Article 16

BORIS Johnson has been urged to trigger a safeguard clause in the Brexit deal governing trade with Northern Ireland.
UK and EU officials are currently undergoing negotiations to resolve the implementation of the Northern Ireland protocol which has placed trading restrictions on certain goods arriving from the UK. A resolution is yet to be reached between both sides and now Iain Duncan Smith has urged Mr Johnson to trigger Article 16.
Triggering Article 16, part of the Northern Ireland protocol of Britain’s EU divorce deal, would mark a major escalation of the dispute and could lead to significant retaliatory measures.
Article 16 allows either side to unilaterally seek to dispense with some of the terms if they are proving unexpectedly harmful, but not for either side to scrap the protocol entirely.
The former Tory leader, said: “Lord Frost has worked very hard to find a way forward with the EU, and he should be praised for his efforts.

EU army

CHARLES MICHEL has branded 2022 the year of “European defence” as clamour grows for an EU army.
The European Council President spoke amid worries about Europe’s ability to defend itself as America increasingly moves its focus towards China. This was only increased after the West’s calamitous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August.
Speaking at the annual Charlemagne Prize event – which celebrates European Unity – the top Eurocrat said: “We want less dependency.
“We want more influence, because we have values to promote — they are strong as we just said — interests to defend, and citizens to protect.
“Our greater autonomy must be based on two strategic pillars — social economic development and security. The first pillar is economic and social.
“The second pillar is that of our security.


Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have struck a secret deal to cut taxes before the next general election in exchange for spending restraint now.
In a breakthrough in the troubled relations between the prime minister and chancellor, Johnson has accepted the government must be fiscally responsible to build up a war chest.
The prime minister agreed that new spending in this autumn’s spending review, published this month, must be matched by cuts elsewhere or tax rises to pay for it, rather than letting government borrowing rise further.
Details of the private pact come on the eve of the Tory party conference in Manchester, where cabinet ministers will outline fresh details of how taxpayers’ money will be spent.

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France will pressure Brussels to take a tougher line against the UK in negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol as it escalates its row with Britain over fishing after Brexit.
Paris is determined to secure the support of EU allies against the UK in the re-ignited row over post Brexit fishing licences for small boats.
It wants the European Commission to trigger punitive measures in the fishing agreement that would hit UK fish exports with trade tariffs and could ultimately shut Britain out of the EU energy market.
French diplomats have already begun ratcheting up the pressure in meetings with envoys from the other 26 member states held on Friday in Brussels.
On Thursday, Maritime Minister Annick Girardin called for a joint European front against the British, who she accused of breaching their Brexit commitments.

Labour Party

Three Labour MPs are considering defecting to the Conservatives because they have become disillusioned with Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership, The Mail on Sunday understands.
The MPs decided during last week’s Labour conference in Brighton to ‘open lines of communication’ with Tory whips about switching parties.
They are understood to be in despair at Sir Keir’s failure to make inroads into Boris Johnson‘s opinion poll lead – as well as Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner branding the Conservatives as ‘racist’ and ‘scum’.
A Labour MP has not ‘crossed the floor’ to join the Tory Party since Reg Prentice defected in 1977.
And last night party insiders conceded it would be a massive blow to Sir Keir’s already beleaguered leadership.
It also comes against the backdrop of traditional Labour voters ditching their life-long party allegiance at the 2019 General Election to vote Tory in what was Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ of seats in the North and Midlands.
Ironically, the defection threat emerged after Sir Keir’s camp won plaudits for ‘banishing the Left’ at last week’s conference and returning the party to a New Labour-style drive for power.
His inner circle was also jubilant that ‘for the first time in a decade’ the party conference had cheered and applauded the achievements of the Blair/Brown era when Sir Keir set them out in his conference speech.
In internal party rule changes agreed last week, he was also credited with ensuring that an arch Left-winger like Jeremy Corbyn could never again get on the party leadership ballot paper.

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Greedy garage bosses were charging almost £3 for a litre of petrol yesterday amid warnings that the fuel crisis is worsening in London and the South East.
Motorists are being told prices could rise by up to 5p a litre this week as industry chiefs claimed the situation is getting worse in London and parts of the South East.
With Army personnel poised to start delivering fuel, The Mail on Sunday discovered one Gulf petrol station in West London charging £2.93 per litre for Super Unleaded – a staggering 47 per cent more than its normal price of £1.98.
Figures compiled by the FairFuelUK campaign group indicated that the average national price of a litre of petrol now stands at 141.9p, which is up from 136.5p.
Meanwhile, diesel drivers are now paying 145.5p rather than the usual 139.2p.
FairFuelUK’s Howard Cox said that pump prices were likely to increase by between 3p and 5p next week – and accused ‘opportunistic’ petrol stations of profiteering.
‘We want fair prices for consumers,’ Mr Cox said, ‘but right now Britain’s motorists are being ripped off under the smokescreen of the chaos.
‘Hardworking people are simply being fleeced.’

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TOP tory bigwigs have rallied together to make the case for a stronger United Kingdom as the SNP ramps up their campaign for separation.
Former Prime Minister Theresa May, alongside Lord Hague and Michael Gove, has highlighted how the UK is better together ahead of the Conservative party conference. In a landmark collection of essays, titled the ‘Strength of the Union’, the politicians argue why the Government is right to fight to keep the UK together.
Mrs May claimed the SNP is “singularly focused” on “separating Scotland from its historic and social hinterland”.
In her essay, the former UK Prime Minister warned Scottish independence would be an “irrevocable change” and a step into an “uncertain future”.
She claimed a recent surge in support for Scottish independence was based on identity and a desire for “greater respect and recognition”.
Mrs May also said Unionists should be showing Scottish nationalist supporters the benefits of being part of the Union.
She added: “We should be showing them the benefits of being part of the Union.

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Draconian Covid-19 travel restrictions are to be lifted on dozens of major overseas destinations within days, as Boris Johnson prepares to announce plans to bring society and the economy back to “normality” following the worst of the pandemic.
The Telegraph understands that the 54 countries on the Government’s “red list” will be slashed to as few as nine this week – with South Africa, Brazil and Mexico all expected to be opened up to quarantine-free travel in time for the October half-term break.
Cape Verde and Indonesia are also due to be struck off the red list – which requires travellers to quarantine in designated hotels.
Thailand could also become a quarantine-free destination, but was said to be a “more marginal call”.
The changes, which will allow fully vaccinated travellers to visit each of the countries without having to self-isolate on their return, are expected to be announced on Thursday following a review of the current list.

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Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion activists have barricaded an airport entrance with a limousine to protest against “super-rich celebrities and oligarchs” taking private jets.
The anti-climate change group targeted Farnborough Airport in Hampshire to raise awareness of the emissions caused by private flights.
Activists blocked three entrances to the airport to show their anger towards what they claim is a “wanton level of pollution”.
One set of protesters parked a stretch limousine outside an access point, with the driver locked to the steering wheel to make the car harder to remove.
A man dressed as a pilot, with a skeleton on his cap, stood next to the vehicle holding a sign which read: “1% of people cause 50% of aviation emissions”.
An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: “As world leaders gather for the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow this month, most of whom will be travelling by private flight to attend, protestors are calling on the world’s super-rich elite of celebrities, oligarchs and business leaders to ditch private flights.

The Mail also has the story.

Vaccine passport

Official NHS passes used to prove double-jabbed status are being sold on an encrypted messaging app to people who refuse to be vaccinated, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.
The certificates – which are uploaded on to the NHS‘s mobile phone app – should only be available to those who have been fully inoculated.
They can be used for foreign travel and to gain access to nightclubs, stadiums and other venues for big events. They will also be used to ensure that care home staff have been fully vaccinated when it becomes mandatory next month.
But our investigation exposes the fraudsters who are selling genuine passes for up to £750 each on the messaging app Telegram to people who won’t have the jab.
An undercover reporter bought an NHS vaccine pass, including a unique digital QR code, on behalf of someone who has not yet been vaccinated. It was uploaded on to the official NHS app four days after the order was taken.
After verifying the pass was genuine, the QR code was used to gain access to a nightclub in London and the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was also used to successfully fill in the Government’s passenger locator form, which is intended to protect Britain’s borders by ensuring that those entering the UK have been double-jabbed.
After being alerted by the MoS, NHS England said it had launched an investigation and had passed our dossier of evidence to the relevant authorities.
The exposure of a black market in vaccine passes will be of particular concern to elderly care home residents and their relatives. In order to maximise the safety of those they care for, employees who work with elderly people will have to prove they have been fully inoculated by November 11.
But to the growing annoyance of Ministers, an estimated 42,000 – or eight per cent of the care home workforce – are expected to miss the deadline.

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