It never ceases to amaze me just how many Liberal, Left leaning people seem to think that Communism is a good idea; despite how many millions of people that have perished under this ideology. Let’s look at some examples.

The Soviet famine of 1921-22 was extreme, people even resorted to cannibalism in an effort to stay alive (e.g. here). What started this famine was Russia being drained after the First World War and to civil wars but the subsequent actions of the Soviet Communist Party exacerbated the problem greatly:

“Even after the civil war wound down, requisitioning of grain and other food supplies provoked violent confrontations between Soviet authorities and peasant producers” (link

It must have been unbearable to be a food producer and expected to starve to death while the food you produced was loaded onto trucks and whisked away to serve the needs of the Communist party.

It is unclear just how many people died as a result of the above famine, it was in the millions with some estimates putting the number at five million. Throughout all of this, the needs of the Communist party came first while people starved. Stalin even used the opportunity to wage a campaign against the church because of the hold that it had on the peasantry. Talk about not letting a crisis go to waste!

The Soviet famine of 1932-33, the Ukrainian famine, was more extreme still. Today, while Russia acknowledges the famine, it falls just short of calling it genocide but this is a matter of opinion with many people asserting that this is what it in fact was:

“In the years 1932 and 1933, a catastrophic famine swept across the Soviet Union. It began in the chaos of collectivization, when millions of peasants were forced off their land and made to join state farms. It was then exacerbated, in the autumn of 1932, when the Soviet Politburo, the elite leadership of the Soviet Communist Party, took a series of decisions that deepened the famine in the Ukrainian countryside. Despite the shortages, the state demanded not just grain, but all available food.” (link)

The death count after two such famines is now running into the tens of millions, all due largely to the bloody mindedness and needs of the Soviet Communist party. Stalin was also particularly vindictive towards the Ukraine because so many of them had a strong desire for independence.

Let’s fast forward many decades to the Greek government-debt crisis that started in 2009. Greece was the holder of crippling debt, on the surface the country’s problems were started by the financial crisis of 2008 but there were and still are more fundamental problems, one problem being the Euro currency which is basically a renamed Deutschmark, far too strong for the 53rd largest economy in the world to be able to compete with a powerhouse like Germany.

The European Union was having none of this – it would never acknowledge the fact that its Euro was a political rather than sound economic construct. The EU was just as bloody minded as Stalin, all that mattered were his and the Communist party’s goals regardless of who suffered.

The Greek people certainly did suffer during this Greek debt crisis, they had little access to money and food, unemployment soared and people are still suffering the aftermath to this day (link). There were even cases of cancer patients dying in agony without anaesthetic according to some news reports. Alexis Tsipras, the then Prime Minister of Greece, threatened to default on the debt but after protracted negotiation with the EU, it seems that he was brought into line.

The negotiations between Greece and the EU went on for months, every few weeks the Eurocrats would meet to discuss the crisis, they would arrive in private jets, stay in the world’s finest hotels while consuming the finest food and wine. While all of this was going on, the Greek people were starving and suffering, the needs of the European Union came first, regardless of the suffering of the people that the EU, like Stalin, probably regarded as peasants.

For me this is one of the first times that I saw through the virtue signaling propaganda of globalist organisations like the European Union and saw them for the ruthless Communist organisations (with a stench of Nazi) that they really are. Yet still there are millions of ordinary people and career politicians that see their best career path serving globalist organisations, they refuse to see the reality, they still believe the lies.

Today the world is at a crossroads, while we in Britain have been obsessing over Brexit, globalisation has been moving on at a fast pace. The European Union may be crumbling but the United Nations – increasingly dominated by the Chinese Communist Party – and it’s other globalist tentacles like the World Health Organisation are rapidly superseding it.

None of the policies, economics, the social engineering of multiculturalism or any of the others that I’m sure you could all add to, all of these are the bloody minded, uncompromising constructs of the globalist dream, there will be no regard for the inevitable suffering that will result: Stalin to a tee!

Today in a world that never really recovered from the 2008 financial crisis, a world sick with many trillions of dollars in debt, while the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks print even more trillions to acquire the world’s assets and resources, we are witnessing the greatest wealth transfer scheme in history.

When the globalists are ready, when they’ve acquired as much of the world’s wealth and assets as they choose in what is known as the great reset, then we will be left fighting over the remains like rats on a rubbish heap.

When this bubble pops, Communism will again cause famine but this time the deaths won’t be measured in tens of millions, they will be measured in billions. We have a very, very small window of opportunity now to wake people up. Again the world is at a crossroads.


Photo by nunavut

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