She cried! ‘Tis true: the PM cried when she met the awful, hard, grey men of the 1922 Committee yesterday, but, mischief of mice that they are, they went weak at the knees and agreed to let her stay. Tears work, even for feminists.

Were they afraid of being accused by the feminists in the cabinet, in their own Party and in the general public of being horrible misogynists? Or are they merely the political equivalent of a bunch of soy boys?

Perhaps it was simply the thought that keeping her IN means they would have more time to keep Boris Johnson OUT. He announced that he’d run for the Leadership and, as we all know, the Tory wimmin in or out of cabinet don’t want him while the EU’s and Corbyn’s Labour negotiators want a ‘Boris-Lock’ in whatever they are concocting to make that WAB palatable.

Brexit, the fate of our nation, mean nothing in this travesty of a Game of Thrones. Staying in 10 Downing Street or getting there is all that matters to them. And then they wonder why people are flocking to TBP …

First, the ‘Statement by the 1922 Committee’ which took a good hour to formulate – after the PM had cried and dried her tears:

“The Prime Minister is determined to secure our departure from the European Union and is devoting her efforts to securing the rd Reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in the week commencing 3rd June 2019 and the passage of that Bill and the consequent departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union by the summer. We have agreed that she and I will meet following the Second Reading of the Bill to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.” (link)

Now let’s have a look at how the whole event unfolded, as far as the MSM are concerned. Non-paywalled reports are here and, with a video clip of Sir Graham Brady telling the BBC, here. Paywalled reports are here and here.

What struck me was that, across the board, the MSM pundits regarded this as a sort of opening skirmish in the fight for the Tory Leadership. The fate of our Nation, i.e. to become a vassal state of Brussels, didn’t seem to matter to them, see for example this:

“Theresa May urged Tory MPs to delay a leadership election yesterday in a move that would dent Boris Johnson’s chances of becoming leader. Mrs May resisted calls to set a departure date from No 10 during a “tense and emotionally charged” meeting with Tory MPs on the executive of the 1922 Committee. She agreed that she would discuss a timetable for the leadership race but only after MPs had voted on Brexit legislation early next month. […] Although she did not name Mr Johnson her argument was received as a tacit expression of support to the other leadership candidates, who are aiming to block his path to No 10.” (link, paywalled)

Doesn’t that leave a tiny door open for her to Remain? You just watch …! The correspondents of the DT have penned a moving report which brought tears to my eyes as well:

“The Conservative Party’s most powerful backbenchers had just made it clear that her premiership was at its end, but the Prime Minister pleaded with them to be given more time. Tears welled in her eyes as she made her argument for just a little longer in Downing Street. She dabbed at her nose with a handkerchief. Yet the sympathy and patience of the 1922 Committee had run out. […] “She was emotional – a lot more emotional than I have ever seen her before. There was a bit of tearing but she quickly got back to a strong view about what needs to be done.” (paywalled link)

Well, what needed to be done – Leave on WTO terms – was irrelevant. What was done was that the PM’s can was kicked further down the road:

“Over the following hour, Mrs May and her backbenchers hammered out a deal which means she will sit down with Sir Graham and Brandon Lewis, the Tory party chairman, in the first week of June to agree the timetable for the election of her successor. In practical terms, it means that Mrs May must resign by the end of June to allow enough time for the leadership election to run its course before Parliament rises for the summer. She would stay on in Downing Street until her successor was appointed, giving the new prime minister the whole of the summer recess to organise and plan before the Conservative Party Conference at the end of September.” (paywalled link)

Note that the vote on the abomination that is the WAB is now a leadership plaything. Yes, it’ll take place in the first week of June, yes, it’ll probably be defeated in the HoC yet again, yes the electoral catastrophe that will be the EP elections will have happened: no matter! The PM and the 1922 Committee want an ‘orderly’ handing-over of the PM’s baton.

Note also that the EGM of the Tory grassroots, to take place on June 15th, is irrelevant as far as those oh-so-powerful mice are concerned. This next bit hits the mark:

“For months now, though, power has been nothing more than an illusion in Downing Street as the Prime Minister has suffered defeat after defeat, paralysed by the Brexit conundrum she herself had constructed.” (paywalled link)

Just so – but the PM’s ‘Game of WAB’ still was the main consideration and this power vacuum just doesn’t matter. More:

“One of those present said Mrs May argued for more time, saying she did not want her departure to be linked to the defeat of the Bill, as it would give MPs an incentive to vote it down specifically to get rid of her.” (paywalled link)

Good grief! Do we need any more proof that this is about her alone, that for her, the reason MPs will vote down her WAB yet again is only because they hate her and want her out, not because they reject that abomination? There’s more:

“Mrs May was told that after a vote is held on the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – expected to be held on June 5 – she must agree a timetable for the election of her replacement. […] As Mrs May was escorted to her waiting car by a close protection officer and a chauffeur, she could reflect on one tiny consolation: by staying in office until next month she will outlast Gordon Brown’s term in office of two years and 319 days, if only just.” (paywalled link)

Now that’s a record to be proud of! Meanwhile, there’s that EP Election, with TBP going from strength to strength. A writer in The Times, a.k.a. RemainCentral, has come up with this heartfelt cry: “Better to leave the EU than make a hero of Farage”, writing:

The choice is a stark one: leave the EU and cut off Farage’s supply of oxygen or carry on the campaign to remain. If Britain does not leave the EU then Nigel Farage will be a fixture in British politics.” (link, paywalled)

What powerful argument! What insight! Do Remainers still not understand that it’s about our 17.4 million votes which we want to see implemented, and not about personalities?

It’s too late – for the PM, for the Tory Party, for the Remainers in the HoC and for those in the MSM who again concentrate on Nigel Farage. We gave them our answer to the question ‘Leave or Remain’ on June 23rd 2016. They didn’t listen.

Another historic date comes to my mind – and it’s not lacking in irony: it was on the 18th of June 1815 that the 1st Duke of Wellington beat Napoleon. Doesn’t calling the now imminent day when the PM leaves her ‘Waterloo’ mean that she and her Whitehall handlers are all little wannabe Napoleons?  And doesn’t that make all of us 17.4 million voters – Iron Dukes? On that note,




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