I have been moved to write once again to my MP.  This time in protest about the Vaccine Passport proposals for which they are endeavouring to muster support by yet another ‘consultation’.  As she is a ‘Madam MInister’ I doubt she will vote against the proposal.  But at least my protest will have been made (and hopefully logged).

Here’s the letter:

Dear Ms Whately

I have filled in my response to (yet another!) consultation on Vaccine Passports (due to close on 11th October 2021.

This is the third time I have responded to a consultation on Vaccine Passports.  My answers remain always the same.  Such a device would be an abomination.  It would create and confirm a divided society – separating the politically correct ‘clean’ from the politically ‘beyond the pale unclean’.  And yet the incidence of COVID arising amongst those who have been ‘double vaccinated’ is very high indeed! 

This abomination is proposed because of the incidence of a virus that has proved to be no more virulent that a ‘bad ‘flu year’ and has (similarly to such ‘flu years) affected mostly the very old and infirm and those with serious underlying health concerns!  Others in the population have normally recovered with bed rest, fluids and paracetamol based medications.

To suggest ‘vaccination’ of children is heinous and unacceptable.  Children have developing immune systems.  They are not yet fully matured human beings.  The proposal to ‘jab’ them with an experimental MRNA gene modifying substance is indefensible.  The likelihood of adverse reactions particularly in the  case of heart damage is unacceptably high.  Government should desist from this proposal (which has not been given full and unqualified approval by JCVI) forthwith!

Figures and statistical reports are now coming to light that question the way in which the COVID virus was handled.  The undue doomsday significance that was attributed to it being to look very tenuous.  Additionally, the way in which the elderly were treated and the questionably large usage of Midazolam begins to look very serious indeed!

To introduce such a device as Vaccine Passports into Britain (supposedly the Mother of Democracy and Land of the Free!) would put the country into the same classification as the old “Iron Curtain” lands whose treatment of their citizens raised such anger and disdain from the then ‘enlightened’ Western Civilisations!

Questions are indisputably being asked as to why the government is so hell-bent on the introduction of such documentation (and such questions are rightly asked indeed)!  The maintenance of high numbers of PCR tests which produces the attribution of ‘cases’ from so-called ‘positive’ results (however tenuous) has been under the spotlight for some time now.  The figures make no distinction between ‘positive results’ that do not lead to serious illness as opposed to ‘real cases’ that do ultimately need hospital treatment.  Similarly, information regarding hospitalisation figures where there might only be a short visit and consultation leading to early discharge as opposed to ‘cases’ that ultimately result on hospital bed stays is not openly published.

The inference being drawn is that government has an ‘agenda’ to bring in full ‘Identification Papers’ under the guise of protecting the community from a COVID virus (that appears now to be in retreat with reducing severity).  The Social Credit system operated by China appears to hold some attraction for the government.  For a ‘Conservative’ government to be adopting a policy that is more readily associated with Marxist dogma there can be no acceptable explanation!

I therefore, wish you to vote against this Vaccine Passport proposal in the House next week.

I noted that at the end of the ‘consultation’ form there was a message that implied that one could review and print ones submissions.  I (and many others who have commented on their experience of completing this consultation form) find that this is not proving possible to achieve!  Could it be that some submissions are more equal (and therefore acceptable!) than others?  Do submissions that do not align themselves with the government wishes get sidelined or find their way into the ‘glory hole’?

Your comments will be read with interest

Yours truly etc …”

This consultation is still open – some of you have already submitted their comments. I hope this will encourage other readers to put pen to paper as well.

Respectfully, Frederica

~~~   ***   ~~~

Ed: here’s the link to that government consultation for those who’ve not seen it yet: 


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