In an exclusive report, the Telegraph claims Hammond has rejected a solution to the Irish backstop.

Sajid Javid has drawn up a detailed technological plan to do away with the Irish backstop but it has been suspended by the Treasury to the fury of Brexiteers.
The Home Secretary commissioned Border Force officials to work up a plan using Swiss-style technology to manage trade and tariffs and so avoid a hard border in Ireland.
The work was submitted to HMRC but allies of Mr Javid claimed officials were “incredibly dismissive of it and were not interested”.
“We tried to talk to HMRC about it for eight months,” the source said. “We said there were big hurdles to get past but we didn’t think they were insurmountable.”


The Mirror says members of the Irish party could withdraw their support for the Tories.

Theresa May’s DUP allies have threatened to pull support for her government in a furious clash over Brexit .
The party’s 10 MPs have backed the PM since 2017 after being handed £1bn for Northern Ireland in a two-year deal.
But the deal is due to expire this summer – and the DUP’s Brexit spokesman today warned new backing isn’t guaranteed.
Sammy Wilson told the Telegraph: “It’s not a given that we will go into a confidence and supply agreement.

The Express demands the PM learns a lesson from the EU.

DEPUTY leader of the DUP, Nigel Dodds, demanded the Prime Minister learn her “lesson” over the threat of “no deal” which he claims prompted the European Union to “back down” and offer Britain an extension to the Article 50 process.
Nigel Dodds, the DUP’s Commons leader, claimed the European Union had “backed down” as they faced the prospect of Brexit Britain leaving the bloc without a deal. Mr Dodds called for the Prime Minister to learn the no deal “lesson” after the European Union granted Britain another Article 50 extension until the end of October.

Cross party talks

Meanwhile, there is tension in the talks between the government and the Labour Party says the Times.

Labour is demanding that Theresa May return to Brussels and renegotiate Britain’s future relationship with the EU before it agrees to a cross-party compromise.
Downing Street had hoped that as a gesture of goodwill Labour would support the introduction of legislation needed to implement Brexit soon after MPs return from their ten-day Easter break. This would let the government demonstrate progress to Brussels and establish a timetable for a deal to be ratified by the Commons in time to avoid taking part in EU elections on May 23.

The Telegraph has hit out at Labour’s top negotiator.

Sir Keir Starmer is an “ideologue” who is “obstructing” Brexit negotiations between the Conservatives and Labour with his demands for a second referendum, Tories involved in the negotiations have claimed.
Ministers have found John McDonnell, the shadow Chancellor, and Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, are far more open to compromise than Sir Keir.
However Labour source last night hit back at the Tories, accusing them of failing “to offer anything substantially different to a deal that has been rejected no less than three times by Parliament”.

The Mirror claims talks will continue regardless.

Talks between No10 and Labour reached another stalemate tonight but are set to resume next week.
A source said negotiators “discussed the process going forward”, but the two sides were deadlocked over a customs union with the EU.
It is understood Downing Street is still refusing to “move off its red lines” despite mounting calls to smash the impasse.

The BBC posts a positive spin on the talks.

The government and Labour have held further talks aimed at breaking the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said discussions with cabinet ministers David Lidington and Michael Gove had been “positive” and “constructive”.
He added that a timetable was being worked out for more meetings over the next seven to 10 days.
EU leaders have agreed to delay the UK’s departure date from 12 April to 31 October, to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Second referendum

The Chancellor is talking about a second referendum, says the Guardian.

Philip Hammond has played down the possibility that the UK could use the delay to Brexit to hold a second referendum and stressed that he still expects Britain to leave the European Union.
Speaking in Washington, the chancellor said time would be too tight to hold a confirmatory vote before the new deadline of the end of October unless it was triggered over the coming weeks.


The Telegraph reports a plot to get the Speaker out of office if he won’t go voluntarily.

MPs are plotting to unseat Speaker John Bercow amid fears he will not step down as planned this summer after Brexit was delayed until October 31.
Contrary to reports that Mr Bercow still intends to make way for a successor this June after 10 years in the post, a senior Tory source told the Telegraph: “Bercow is going nowhere. He is determined to see Brexit through.”
Another source close to the Speaker also appeared to indicate he was planning to stay put, saying: “He’s coming under quite a lot of pressure to stay in the chair while Brexit remains so uncertain.”

Tory leadership

And Express claims the Prime Minister will stay on through the summer too.

THERESA May will cling onto power or another six months until Brexit is done, according to Chancellor Philip Hammond.
The Prime Minister announced she would step down from her role once her controversial deal is scraped through Parliament, much to the relief of hardcore Brexiteers. But with the new Brexit date now Halloween after a humiliating begging mission to Brussels days ago, Mr Hammond has said stubborn Mrs May will intends to see the job through until October 31. He told Bloomberg: “As far I know she doesn’t have any intention of leaving until that deal is done.

The big question is addressed in the Mail.

With Brexit briefly shelved, there is one urgent question hanging over British politics this weekend. Theresa May: can she survive?
Many senior Tories and furious backbenchers want to oust her. That became clear on Thursday when she made her Commons statement in the wake of the emergency European Union summit in Brussels.
There she had to explain to fellow leaders why she was seeking another extension to Article 50, so delaying our departure from the EU yet again.

ITV News also reports the Chancellor’s comments.

Theresa May will remain Prime Minister until she has taken the UK out of the European Union, Chancellor Philip Hammond has insisted.
The Chancellor spoke as cross-party negotiations to try to break the Brexit deadlock took place in Whitehall on Friday after the UK’s exit date from the EU was delayed until October 31.
Mr Hammond told Bloomberg: “The Prime Minister has said that she will leave once she has done the deal and taken us out of the European Union.
“But, as far as I know, she doesn’t have any intention of leaving until that deal is done.”

The Independent says her critics are cross.

Theresa May is set to enrage her critics within the Conservative party after setting herself up to stay on as prime minister until the winter while presiding over a long delay to Brexit.
She told MPs just weeks ago that she was “not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June” as prime minister and said she would resign once this stage of talks was complete – prompting her rivals to gear up for a summer leadership contest.

MPs are looking at ways to force Mrs May out says Breitbart.

Tory MPs who have lost patience with Theresa May’s repeated efforts to delay Brexit, breaking multiple promises along the way, are trying to organise an internal petition to change party rules and remove her as leader.
Mrs May was granted a 12-month period of immunity from votes of no confidence by the parliamentary party after surviving a challenge in December 2018, despite more than half of her backbenchers voting for her removal.
However, she has since broken her promise to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union on March 29th — issued 108 times at the House of Commons despatch box — and a subsequent promise that she would not countenance any delay beyond June 30th, leaving exasperated Brexiteers looking for a way around the 1922 committee immunity rules.

And who will replace her?  BoJo still wants the job says the Sun.

EX-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is back in the running to be the next Tory leader as the party tries to win over angry Leave voters.
He has faced criticism from fellow Tory MPs in the past year after a string of provocative comments.
They included calling the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal a “suicide vest” and saying Muslim women who wear burkas “look like letter boxes”.
But senior figures now once more see him as the best candidate to take over from Theresa May when she steps down, Sun columnist James Forsyth  reveals today. One source on Mr Johnson’s team says MPs are “petrified about their seats” and are prepared to swallow their doubts about him.

The polls

The government would bomb if there were a General Election now, says the Mail.

Support for the Conservative Party has sunk to its lowest level in six years – as pro-Brexit parties are seeing a surge in popularity, a new poll has revealed.
The Tories would only win 28 per cent of the vote if a general election were held tomorrow, with Labour earning 32 per cent of votes, according to a YouGov poll for The Times.
UKIP would take 6 per cent and Nigel Farage‘s new Brexit Party would win 8 per cent of the vote, the poll claimed, making the combined weight of the staunchly pro-Leave parties the third largest political force in the country.

The Express’s poll is a ‘dire warning’, it says.

EXPRESS.CO.UK readers have sent Theresa May a dire Brexit warning ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections.
Our readers voted in their droves for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party to represent them in the European Parliament, an exclusive poll of almost 20,000 people has revealed. There hasn’t been an official declaration of the UK’s intent to partake in the next round of European Parliament elections, but with the latest Brexit delay it is highly likely.
So we asked our readers: who would you vote for? The results were overwhelming, with 19,406 voting between 10.30am and 8pm on Friday, April 12.

The Mirror addresses the question of the local elections.

The UK is holding two sets of elections in May 2019 that will test how the Brexit chaos is affecting voters.
Millions of people in 248 areas are choosing around 8,300 councillors  in the local elections on May 2.
Then the EU elections on May 23 will see 73 hopefuls elected to British seats in the European Parliament.
Both polls are a major test for the Tories and Labour, even if there are different, complex factors affecting each one.

The Express says voters have abandoned the party.

THERESA MAY’s failure to deliver Brexit has seen voters abandon the Conservative party after a shock poll revealed support has plummeted by 10 percent in a single month.
The under-fire Prime Minister is to face even more scrutiny from disillusioned members of her party after Mrs May now trails Jeremy Corbyn in the race for Number 10. The latest poll conducted by BMG revealed the Tory party is in free-fall, with Mrs May’s party commanding just 29 percent of the vote in April, compared to a commanding 39 percent in March.


It seems some German has demanded we hold a second referendum says the Express.

GERMAN European Commission frontrunner Manfred Weber has blasted the UK’s participation in the EU elections and has demanded a second Brexit referendum on Britain’s membership of the bloc.
On Wednesday, the European Union granted the UK a Brexit extension until October 31 with the eventual unanimous agreement of all 27 member states following a marathon meeting at the European Council summit in Brussels.
Theresa May has already seen her Brexit deal voted down three times in the UK Parliament with crushing defeats, and it is unclear when it will be put back before MPs for a fourth time.

Westmonster describes as ‘astonishing arrogance’.

The astonishing arrogance of the EU establishment was once again on show in a recent interview with senior German MEP Manfred Weber, who has described the UK holding a second Brexit referendum as “logical”. What a huge insult to 17.4 million Brits who voted Leave.
Speaking to German regional paper Augsburger Allgemeine, Weber claimed that: “A second referendum would be the logical step.”
Though he added: “But the decision can only be made by the British themselves.” Very generous of him!

Euro elections

The Times reports that not all Tories will campaign in the Euros.

Boris Johnson’s allies have said that he will not campaign in the European elections, amid growing Tory gloom over participation in the poll.
The former foreign secretary becomes the first probable leadership contender to indicate that he will not campaign. Dominic Raab, a fellow Brexiteer and another likely to stand to succeed Theresa May would not be drawn, while others said they would support Tory candidates who stood.

And the Guardian suggests other Tories could boycott the campaign.

Conservative MPs have suggested they could boycott campaigning in the European elections and instruct local parties not to take part, with some saying they would fear for the safety of their activists.
Theresa May has said she does not want to fight the elections on 23 May, with No 10 sources suggesting the UK could pull out of holding the vote just 24 hours before the polls open as long as a Brexit deal was passed.
However, Conservative MPs and activists remain furious about the prospect of campaigning, especially given many were already experiencing a backlash when canvassing in local elections.

The Brexit Party

Nigel’s new party was launched yesterday, reports the Times.

Nigel Farage unveiled his new Brexit Party yesterday, announcing that Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister would be a European election candidate after she quit the Tories.
Annunziata Rees-Mogg, 40, told the party’s launch in Coventry that she had been a Tory since 1984 when, too young for the Young Conservatives, she had managed to sign up to the party itself. She had now decided to defect because Brexit was a “fight we must win”.

The Mail reports his latest candidate.

Nigel Farage launched his new Brexit Party and announced Jacob Rees-Mogg’s sister Annunziata as his first star MEP candidate – after she quit the Tories after 35 years today.
The former UKIP leader has vowed to take votes from the ‘tarnished’ party he left in December and started a new war of words with successor Gerard Batten by claiming he lacks ‘good people’ and has allowed a ‘take over’ by the far right.

The BBC reports his proposed revolution.

Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage has launched his new Brexit Party, saying he wants a “democratic revolution” in UK politics.
Speaking in Coventry, he said May’s expected European elections were the party’s “first step” but its “first task” was to “change politics”.
“I said that if I did come back into the political fray it would be no more Mr Nice Guy and I mean it,” he said.
But UKIP dismissed the Brexit Party as a “vehicle” for Mr Farage.

But apparently Nigel forgot to register a website in the party’s name, says the Independent

Anti-Brexit campaigners have seized a website domain for Nigel Farage’s new party in a bid to disrupt his European election campaign.
The Led By Donkeys group claimed that the former Ukip leader forgot to register the URL for the Brexit Party before its launch.
The group has now set up its own page at with the banner “No Brexit Party – Nigel Farage Doesn’t Represent Britain”.
It features a series of Led By Donkeys’ tweets about their use of political billboards to taunt Mr Farage and the March to Leave from Sunderland to London.


‘Hole in the wall’ machines could charge for withdrawals, says the Mail.

The firm behind a fifth of the country’s free cash machines is to start charging customers nearly £1 a time to take their money out.
Notemachine will charge for many of its 10,500 devices following changes to how the ATMs are funded.
The new fee will deal a brutal blow to the elderly, families and small businesses – with the axe likely to fall hardest in rural and suburban areas.


Cases of diabetes are soaring, says the Mail.

More than a quarter of beds in some hospitals are filled by patients with diabetes, shocking NHS figures reveal.
In a major hospital trust in Manchester, nearly a third of patients on wards had the condition. A London hospital said 27 per cent of beds were occupied by diabetes patients.
Five other trusts across England said patients with the illness accounted for at least a quarter of beds at any one time.
The NHS Digital figures expose the impact that diabetes – which costs taxpayers £14 billion a year – is having on the creaking Health Service, with experts saying it is the ‘biggest health crisis of our time’.

And the Times reports the increase in drug resistance.

The rise of drug-resistant fungi is putting cancer, HIV and organ transplant patients at risk, experts have warned.
This week Public Health England said it would be issuing fresh guidance to hospitals on how to deal with outbreaks of Candida auris, a deadly fungus that appears to thrive in healthcare settings. First recorded in 2009 when it was found in the ear of a 70-year-old woman in Japan, the organism is resistant to many antifungal drugs and has proved able to develop new ways of resisting treatment within weeks.

The Mail reports the bug on our food.

Superbug versions of Britain’s most common form of food poisoning have been found on fresh chicken sold in supermarkets across the country.
Campylobacter is found at low levels on more than half of the chicken sold by major retailers, which can spread to humans through handling and a failure to cook the birds thoroughly.
The bug is responsible for an estimated 500,000 cases of illness in the UK a year with most of the cases thought to be linked to contaminated food.

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