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The United States Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 and its first Board of Governors was appointed in 1914. This at a time when Great Britain and its Bank of England were still the holders of the World Reserve Currency.

There had been an ongoing saga in the US in 1913, many couldn’t see the justification for allowing a private third party to create and control the country’s currency. The shenanigans that were part of the formation of the Federal Reserve are fascinating but there isn’t enough room here to discuss this.

One interesting point that is rarely mentioned is that of the original seven of the bank’s board of governors, not all were bankers, others came from the worlds of business and law. The reasoning was to limit the control of the bankers and to ensure fair representation for all.

While the members of bank’s original board seem to represent a logical juxtaposition, was it really so or was it the formation of an exclusive club?

I thought perhaps we could look at a case study, that ardent member of the World Economic Forum: Bill Gates.

Here is a quote that I remember from Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, he said this of Bill Gates and his company Microsoft:

“I don’t begrudge Microsoft their success but what I do begrudge is that they achieved it with such third rate products.” – Steve Jobs.

The battles between Apple and Microsoft over the rights to the Graphical User Interface are now legendary. I don’t think that Apple invented the GUI but they certainly spent a huge amount of time and money developing it, only to have their work taken over by Microsoft.

Information Technology is sort of my thing and I certainly agree that the Windows operating system is third rate, very resource hungry and bloated and in desperate need of a ground up rebuild. Microsoft formed a strategic partnership with Intel on who’s chips their system was originally designed to run, a partnership which locks their users into a never ending and expensive update cycle.

Why then do you think that a company like Microsoft can achieve such a market hegemony, often against far better products from other companies? Such hegemony requires a vast, expensive and ruthless marketing campaign, in short, massive amounts of money, money that Microsoft’s competitors just would not have access to.

Bill Gates is considered a nerd that dropped out of college to form what would become the world’s biggest software company. I would suggest that without the right banking contacts, Microsoft would long ago have joined the long line of failed IT start ups and now be forgotten.

At business schools worldwide, they talk about the Great Men, whether they be politicians or businessmen. We should ask if these Great Men were brilliant and deserved their position or whether they were placed there as front men? Puppets in other words.

The World Economic Forum is a place that our politicians love to go to rub shoulders with wealthy businessmen and bankers. Boris Johnson seems to be trying to distance himself from the WEF at the moment as it’s becoming increasingly unpopular with the hoi palloi; he has been very involved in the past though.

The World Economic Forum Young Leaders Program is claimed by the forum to be shaping the future; all couched in noble, altruistic, philanthropic and humanitarian terms. Graduates include: Jacinda Ardern prime minister of New Zealand, Justin Trudeau prime minister of Canada and another technologist that seems to be following in the footsteps of Bill Gates: Mark Zuckerberg. How wealthy do many of these politicians mysteriously become when they leave office.

So, we see politicians, businessmen and bankers alike, all swarming around the World Economic Forum like bees around a honeypot. The WEF it seems is an interface between the banks, the political and business world. Just think what a massive amount of money it would take to rig an election in a country the size of the United States for instance.

What this means for we the people is that if we allow organisations like the World Economic Forum, and that ultimately means bankers, to choose our business leaders but in particular our political leaders, we do not have a democracy at all. We the people in a democracy get to choose at least our political leaders and they are meant to represent us, not the bankers.

What we have instead of democracy is Tyranny disguised as philanthropy, tyranny disguised as humanitarianism, tyranny disguised as charity, tyranny disguised as public safety and I’m sure you can all think of many more examples.

Here’s something to consider, the same information can be found from many sources but here is one: Karl Marx – The Godfather of Central Banking?

The idea of central banking probably did start with the Marxists during the 19th century and may well account for the wide spread of Marxist doctrines today. It seems that the central banking system is a Marxist organisation.

One thing is for sure, if we don’t find a way to establish true democracy in our countries, at least in the west, our lives, our way of life will continue on a downward trajectory.

The system that we have in place now is probably the most efficient wealth transfer mechanism ever devised.  It is tyranny.  We will continue to be treated like cattle; when we cease to be productive or useful, we will be slaughtered. It is useless to expect that our politicians or political leaders will come to our rescue; they do not represent we the people as they would be required to do in a true democracy, they represent ultimately the banking system.

The only real loyalty that our career politicians have is to their offshore bank accounts. And if you doubt this, see this article, starring our very own Tony Blair: “Explainer: What are the Pandora Papers? Leaked files from 14 offshore service providers tie more than 330 public officials, including 35 world leaders, to offshore fortunes.”

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