And so the ‘Game of WAB’ continues … The Nation had just digested the latest twist in the PM’s admirable attempts to cling to her occupation of 10 Downing Street, looking with astonishment and derision at the communique from 1922 Committee, when Mr Corbyn, leader of the Opposition, detonated his bomb.

Yesterday he sent a letter to the PM cancelling any further talks – see here for the full text. I do like this sentence:

“the increasing weakness and instability of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us.”

The reference to the PM’s promise of being ‘strong and stable’ is, you will agree, rather delicious.

Senior Labour politicians meanwhile promote a 2nd Referendum disguised by clamouring for a ‘people’s vote’. Their battle cry of rejecting a “Tory Brexit” is hollow and aimed at the traditional tribal Labour voters who usually vote even for a donkey as long as it wore the red rosette. It’s interesting though that the Remain MSM are not asking why the PM’s vassalage treaty is unacceptable to Labour.

Instead, all politicians and the MSM are fluttering about like hens in a farmyard when they see a buzzard hovering above, with Party Politics rather than actual politics being the preferred displacement activity.

I won’t go so far and accuse the PM of duplicity when telling the 1922 Committee that she would get her WAB through Parliament – a feat only achievable with the help of Labour. She surely must have had an inkling however that, given the intransigence of Labour, the possibility of achieving her aim was minuscule. She either is delusional, or she has no political nous whatsoever, nor, it would seem, does the mischief of mice, the 1922 Committee.

Moreover, there’s simply no indication that either Party has actually grasped that we can all see how they’re fiddling while Brexit burns. See for example this:

“Theresa May is considering trying to persuade MPs to back her Brexit bill next month by offering them a free vote on the type of long-term relationship Britain should have with the EU. Downing Street has drawn up plans to use a preferential vote system to allow MPs to rank different options for a customs deal with the EU in order of preference. The proposal comes after formal talks on a cross-party deal with Labour collapsed yesterday. […] Jeremy Corbyn said that Labour would be prepared to look at any proposal from the government. “This is a novel process which we will obviously look at whenever it comes to parliament” (link, paywalled)

Politics by multiple-choice questions: you couldn’t make it up! That’s the level to which both Parties have dragged our formerly proud Parliament.

Oh – and there’s begging by offering ‘concessions’: “Theresa May to put concessions to DUP in desperate bid to win support for her deal” (link). These concessions are cosmetic alterations to the WAB which, as we all know is cast in stone and can’t be altered. Arlene Foster has of course rejected them, saying the 2016 result must be implemented.

We’ll certainly be treated to more flutterings and useless attempts to tweak the vassalage treaty, and an outcome is now utterly unpredictable. This describes the situation nicely:

“Mrs May’s failure to agree a deal with Labour means that she approaches the prospect of putting her WAB to MPs next month in the worst state possible: having failed to secure Opposition support and leaving her Tory colleagues even more irritated and less sympathetic towards her in the process.” (paywalled link),

I was however intrigued when I read this: A senior Tory said they believed a no deal was a “racing certainty”. (link) We don’t know who that ‘senior Tory’ was, nor has this remark crept up anywhere else, as far as I can see. I don’t discard it because there’s this new player whose presence has mixed up the Brexit game: TBP and Nigel Farage. Was this what led that ‘senior Tory’ to make this remark?

Having noted yesterday that the WAB is only a plaything for the establishment parties we observe that the Tories have now given up on their PM, the launch of their manifesto for the EP elections showing clearly that they know the game is over.

To general derision, the PM introduced the Tory Party manifesto for the EP Elections yesterday afternoon. Reports with video clips are here and here, where the comments by Tory grassroots are, well, illuminating. So is this report in the DT:

“With the Brexit Party riding high in the polls and Mrs May under growing pressure to set a timetable for her departure, the glum look on the candidates’ faces appeared to suggest that they would rather the Prime Minister was anywhere else but in their constituency on Friday. Six days out from the European Parliament elections and the scene was more akin to a wake than a political rally as Mrs May scarcely managed a smile herself as she gave her first – and one suspects only – speech to promote the Tories’ campaign.” (paywalled link)

Let’s spread the cloak of compassion over that sad spectacle and look at what the Tories who weren’t there had been getting up to: determining who their May-replacement will be. They are aided and abetted by the MSM who have suddenly rediscovered their predilection for Boris Johnson as the only ‘saviour’ who can beat Corbyn or slay Nigel Farage or both, see here and here.

However, the PM’s delusions seem to have gripped her supporters as well:

“Boris Johnson’s Tory opponents began cranking up a campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister within 24 hours of his announcement he would stand for the party leadership, it can be revealed today. The ‘Stop Boris’ campaign swung into action in Westminster last night – amid warnings that some Tories could force a general election rather than give him the keys to Number 10.” (link)

How deluded must one be, as Tory MP, to rather have Corbyn in No 10 than support BoJo? Well, given that these anti-BoJo Tories are all Remainers you can surely identify the cause of that delusion:

“Among Tory members who voted to remain in the EU, Mr Johnson was fifth choice for the leadership, behind Sajid Javid, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart.” (link, paywalled)

These are the people we should trust to implement our vote to Leave? Really?

Meanwhile TBP keeps on surging ahead (see here, for example) while the Tories give the impression of a bedraggled bunch of players trudging off the pitch: beaten, muddied and bloodied, their peacock feathers torn, confounded about what actually happened. Labour meanwhile is wisely keeping quiet – but will that help them? Here’s a rousing introduction to a remarkable analysis:

“As the Tory party rots in its own narcissistic juices, bogged down in the vanities of a leadership contest and imperiously complacent about the Farage threat, one would be forgiven for wondering whether the party that wrecked Brexit is approaching certain death. But are we overlooking something obvious here? This week, a bombshell ComRes poll suggested the Brexit Party could rob the Tories of power in the next general election, seizing 49 seats. But the “natural” party of government may not, for all its disgraceful inadequacies, turn out to be Nigel Farage’s first victim. That would be the Labour Party, instead.” (paywalled link)

But – what about Brexit? There are two things which makes me hopeful: the deep silence of Brussels in regard to this latest instalment of the ‘Game of WAB’, and the evident disarray of the PM and her government.

It looks as if the Mandarins, her handlers, have now abandoned her. I can’t help but wonder if the second level of Mandarins are secretly working on a palace revolution to get rid of the Sedwills. 

Is it too much to hope that we the people, some of whom are civil servants, are going to remove the cold hand of Remain from the levers of power?




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