At the end of this week – where are we now?

The breath-taking illegal audacity of the Prime Minister reached peak horror in the early hours of Thursday 11 April, when she accepted the counter-proposal for an extension of the Article 50 period.  Throughout all this extending, she has ignored the lesson Gina Miller taught her, and which Yvette Cooper tried to remind her in her uniquely unconstitutional way, that the government does not have the power to tweak Treaties like this, let alone the Prime Minister going off on a folly of her own.

A court case is being brought against her by a group calling itself English Democrats on the basis of this blatant illegality, seeking a Declaration that the UK left the EU at 11.00 p.m. UK time on Friday 29 March.  If the law is applied and enforced, all will be well if the exit date in the legislation can be backdated to avoid any problem with the ECA 1972.

Meanwhile, the terms of the extension to Halloween are interesting in their detail and in how they have been expressed.  The important detail to note is that there is an alternative earlier termination of the extension on 1 June if the UK does not put up candidates for the EU elections.  The PM will undoubtedly take steps to avoid that, unless the unlikely event of her quick removal and replacement by a staunch Brexiteer occurs and the new PM deliberately goes for 1 June.  This, I fear, is the stuff of dreams.

The manner of the expression is interesting because of the introduction of the term “flextension”, as if this was something novel.  What the EU is saying is we can get out earlier if the withdrawal agreement is approved. But this is what Article 50 says, and has always said.  Its terms are crystal clear: the UK is released from the Treaties on the coming into force of a withdrawal agreement, or if that has not occurred by the end of the relevant period, then at the end of that period.  It seems to be novel to just about everyone, however, because it was a point wholly lost to just about everyone.

The PM is now quite open despite her crocodile tears; she hopes to blackmail Parliament into approving the withdrawal agreement, failing which she will just keep extending the period on an infinite basis.  However, this is a very dangerous tactic for her to adopt; her year of invulnerability is up in not that many more months.

A silver lining to all these clouds is indeed the forthcoming elections, both the local ones here and the various ones in Europe.  These look like being immense fun for rabid eurosceptics from all 28 nations!

Respectfully, Septimus Octavius


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Following the publication of William Hagues article in the DT of 9th April 2019: “The Prime Minister has a Point: a no-deal Brexit could unravel our United Kingdom”, I have sent the following letter to the DT editor:


William Hague says (DT, 9th April) that a no-deal Brexit could unravel the United Kingdom. Well, consider this Mr Hague: keeping us in the EU would probably lead to protests that would make the Poll Tax riots look like a Sunday School outing and that could snowball across the continent. We are already seeing the Yellow Vests in France, many Italians and Spaniards (particularly Basques and Catalans) are unhappy, the Greeks voted against the EU imposed austerity, their vote was ignored, many of these people hate the EU and it’s totalitarian methods.

Keeping us in could quite easily put a match to the tinderbox that is Europe and that would be the fault of the plastic politicians who currently inhabit the House of Clowns.

I was present when a 16 year old William Hague made a wonderful speech to the Blackpool Conference in 1977, judging by some of his recent comments I thank God he never became Prime Minister.”

Thanks for publishing my letter in INDEPENDENCE Daily!

Respectfully, John Owen


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On Tuesday evening [9th April], Jon Snow (C4) interviewed a lady who has received the Légion D’Honneur for her key role on D-Day.

He implied that we need to be in Europe to prevent war, whereas we have of course always been in Europe and always will be. We may love the peoples of Europe, but not necessarily the E.U. with unelected leaders, who are have little interest in what we think.

A key Allied objective was to restore the sovereignty of nation states. The irony that Snow fails to grasp is that the EU wants to end the era of nation states. He should perhaps visit the building adjacent to the EU Parliament in Brussels, where this quote from Lord Lothian is proudly posted:

“National SOVEREIGNTY is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time ..…The only final remedy for this… is a FEDERAL UNION of the peoples….”

That may have something to do with the fact that 408 constituencies voted to leave the E.U. with a 72% turnout, when they realised that the era of the Conman Market was over. A sense of history tells us that the lack of democratic checks and balances, in the E.U. with its expansionist ambitions, is more likely to cause war.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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