Bringing forward the ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 to 2035 is intended to burnish the PM’s green credentials – ahead of this year’s UN climate summit. 

It ignores the enormous expense of upgrading our national and domestic infrastructure, needed to support the use of electric vehicles. 

It neglects the fact that the national grid (used to charge vehicle batteries) will have a high dependency on CO2 emitting fossil fuelled power stations for a long time yet. 

The U.K. has already reduced its CO2 emissions at a faster rate than most other developed countries and it currently emits less than 2% of global emissions. 

U.K. Industrial electricity prices have increased by more than 160 per cent since 2004 and are increasingly un-competitive. 

If the U.K. consumer now has to shoulder even more cost, then even more companies (and jobs) will go to China, India and the like, thereby increasing global CO2 emissions while putting more UK citizens into fuel poverty. 

It would be more intelligent to accelerate the development of CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage) for use by the biggest global emitters – rather than instal more solar and wind power, which only produce around 1% of U.K. maximum electricity demand on some winter days.

The PM is currying favour with the green lobby the PM at the expense of driving jobs abroad while raising fuel poverty, all for a very small reduction in our <2% of global CO2 emissions. That is not leadership.

Let’s not be lemmings – blindly following arbitrary targets – set by lemmings. Let’s instead understand the full impact of the proposed targets.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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The alarming prospect of Brexit leading to a hard border between Britain and Ireland must be disturbing to politicians in Dublin. As Professor Anthony Coughlan of Trinity College asks in his “The Reality of Brexit is Finally Hitting Home in Ireland”, do the “current generation of Irish politicians really want to be responsible for a new Partition of Ireland?” 

I say to Professor Coughlan that there is a solution to the vexed question of the hard border that lurks in the Protocol on Northern Ireland, known as the Backstop. A hard border between Ireland & Britain can be avoided, if British home rule ever is won back from Brussels & Whitehall. A hard border can be avoided, if the Irish Republic rejoins the rest of the British Isles. 

If the Irish join the Welsh, Scots and English at Westminster again it will lead to a united Ireland. The Protestants of Ulster will not fear rule from London as they fear rule from Dublin, and Northern Ireland and the Republic can merge and the border disappear. Ireland will be united again. A faction of Irish MPs in the House of Commons will have far more clout there than in the EU’s counterfeit Parliament. Not only because Ireland will have a larger portion of MPs in Westminster than in Brussels but also because the House of Commons in Westminster has constitutional power, unlike the simulated Parliament of the EU.

Ireland is part of the British Isles. Business in the Irish Republic has 88 billion euros invested in Britain, and only 3 billion euros in Germany. Britain has 58 billion euros invested in the Irish Republic, compared with Germany’s 5 billion euros. Ireland’s brightest future is with Great Britain, where so many people of Irish ancestry live and work, not with the European Union. 

Respectfully, Ralph Prothero. 


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Fishing for Leave furiously blasted what they say is a concerted effort by the Remain Campaign online and in the media to undermine taking back control of British fishing

Fishing for Leave cited the recurring meme that says British Fishermen SOLD Britain’s quota to the EU. Fishing for Leave blasted this as “total deliberate disinformation being recirculated by Remain to deliberately undermine taking back control of fishing”.

Alan Hastings of FFL explained:

“British fishermen DID NOT sell the 60% of quotas the EU robs directly to member states. The EU robbed this from Britain under EU Relative Stability shares! EU owned but UK registered ‘Flagships’ were then FORCED on the UK by the ECJ in the Factortame case! These EU ‘Flagships’ companies then bought into Britain’s measly share. Muscling out British family fishermen struggling with the initial loss of 60% of our resources under Relative Stability. Remain should be ashamed the EU deliberately engineered this asset stripping! Not peddling half a story to suit their agenda, whilst missing out the EUs guilt. Not shamefully crowing at British fishermen who were broken hearted at being left with little option but being forced to sell to EU companies as the British industry collapsed from EU robbery!”

Fishing for Leave said the government MUST take action on both Relative Stability shares and Flagships – which FFL warn are a serious back door that must be addressed in the Fisheries Bill.

To rectify what the campaign says is historic wrongs that will be an  “acid test” of Brexit the government MUST.;

  • Automatically take back control of our resources by NOT rolling over current Relative Stability shares when the CFP “ceases to apply” at the end of the Transition.
  • Reinstate Mrs Thatcher’s 1988 ‘Economic Link’ to ensure foreign owned Flagships behave as though genuinely British by delivering genuine economic benefit to their host country.

All UK vessels must be 60% British owned, 60% British crewed and land, sell AND process 60% of their catch in British ports.

Failure to do this will see all EU boats excluded from British waters slipping through the back door by re-registering as “British” as many are already looking to do. This Loophole MUST be closed by the Fisheries Bill!

Respectfully, Fishing For Leave


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