wants the job but will he be allowed to take it?  The Mail speculates.

Boris Johnson’s Tory opponents began cranking up a campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister within 24 hours of his announcement he would stand for the party leadership, it can be revealed today.
The ‘Stop Boris’ campaign swung into action in Westminster last night – amid warnings that some Tories could force a general election rather than give him the keys to Number 10.

And the Sun claims the plotters would rather bring down the government than allow him to take the top job.

TORY ministers are threatening to bring down the government to prevent Boris Johnson from becoming the next PM, it has been revealed.
A sensational Stop Boris campaign was launched last night within 24 hours of the tousle-haired former Foriegn Secretary announcing he would stand for the party leadership, reports the Mail.
While Boris is said to enjoy broad support within the party membership, some Conservative MPs say they would force a general election rather than let him into Number 10 on a No Deal Brexit platform.

Breitbart says some members might vote against a Queen’s Speech if it included no deal.

A number of establishment Tory MPs are planning to bring down the Government if Boris Johnson is elected party leader and tries to implement a No Deal Brexit.
One minister warned that as many as 12 Tory MPs would vote against Mr Johnson if he tried to introduce a Queen’s Speech featuring a No Deal Brexit.
Such a move would mean that a Boris-led party would not be able to command a majority in the House of Commons.

The Mirror reports the odds.

Bookies’ favourite Boris Johnson leads the field of likely Tory leadership candidates in the fundraising race, we can reveal.
Declared and potential hopefuls to succeed Theresa May have seen their war chests bulge by more than a quarter of a million pounds over the last 12 months.
The Former Foreign Secretary is 11/4 to claim the Conservative crown, three years after abandoning his bid in the wake of the Brexit referendum.

And the Independent says he’s the favourite with grassroots Tories.

Ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson is the preferred contender to take the reigns of the Conservative Party once Theresa May stands down from office, according to a poll of the general public.
It comes as the Tories brace for a leadership contest, with the prime minister expected to outline her timetable for departing Downing Street if a key piece of Brexit legislation is voted on by MPs in the first week of June.

Labour Party

Meanwhile, the Labour Party leader is warning about the rise of the right wing of politics, reports the Independent.

Jeremy Corbyn sounded a warning at a Labour rally in Merseyside about the rise of the far right.
The Labour leader gave a speech from a bandstand at the event in Derby Park, Bootle, on Saturday.
He described the danger of the far right and “their simplistic answers which can only breed hatred and division”.

The Guardian reports the party is getting desperate.

Senior Labour figures were engaged in a desperate battle to shore up the party’s support on Saturday night, amid warnings that its stance on Brexit was helping to “detoxify the Lib Dems”.
With just days left before the European elections at which Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is expected to triumph, shadow cabinet ministers are among those concerned that Labour’s ambiguous position on Brexit has helped revive the Lib Dems.


The Brexit Party is still surging, says the Sun.

NIGEL Farage will try to pull off the biggest upset in British political history this week – and claim the scalps of two party leaders.
He believes his new Brexit Party will become a major force by  trouncing Labour and the Tories in the European elections.
And he warned that victory will hasten the demise not only of Theresa May but Jeremy Corbyn, too.


The LimpDems’ leader is promising a comeback, says the Times.

Sir Vince Cable may be about to fight his last election as leader but he is already plotting his comeback. Today, he vows to return to the frontline if there is a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.
The 76-year-old, the oldest party leader since Sir Winston Churchill, who is due to step down this summer, admits with a twinkle: “Oh yes, I would hope to play a big part in that.”

And the Independent also reports the party leader’s fantasies.

The Liberal Democrats could “shake the foundations” of British politics by finishing ahead of not only the Conservatives but also Labour in this month’s European elections, leader Sir Vince Cable has said.
Speaking to The Independent, Sir Vince said the “confusion and disorientation” of the two major parties over Brexit had created conditions where the Lib Dems could outpace both their rivals in a national election for the first time in a century.

Sky News reports the party is looking to revoke A50.

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has said changing his party’s policy from demanding a second referendum to outright revocation of Article 50 is “tempting” and could happen by the autumn.
In an exclusive interview with Sky News during a campaign visit to Gibraltar, Sir Vince said he believed a move to withdraw the UK’s formal request to leave the bloc could be necessary unless steps to instigate a fresh vote were under way before 31 October.

The Express also has that story.

LIB DEM policy could change from backing a People’s Vote to scrapping Brexit altogether, according to party leader Sir Vince Cable.
Sir Vince said switching policy from demanding a second referendum to outright revocation of Article 50 was “tempting” and could happen by the autumn. Speaking to Sky News on a visit to Gibraltar, Sir Vince said he a move to withdraw the UK’s formal request to leave the EU could be necessary unless steps to instigate a fresh vote were under way before 31 October.

The Mirror reports the party could beat Labour in the Euros on Thursday

The Liberal Democrats have leapfrogged Labour sending Jeremy Corbyn’s party into third place, according to one poll.
But despite a surge, reported by YouGov, Vince Cable’s party is still a distant second to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.
The Conservatives could come fifth in the elections on May 23 – with the poll suggesting they might win just 9% of the vote.


The German leader is getting nervous reports the Express.

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a plea for all of Europe to fight back against far-right movements.
The chancellor condemned the rise of populism – a political movement that strives to appeal to the average Joe and fight the elite – in Europe and accused far-right parties of destroying the core values of the EU.

But Italy isn’t playing ball, reports Breitbart.

Following an attack from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini struck back at her and President Emmanuel Macron of France, stating the pair had “ruined” Europe.
Merkel’s comments come as some members of the European People’s Party (EPP) parliamentary group which her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) sits with in the European Parliament have called for an alliance with Salvini and other populist parties.

General Election

Back home, with the prospect of a GE being spoken about, Breitbart looks at the opinion polls.

A new opinion poll has Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party polling 24% for a General Election, 2 points ahead of the Conservative Party. A trend of dramatic political polls continues.
Opinium have Labour leading for Westminster with a 29% share of support, followed by Brexit with 24% and the Conservatives third on 22%. This is for a General Election, not the EU Elections taking place next week.

And the Mail says The Brexit Party is now topping the polls domestically as well as in the Euros.

More voters now say they would back the Brexit Party at a general election than the Conservatives, according to a new poll.
Nigel Farage’s five-week-old outfit would finish second in the popular vote, pushing the Tories into third place, the research conducted by Opinium suggests.
In total, the Brexit Party would collect 24 per cent of the ballot, with the Conservatives trailing on just 22 per cent, it was found. Labour would win with 27 per cent of the electorate backing them.


The ‘latest news’ on the UKIP website is a couple of weeks old.  Oh dear!

Good results for UKIP in the local elections across the country included an historic breakthrough in the North East with the party winning its first seats on Sunderland Council.

NI veterans

The Telegraph reports a decision taken personally by the Prime Minister.

Theresa May personally blocked ministers from proposing a new law that could have protected Northern Ireland veterans from facing murder charges, an explosive memo reveals.
A private letter sent on the Prime Minister’s behalf orders that a government consultation on addressing unsolved murders during the Troubles “should not contain” proposals for a statute of limitations on historic prosecutions of military personnel.


Several of the media report spying allegations within the Blair government.  The Times says:

A minister in Tony Blair’s government who resigned over an undeclared home loan to Peter Mandelson has condemned as “a lie” claims that he was a communist spy during the Cold War.
Geoffrey Robinson, a Labour MP since 1976, said the allegations that he had passed secrets to Czechoslovakia in the late 1960s were a “complete fabrication”.

The Mail has unearthed the documents.

One of Jeremy Corbyn‘s most senior MPs was a spy who passed confidential Government documents to an enemy state, according to intelligence files unearthed by The Mail on Sunday.
The Cold War documents report that Geoffrey Robinson, a Minister under Prime Minister Tony Blair, divulged highly sensitive information about Britain’s nuclear deterrent over the course of 51 meetings with a spymaster from Communist Czechoslovakia.

The Sun says the accused denies the allegations.

A SENIOR Labour MP was last night accused of being a spy who handed defence secrets to an enemy state.
Ex-minister Geoffrey Robinson passed details of our nuclear deterrent during the Cold War, according to leaked intelligence files.
The alleged treachery took place during 51 meetings with Communist spymasters from Czechoslovakia.
On Saturday night Mr Robinson, Labour MP for Coventry North West since 1976, fiercely denied the allegations.


More specialist nurses are needed, reports the Times.

Cancer patients face “life-threatening” delays to treatment because of a shortage of specialist nurses.
Some are told on the morning of hospital appointments not to attend because there are not enough staff. Others have chemotherapy cancelled repeatedly.
The NHS has begun a global recruitment drive for tens of thousands of nurses, but the shortages are having a devastating impact, Britain’s most senior nurse and cancer charities say.

Social care

And the social care system, already broken, is deteriorating further reports the Times.

One in five care home residents have been sent out of their local area, with some stranded more than 450 miles from families and friends, according to official data revealed under freedom of information (FOI) laws.
In the worst cases, frail or vulnerable people are being taken from five local authority areas in London and southern England to Glasgow and northeast Scotland, because beds are unavailable at home or cheaper elsewhere.


Thousands of people are to receive vouchers to pay for superfast broadband, reports the Times.

A tenth of UK households are to receive vouchers worth £1,500 to pay for ultra-fast broadband connections.
Under a £200m initial government scheme being rolled out today, the vouchers will provide remote and rural homes with full fibre-optic broadband at speeds of 1 gigabit per second (1Gbps), about 20 times the national average.
It means they will be able to download a high-definition feature film in seven minutes.

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