Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers of INDEPENDENCE Daily, valued contributors to this site!


In two weeks from today we will celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Vote on the EU Referendum. We are planning to publish a Special Anniversary Issue on that day, to commemorate and celebrate our achievement – the day when we voted to Leave, when we Leavers won against the odds.


Our appeal goes out to all of you, from the authors who’ve written about Brexit over the years to the comment post writers who’ve been contributing so much to the debates, to all you silent readers, much valued: please take this opportunity to tell us about your own experiences on that seminal day!


We appeal to you, the proper grassroots who made this, our victory, happen five years ago! This is about us, not the professional Leave journalists or EU MEPs – they have other venues where they can and will share their memories. 


This special issue is about our, the grassroots’ memories. It’s about us, whose voices aren’t heard, who are always taken for granted. Let’s hear from you – after all,  anyone who can write an email can write us about how they experienced that day.

So put pen to paper, or rather: fingers to keyboards and tell us about your experiences: did you cry – did you stay up – did you broach the champagne – did you dance in the streets or at least in your back garden? Let us know!

Don’t worry about typos, grammar and all that jazz. Instead, rest assured that the INDEPENDENCE Daily editors will do their usual best to polish up your submissions.


Please send your writings, short or long, to the usual address: 


Thank you!


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