Looking at this morning’s MSM headlines there’s only one problem facing this nation and that is Dominic Cummings. I cannot remember such a concerted attack on one person – who isn’t even a minister! – across the whole of the MSM. Check out the BBC’s “Newspaper Headlines’ compilation here, for evidence.

This is a vitriolic witch hunt where ‘our MSM’ have now totally lost the plot. To describe this affair as ‘merely political’ isn’t sufficient. It’s the attack of the Westminster ‘elite’ on their enemy #1, the one whom they’ve blamed for Brexit all along. At the same time it’s the attempt by that ‘Remain elite’ to get rid of Johnson by insinuating that he can’t govern without Cummings, thus damage Johnson so much that he himself might be forced to throw in the towel. 

We are witnessing a power grab by unelected elites, spearheaded by the Westminster Bubble Dwellers who run the MSM. The sheer number of vituperative articles over the weekend and today proves this. Any actual CV-19 news have suddenly become irrelevant. Just ask yourselves why their reports on yesterday’s press conference are only about ‘Johnson is backing Cummings’ and not about the further easing of Lockdown restrictions (e.g. here).

For example, it’s apparently irrelevant that the teachers unions still oppose the opening of schools. The DT doesn’t have the space to even mention this: too much Cummings articles crowd their online paper. The Times – who were the ones making Cummings into enemy #1 ever since Johnson won the GE – does have an article (link, paywalled) reporting on the actual shambles without asking why Labour seems so extremely relaxed about the fate of our children by letting teachers’ trade unions and local labour councils insist on keeping schools closed:

“Teaching unions said the science underlying the plan was flimsy and claimed it would put teachers and pupils at risk. Last week the plan unravelled further, with councils and schools saying they would decide themselves if it was safe, regardless of the government’s view. The national picture is a messy one. About 20 local authorities, including Liverpool and Hartlepool, say no schools will open on June 1. Roughly the same number say they will and the rest say they are leaving it up to schools to decide, or that only some schools in the borough will reopen.” (link, paywalled

I bet the children of those people have all gone to those schools open for key workers, like Starmer’s children. Nobody in the MSM mentions this any longer: far too inconvenient! No, our hacks are fixated on Cummings and are stoking the flames with articles reporting that ‘senior police officers’ fear that they won’t be able to ‘enforce’ Lockdown rules because of “the Cummings Defence” (link)!

Is this what our country has come to: that even as Johnson and his colleagues have appealed to the unwashed public to use their common sense ‘the police’ regard themselves as the only true enforcers, interpreting these ‘rules’ as if they were cast in stone? Why weren’t they enforcing the Law – not just ‘rules’! – in the grooming gang scandals?

How concerned they really are about enforcing the Lockdown rules was splashed across the TV screens where we were treated to scenes of utter mayhem in front of Cummings’ London house, created by our intrepid hacks – no enforcement of ‘social distancing’ there!  Are all those hacks baying for Cummings’ head exempt from observing these rules? Why? Is their behaviour not going to ‘cost lives’?

The DT coyly refers to this outrage in yet another Cummings article which demonstrates that they are firmly on the side of the ‘Cummings-Out’ MSM warriors:

“Just a few short hours earlier, Mr Cummings had emerged from his own front door besieged by media who demanded to know why he had apparently breached lockdown rules not once, but three times. It marked the start of an extraordinary day in which he faced calls to resign from Tory MPs and was accused of dragging the Government into a “Domnishambles”. At one point the police turned up outside his north London home and knocked on the door in an apparent attempt to speak with him. In fact, Mr Cummings was by that time four miles away in Downing Street, masterminding his own political survival.” (link)

Note for future reference that according to the DT the police didn’t turn up to enforce the social distancing rules for the hacks. Note also the sly insinuation that Cummings masterminded Johnson’s support for him, painting the PM as incapable of thinking for himself.

If you’d like to know who those Tory MPs are, demanding Cummings’ head – ‘Conservativehome’ started to publish a ‘rolling list’ of those MPs, here’s the latest version. At the time of writing this column there are 17 of them – check them out and email your constituency MP if he’s amongst them. As for Steve Baker topping that list: is he a ‘woman spurned’, perchance?

Then there’s a whole article in The Times dedicated to one scientist’s moan, taken from his tweet because only what is said on Twitter is worthwhile reporting:

“A behavioural scientist whose advice informs the government’s coronavirus strategy said the prime minister’s decision to back Dominic Cummings would cost lives. Stephen Reicher said that “in a few short minutes Boris Johnson has trashed all the advice we have given on how to build trust and secure adherence to the measures necessary to control Covid-19”. The professor of social psychology at St Andrews University is a member of the SPI-B subcommittee, which provides behavioural science advice to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. ” (link, paywalled)

You really couldn’t find a better example for the hubris of those experts! Was the whole misery of the last 63 days not based on their ‘scientific advice’? He and the rest don’t even realise that they are advisers, not dictators telling the government what to do. But it’s good to know that the “expert elite” believes they’re called to govern us rather than our elected representatives!

The behavioural scientist’s (not a virologist, not an epidemiologist!) phrase that Johnson’s support for Cummings “will cost lives” has been picked up by the DT, where that single scientist has miraculously been transformed into “scientist advisers” – plural – and where ‘cabinet colleagues’ are now ‘worried’:

“Cabinet colleagues, however, expressed fear that the move risked “seriously undermining” the Government’s lockdown strategy. Some even suggested the support for Mr Cummings could cost lives because the public will use it as justification for ignoring social distancing.” (link)

The DT doesn’t name names: who are those ‘cabinet colleagues’? Perhaps it’s only one, transformed into a multitude just as that scientist was transformed into many! The Times is also salivating about ‘a Cabinet backlash’ for Johnson’s support of Cummings (link, paywalled) while dedicating another article to a tweet from ‘a civil servant’. After quoting this tweet and what  ‘users’, i.e. twitterati said (‘Cummings must go’, what did you expect?) they finally come out with this, right at the bottom of that piece:

“The tweet appeared to have been posted by someone using a mobile phone, while previous messages on the account were tweeted using a computer. A government spokesman said: “An unauthorised tweet was posted on a government channel this evening. The post has been removed and we are investigating the matter.” (link, paywalled)

A responsible publication would have removed the whole thing straight away because it looked like ‘fake news’ – but in the MSM’s ‘War against Cummings’ anything and everything can be used, even unauthorised tweets. If I’d presented you with something like that you’d have hauled me over the coals for not doing due diligence! 

And finally – the good news! The Times reports that ‘Teh Virus’ may vanish too fast to test the new vaccine properly! Yes, rub your eyes: this is not a ‘fake news conspiracy populist’ statement, this is The Times! Here’s the take-home message:

“An Oxford University vaccine for Covid-19 has only a 50 per cent chance of success because there are so few cases. Adrian Hill, who is co-leader of the project, said that a trial involving 10,000 people could return no result because the virus was not prevalent enough for volunteers to catch.” (link, paywalled)

They will go on with their testing, but: if there are so few CV-19 cases, should we not ask why we trashed our economy – for this? Was this misery inflicted on us, as Professor Starkey said in an interview, in order to save, not “Our NHS”, but “the face of theNHS”? You can watch the whole thing here – it’s well worth the time!

While ‘Our MSM’ are fighting their private war against Cummings, you might like to keep in mind that the deadline for begging the EU for that extension our Westminster Remain Bubble Dwellers want is June 30th. The ‘Cummings War’ is their final assault weapon to kill off Brexit: get rid of him, get rid of Johnson, and replace him with a Remain Tory who will be like wax in Sir Mark Sedwill’s hands. 

But let me reassure you: while the RemainCentral comment posters applaud their ‘Cummings War’, the DT comment posters, where they can, are attacking the DT’s reporters and editors en masse, in no uncertain terms. It seems that we peasants are not as easily herded by the Westminster ‘elite’ as they believe. 

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and email your constituency MPs, tell them what you think about the usurpation of political power by unappointed, unelected MSM writers, ‘senior’ police officers and ‘scientific experts’. Ask them: who runs this country? The MSM?




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