There always be those who accept the word of others.  If questions are posed then the answers are accepted as a given and if no answers are given, then that’s ok too.

The British are very good at doing as they are told.  Perhaps not as good as the Chinese but we know there is a good reason for that.  After all doing as one is told got this country through the Second World War.  We don’t argue the toss, but accept the orders. Ours is not to reason why.

We have had lots of practice at accepting the word of others.

We do not expect answers from our hard working politicians who need to get on with important matters of state.  Surely the biggest conspiracy theory is that our politicians are working on our behalf.  We are willing participants in our own oppression.  Why on earth would we make life hard when we can just roll over?  Abdicate your responsibilities; it’s easy.

Not only apathy but susceptibility may finally mark our fate.

There is good governance now, now that Boris is in charge.  Didn’t he allow HS2, didn’t he ‘do the right thing’ when Covid-19 first appeared, sending those poor people home from hospitals.  Didn’t he neglect the care homes and support the homeless refugees escaping torture, hunger, disease and strife, in war torn France.  Does he talk a good ‘fraudulent’ talk?

Fraud: “an intentional deception to deprive a person of a legal right”.

Politicians are continuously fraudulent, never mind the unlawful gain.  Yet we ignore the fraud.

Fraud unravels everything
Lord Denning – Lazarus v Beasley

We are compliant, and thus complicit in their fraud, especially when linked to health.  Compliance sounds easy and so rational.  ‘Yes’ is such a better word than ‘No’?  We live the lie.

Why do the British public struggle to assert themselves, to question and to challenge their ruling classes and make them accountable?

Is it through a lack of confidence, an inbred fear of the unknown, apathy, laziness or ignorance?  Is there a sense of duty, an escalation of commitment, an unswerving belief that we will survive.  We are good at constructing sophisticated excuses, a type of self-deception that mitigates our cognitive dissonance.  Do we cowardly avoid the risk of attracting unwanted attention?

There could be a number of reasons – perhaps we can blame the MSM for our lazy thinking.  If we were stronger willed and confident at challenging then wouldn’t our leaders also be stronger willed and confident, at lying?

We are compliant especially when told it is for our own good.  This laziness runs through us like Brighton in a stick of rock.

As members of the EU how can it take over 40 years to realise we were being lied to about the theft of our sovereignty and identity?

Because we lived the lie.

52/48 is not a huge majority, enough, but not huge, but then we were lied to about the consequences of voting to leave.  As the cliff edge dissolves and leaving looks brighter, have we learnt a lesson?

Between 1972 and 2016 the Conservative Party were in power for 26 years and for every one of those years they lied about the EU.  The Labour Party was no better, arguably worse, for the other 18 of those years.

These were not small lies, they were whoppers, continuous and treasonous.

But still people support these corrupt parties.

We find now that the EU was only the first part of a grand web of lies including the UN, their offshoot the WHO, and many more organisations, rotten at the centre.  A good example, under our noses, is the BBC.  Perhaps Brexit has moved forward the ‘agenda’, dangerously speeding up implementation of the master plan before the EU collapses and their opportunity for a global government is destroyed.

The question stands unanswered.

Why do the British public struggle to challenge the Establishment?

But then everything is provided for.  Our wonderful NHS, with lots of spare capacity, is still there to worship.

The lies continue.  Take hydroxychloroquine, a medicine that is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system and in use for over 60 years.  Now that it challenges the panic pandemic it is dangerous.

There is a lack of talk about the numbers of empty hospital beds, the fact that Covid-19 was removed from the status of ‘high consequence infectious disease’ four days before the UK lockdown.  The low mortality rate, not just here, but in the entire world.  Sweden’s mortality rate for Covid-19 is lower than France, Italy, Spain and the UK, without lockdown.

With so many ‘experts’ disagreeing about various aspects of this disease there is little chance for ordinary people to understand events.

What can be agreed on is that there is ignorance or a cover up, or more cynically a hidden agenda.  Could it be a mixture of all three with opportunism added?

The phoney war is almost over but as the thousands of neglected, frightened, sick and wounded, trail in for treatment, Covid-19 carriers of course, the real war, that for our liberty and freedom is underway.

The mantra of Stay Home, Stay Alert and Stay Safe grows thin.

Social distancing is not healthy, latex gloves and face masks are not healthy and lack of human contact is not healthy.  Our children are at risk.  Not to be inquisitive, suspicious or concerned about the conflict of evidence unravelling before us, is unhealthy.

But then living a lie is unhealthy too.

Are we being cheated out of our very nature?  Is this an experiment in epigenetics, another battle we will have to fight?

We are living a lie that will cost us our liberty and humanity if we do not stop.

But there is always hope.  There is a train, and it is coming to England.

The word is… ‘Join hands’ and get on it.

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