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A: Good news – it now looks as though Southern Ireland will be amongst the first countries to properly implement our Agenda 21!

B: What’s that?

A: Just another of the United Nations Action Plans. You know, the ‘Sustainable Development’ one for the 21st century. Started at the Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992 and it’s been updated several times since, so that it’s now it’s Agenda 30.

B: Sustainable Development??? What does that actually mean?

A: Control, of course! With the world’s population growing and gobbling everything up, somehow we have to get the numbers down and make sure that everything people use is ‘sustainable’. Good word, that. Sustainable fuel supplies, sustainable food supplies. We use it over and over again and since everyone likes to virtue signal these days, what government in the world is going to vote against it in the UN?

B: But how did you persuade them all that this ‘sustainable’ stuff was necessary?

A: Ah, that was the clever bit. We invented Global Warming. Back in the 70s some idiot scientists thought up the idea that the world was shortly going to go through another Mini-Ice Age, like that in the 17th century. Nonsense, of course. But we turned the idea on its head and produced proof (computer stuff, you know) that the reverse was happening. We blamed the West for producing increasing amounts of carbon-dioxide through their use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution. We said that very soon the Earth would be like a greenhouse with closed windows, where the heat was unable to leave the atmosphere and the Earth would fry – no crops would be able to grow and there would be no water to drink. Worked a treat. The eco-loons soon got coal, gas, oil and even fracking to become dirty words. We nudged them to think of wind and sunlight as alternatives to produce the electricity is needed throughout the world if society is to survive. Luckily, once these people get an idea stuck in their minds, it is almost impossible to alter it so now we have windmills everywhere and huge areas of what could have been arable land, set aside for solar power arrays. ‘Renewables’ they call it, ‘Clean Energy’.

B: And have all countries signed up to this Agenda?  

A: Not all, unfortunately. For instance, China is still opening coal mines, but on the other hand Britain, as well as other countries such as Ireland, has just agreed to create a legally binding net-zero carbon target for 2050 in spite of the fact that it will probably cost the country something like £1 trillion pounds

B: But that sum is vast and will ruin Britain and any other countries which signed up to the Agenda, so surely it would be better for them to withdraw from it?

A: Since it is termed ‘non-binding’ they naturally think they can if they wish to (Hah, some hope!). But it is supposed to be implemented at local level first, then build up through national and global levels, by which time it will be impossible to withdraw.

B: So what has Ireland agreed to do at the moment?

A: Well, to start with, by 2050 the Irish Government intends to ban all petrol or diesel vehicles from their towns and cities and even force private cars off the roads since they are considered the worst offenders for carbon emissions. (You will notice that I said ‘carbon’ and ‘not carbon-dioxide’ since carbon makes people think of nasty black stuff.)

B: So how are people going to get around?

A: Ah, that’s the point, they won’t! The Government is going to import another million migrants to add to their 4 million or so population and create what they call high-density cities. These ‘vibrant’ areas will then be totally transformed by changing the population’s behaviour and encouraging them to adopt new technologies in order to prevent our so-called ‘climate catastrophe’. It will obviously need carrots and sticks: tax hikes but incentives, regulations but a lot of good public relations information. The Government’s Prime Minister says this will change how his country’s homes and workplaces are heated, the way they travel, and how food is grown. Good globalist, that man.

B: But if this attitude becomes wide-spread, it will not only bring down the standard of living in the industrialised nations but also prevent the growth of the less developed countries. The world economies will crash. Millions of people will die!

A: Exactly! As I said, the world’s population is already far too huge and will grow exponentially. And at the moment, it can’t be controlled. Better that the world’s population is reduced than it is completely destroyed…

B: …by Global Warming? Which you all invented?

A: Absolutely. Thank goodness for the hot summer we are having at the moment, here in the Northern Hemisphere!

B: But if you remember, we have just had a very cold and snowy winter, especially in the USA where one skiing area apparently won’t close until the 4th July. 

A: Luckily, people have short memories.

B: But suppose those ‘idiot scientists’ of 1970s were right and that the coming winters are the same or worse? As someone once said: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

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