Apparently it is illegal for the Prime Minister to seek to avoid scrutiny of his efforts to obtain some sort of deal with the EU. However, it is not illegal for the main political parties to run for election on manifestos which they have no intention of honouring.

The Fixed Term Parliament Act prevents the – – nominal – – government from cutting and running by appealing once more to the electorate, which anyway they would do, no doubt, with more promises which would be discarded once the election was over. 

I’ve been delivering The Brexiteer around my local villages and several residents have told me that it’s not worth voting. I tell them that yes, it is, but only if they vote to punish those who have betrayed their residents , their country and their honour. 

May I offer the same advice to your readers? Vote to punish. Vote to chastise. Vote to teach the political class that we are the masters.

Enough is enough. 

Respectfully, Julian Flood


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The DT reported (14/09/19) that the PM won’t entertain a Tory/Brexit Party pact. That will be music to the ears of those working towards a Lib/Lab/SNP coalition, which would lead to another referendum.Since most Labour Leave voters will be unable to hold their noses, long enough to vote for even for a Brexiteer Tory, the PM would be conceding little by handing Labour held Brexit voting constituencies, to the Brexit Party.

It is not rocket science and this is surely the time not to gamble on current opinion polls (as Mrs May did) – splitting the Brexit vote in the process – but to put your country first. So please think again Boris and don’t just do what your adviser says.

“Boris Johnson has insisted there will be no election pact with Nigel Farage just days after Jacob Rees-Mogg said Brexiteers “owe him a great debt”. On Monday night, the Prime Minister said the Conservative Party will contest the election in every seat as he brushed off suggestions the Tories need the Brexit Party’s support in order to win.” (Quote from the DT)

But if BJ comes up with a new WAB trap, without a unilateral means of escape, then all Brexiteers are likely to support the BP.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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It is clear that Brexit Blocker MPs don’t want a General Election – until after they have humiliated the PM – by forcing him to accept another Article 50 extension. Then they think they will have a much better chance of a hung Parliament (with the Brexit vote split) with of a Lib/Lab/SNP coalition and another referendum. 

As the Attorney General declared, this “Parliament is a dead Parliament” and said “it has no moral right to sit on these green benches”. He accused the MPs of having blocked 17.4 million peoples’ votes before telling the House: “This Parliament is a disgrace”. Mr Cox accused the MPs of cowardice as he said they could call a vote of no confidence at any time. “They could agree to a motion to allow this House to dissolve but they are too cowardly,” he said.

Note that: he did not believe that any prorogation “in the last 50 to 100 years … would have survived the Supreme Court’s ruling.”

Yes, read that again.

Respectfully, Mr King


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