‘Not bovvered …’


The ‘news’ according to our MSM – ‘BJ Sleaze’, ‘covid passports’ – demonstrate to me that the various dwellers in the Westminster Village don’t even notice any longer that they are utterly divided from us who live outside their charmed circle. They believe that the Nation revolves around them and that we must necessarily be fascinated by their incessant navel gazing.

One might have thought that the MSM would be just a bit critical about how unelected bodies are now interfering in what is our elected government, much as we might regret having lent our votes to the current PM. In their zeal to get rid of him  – nothing to do with Brexit, oh no – they seem to be content with trashing our democratic procedures. One wonders if this zeal outweighs their zeal of becoming or remaining ‘friends of Carrie’. 

And so to item No 1: “Covid”. There’s firstly the ‘vaccine passport’. For a year the MSM have been wailing about ‘summer holidays’, about travelling to foreign countries. It didn’t and doesn’t matter to them that most of us, not blessed with cushy, fully-paid jobs in the public service, cannot afford to even think of summer holidays anywhere, passport or not, given the uncertainties of the job market. Can they really be that happy about the NHS app which records Test & Trace  now having mutated into a ‘covid passport’?

There’s a report in the DM which looks like a bad re-write job by the reporters. It is discreetly labelled ‘advertisement’ – our eagle-eyed News Correspondent spotted this – and we do remember a report in last year’s Lockdown Sceptics that the covid government has spent huge sums on the MSM, for them to write suitable covid reports.

People who downloaded the app yesterday found to their consternation that all their jab information was already accessible and downloaded into that app (link). Am I the only one wondering what else is hidden in that app? Should this not set alarm bells ringing loud and clear:

“The Department of Health has denied claims on social media it has secretly rolled out covid passports, insisting that all vaccines are automatically added to the app when it connects to the user’s medical records.” (link)

Why should this app connect to one’s medical records anyway? Even more worrying is that Grant Shapps declared that this NHS app is being tweaked so it can become an ‘international vaccine passport’:

“Grant Shapps […] told Sky News: ‘In terms of vaccine certification, I can confirm we are working on an NHS application, actually it will be the NHS app that is used for people when they book appointments with the NHS and so on, to be able to show you’ve had a vaccine or you’ve had testing.” (link)

In other words: our medical records, our NHS appointments and all the rest will be available to anyone because it’s on ‘our smartphone’ which can easily be hacked. Isn’t that wonderful! Whatever happened to a paper certificate as proof of vaccination? Do these idiots really think that such data on smartphones cannot be manipulated and are ‘fraud-proof’? 

I’ll not apologise for using the epithet ‘idiot’ as label for ministers and indeed for our esteemed ‘science’ editors. Here’s another example why I do so. There was a covid announcement yesterday where a certain Matt H. announced ‘terrific’ findings. You really couldn’t make it up. This little sentence was swamped by the news from the ONS that over 70% of us now have covid antibodies and that therefore the modelling by certain SAGES, warning of an impending 3rd wave should we be let off the covid leash on June 21st was based on ‘extremely partial information’ (paywalled link). Here it is:

“[A] study from Public Health England, showing that even if vaccinated people are unlucky enough to get Covid they are still far less likely to pass it on, was a major shot in the arm.” (paywalled link)

Surely there must be someone asking how come that vaccinated people can still get covid and how come that they are less likely to pass it on when infected when we all know, thanks to our covid MSM, that people with no symptoms are the real superspreaders? How does this fit any theory of infectious diseases? I confess I’m thoroughly baffled!

Moreover, if proof were needed that the whole covid ‘rules’ are about controlling us and not about ‘protecting’ us, then digest the declaration by that SAGE Van Tam, that it would be ‘incredibly safe’ for two jabbees to meet, but that the prohibition for doing so would still be kept in place (link)

And so to item No 2: ‘PM Sleaze’ … yes, it’s about Carrie’s redecoration and who paid for it. The row at yesterday’s PMQs about that ‘bodies piled high’ remark pales into insignificance. Apparently BJ lost it when ‘probed’ by the Kneeler (link). It must’ve been great theatre, but sadly I had other things to do than watch it.

The worrying news is that the Electoral Commission is now getting involved – the entity installed by that former PM T.Blair (if for health reasons you need to vomit, look at the photos in this morning’s papers about how he has grown ‘a mane’ …). This entity is fully Remain and mostly Labour. We know that their previous investigations into Leave campaigns were not precisely impartial and their results didn’t hold up in court but served well  to discredit prominent Leavers. 

A former ‘ElCommmissioner’ helpfully describes in the DM how the commissioners will proceed and why it’s necessary. It’s dripping with virtue signalling, e.g. that even ‘the highest’ in the land aren’t above the Law. Yeah right. And because this is the case, ElCom is now investigating:

“It said there were “reasonable grounds to suspect” that the law had been broken because of the failure to report donations. The commission has the power to order any individual — including the prime minister and his fiancée, Carrie Symonds — to hand over text messages, emails and other information considered relevant to the investigation. It can also compel them to attend interviews. If it is denied access to documents, it can secure a warrant to search for them.” (link, paywalled)

Of course the leader of the loyal opposition went to town with that information at PMQs

“Sir Keir called the probe an “incredibly serious” development and asked Mr Johnson whether he believed any rules or laws had been broken over his flat refurbishment. “No, I don’t,” Mr Johnson replied, adding that he had “met the requirements that I have been obliged to meet in full”. (paywalled link)

Why is this an ‘incredibly serious’ development rather than any of the lockdown rules, especially that NHS app where all medical data are automatically downloaded? We can guess it’s because Labour and the Remain MSM can now intensify their attempts to get rid of BJ, our votes for him notwithstanding. Do they really hope that this will lead to a GE where we covid lemmings will vote for Starmer, that we’ll happily submit to a combined MSM-Starmer Rejoin campaign? 

More seriously – are we really so weakened that we don’t even care any longer about unelected, unaccountable entities governing our lives, trashing our democratic institutions and perverting our will to Leave the EU, made clear in three democratic votes? Or is it about the Westminster denizens, the Audi Avenue dwellers who couldn’t care less provided they can travel to their summer holidays, never mind abandoning their personal, medical data to all who can access their smartphones? 

Perhaps there are those in the Tory Party who would covertly support this ‘sleaze’ investigation because it might help remove BJ from No 10. He has become a liability and Carrie’s snide remarks about having to get rid of Ms May’s ‘John Lewis decorations’ won’t play well in the Shires. The elections next Thursday might provide the impetus for the Tory ‘men in grey suits’ to wield their famous knives and stab BJ in the back – successfully, for once. However, according to Tory MPs out canvassing, nobody out in the sticks is actually interested in this ‘sleaze’ outcry (link).

There’s a hint that the war for his succession has already started. Ina discreetly hidden article in the DM we’re told that Rishi Sunak ‘redecorated his No 10 flat entirely at his own expense’ (link). Given that the Treasury mandarins clearly like him, having domesticated him successfully, given that having a Hindu PM would cleverly take the wind out of the sails of the various woke campaigns, it might well be that those men in grey suits would promote him rather than Gove. 

But perhaps it’s all just a storm in the Westminster teacup. Perhaps most of us can’t be  bovverd because most of us have more important issues to deal with in our lives.








Photo by foshie

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