Some are pushing for a GE and the E.U. and it’s Quislings hope that BJ will call one, just as TM did.  But as seen from 2017, GE voting patterns are different from those in a Referendum or an E.U. Election.

5.8m voted to give the Brexit Party 29 MEPs. They and the 6.7m who voted for other MEPS, were much lower in number than the 17.4m and 16.1m who voted in 2016 to leave the E.U. 

Trying to project a GE outcome based on the info available, would be speculative, without even knowing turnout %, when some may be too disillusioned to turn out.

Also in a GE Lab Brexiteers are likely to vote for a Lab remainer, rather than see a Tory elected (Brexiteer or not) and they may be swayed by Corbyn’s promise to spend more of other people’s money. 

That could well lead to a Hung Parliament, with Lab/Lib/SNP coalition, led by Corbyn or Starmer (EU Quislings) followed by another referendum – with loaded questions.

Thus NOT leaving on WTO terms on 31/10 would be a very high risk strategy and the E.U. will be only too ready to agree a further extension – if a GE is proposed.

So it is vital that BJ does NOT ask for another Article 50 extension and we need to go WTO by default. 

Boris’ theme song could well be “It’s now or never.

Respectfully, Mr King


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Hammond’s negative view of no-deal Brexit is pure silliness: it could boost our economy by £80bn (see this article in the DT). Assumptions fed into the Treasury model, which range from the absurd to the merely dubious. 

The most egregious is the failure to include the annual savings from no longer paying the £20 billion annual gross budget contribution to the EU. This omission tells you all you need to know about the Treasury’s pessimistic mindset.

It also fails to account for the likely impact of a Eurozone crash, the cost of compliance with E.U. regulations, or the loss of revenue due to tax avoidance – facilitated by E.U. free movement of capital.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Sir, a little poem for your readers:


One early April Friday on the ward

White, surgical and silent

One amber lamp and

Blankets piled like snowdrifts.


She sits alone in starched cuffs

And a butterfly hat

The window-frame makes a cross

Loud gulls blow in from the sea.


Then barking NCO’s

The punishment detail

And the metronomical lash


Three fishermen and 

Martha the serving maid in her butterfly hat

Prepares a tray:


“Don’t talk to me like that,

I never knew him!” 


Respectfully, Rev Peter Mullen


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I was incensed when I read this report in The Express according to which these “Extinction Rebels”, blocking streets in Bristol, prevented a caller to Bristol Radio from seeing his dying father in hospital. The response of one of those protestors was utterly disgusting. She basically said that they were sorry about this but … “if ‘politicians’ were listening to their protests then this would not need to have happened.”

The callousness of these protestors is beyond belief. Worse is that, as we’ve heard, they are getting oodles of money from US ‘philanthropists’, according to this article.

I can’t be the only one who is getting fed up with the hypocrisy in our media who bleat about allegedly ‘illegal’ donations to Brexit groups while generously overlooking the huge sums of money given by foreign ‘philanthropists’ not only to Remainers – Gina Miller is a fine example – but to these so-called environmentalist disrupting our daily lives.

Right now it was one person who was prevented from seeing his dying father. What will they, what will these ‘philanthropists’, what will the MSM say if someone dies on the way to hospital because of those blockades? Will they say, in good stalinist fashion, that one can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs? What mind must one have to assume that one has the right to ‘break eggs’, i.e. disrupt and perhaps destroy our lives, and we just have to take it? 

Respectfully, Felicia Catto


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