I wrote the letter below a week ago, but the Parliament’s petitions committee is still pontificating it, despite their advertised timeline having come and gone, and more. The purpose of the petition was to gather a lot of signatures and thus send a message to MPs before their vote on 12 March, lest they betray us by approving May’s “Withdrawal” Agreement. I don’t expect there is much of a chance that they would actually implement what the petition is asking for, since turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, nor do the guilty put their own heads in the hangman’s noose voluntarily. Perhaps this fact has not escaped the members of the Petitions Committee, who are almost all Remainers, either. While we wait for the Petitions committee to pontificate on the two line text of the petition, your readers may, if they so wish, support the petition at this link:

or they may wish to write to the members of the Committee encouraging them to publish the petition:

Helen Jones (Labour Remainer, Chair)

Liz Twist (Labour Remainer)

Daniel Zeichner (Labour Remainer)

Mike Hill (Labour Remainer)

Catherine McKinnell (Labour Remainer)

Martyn Day (SNP Remainer)

Michelle Donelan (Conservative Remainer)

Luke Hall (Conservative Remainer)

Steve Double (Conservative Brexiteer)

Damien Moore (Conservative Brexiteer)

Paul Scully (Conservative Brexiteer)

It took Theresa May more than 2 years to reveal how she intends to betray the will of the people expressed in the 2016 referendum. On 12, 13 and 14 March, we will see three votes in parliament: a vote to again consider approving Theresa May’s “deal”, then a vote to rule out Brexit on the default terms (i.e. let’s get out and agree what we have to afterwards), then a vote to extend Article 50.

Everything up to now has been smoke and mirrors – the real political manoeuvres start now. May has deliberately left it this late so that Parliament’s back is to the wall. The threat of extending Article 50 – and, by implication, cancelling Brexit – and not leaving time for anything else is meant to exert maximum pressure on pro-Brexit MPs to cave in and support May’s “deal”. Of the three outcomes, this is by far the worst one. Her misnamed “Withdrawal Agreement” is in fact nothing of the kind. It is the very opposite – total integration of the UK into the EU, but as vassal state, having to continue following all the rules, but not a full member with any ability to influence their making.

Currently, the UK has the ability to invoke article 50 and leave unilaterally. Under May’s “Withdrawal Agreement”, the UK can only leave with the consent (permission) of the EU. While no parliament can bind its successor, international treaties bind not just the Parliament, but the Crown and the country as a whole, in perpetuity, unless terminated in accordance with the terms of the treaty. Were a subsequent, non-treasonous Parliament to attempt to withdraw unilaterally, it would be breaking international law, which could be followed e.g. by Spain deciding to do the same and unilaterally cease respecting the Treaty of Utrecht and grab Gibraltar; the EU would be totally entitled to send in the European Army or the Eurogendarmerie to enforce the treaty, “preserve the unity of the union” and “stop a rebellion in a renegade province with secessionist tendencies”.

This agreement means real, permanent vassalage, which the EU might or might not allow us to get out of, but if they do, it will surely come at a huge cost. We could survive an extension of Article 50, as it would only rile the voters more, resulting in more pressure on the elites to honour the referendum. We could even survive a second referendum, although the establishment would be sure to try to set the question so that all possible answers were “Remain”.

So what is anyone doing to try to prevent this travesty – in my opinion, treason? And what can we do? In my opinion, the work we can do must be done before March 12th, because if the country is signed away into vassalage, it will be too late to do anything. We must put pressure on the MPs to do the right thing and to know that there will be hell to pay if they don’t.

Unfortunately, UKIP appears to have gone to sleep. The only correspondence we get from them now are begging letters asking for money so they can fund UKIP MEPs to be re-elected back to their troughs. Now why would I want to support that if these people seem to be doing absolutely nothing right now to prevent such an election from taking place at all, fighting tooth and nail to save Brexit?

Nigel Farage is organizing a march – I hope this will be supported in large number and have an effect.

I have started a petition on the Parliament’s petition web site which reads as follows:

“My petition:

Make defying the will of the people in a referendum expressly treason.

In 2016, a referendum was held in Britain. Since then, politicians and civil servants of all colours have been doing their best to subvert the will of the people thereby expressed and sell the country into vassalage to a foreign power. I believe this is treason. The law should say so expressly.

I am asking the Parliament to enact legislation which will make denying, defying, obstructing, subverting or sabotaging in any way the will of the people as expressed in a referendum expressly treasonous on a statutory basis.”

The petition can be signed here: Please sign it and spread the word. The MPs will not do what it asks for, of course, but if we get a lot of people to sign it, it will send a strong message.

Also, please write to your MP and tell them in no uncertain terms how strongly you feel about them honouring the will of the people and how you will never forgive or forget if they betray it and the country.


Dr Tomaž Slivnik

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