Article 16 

LORD David Frost has thrown down the gauntlet to the European Union and warned the UK is ready to trigger emergency legislation if the bloc does not budge in Brexit talks.
The Brexit Minister launched a sensational attack on the EU’s rigid position on the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol, which was created to prevent a hard border. Speaking this evening, Lord Frost handed the EU an ultimatum and warned the bloc would be making a “significant mistake” if it believes the UK Government will not trigger Article 16 of the Protocol. He told the House of Lords, this could only be avoided if there was “real negotiation” between the two sides.
Lord Frost said: “They would be making a significant mistake if they thought that we were not ready to use Article 16 safeguards, if that were to be the only apparent way forward to deal with the situation in front of us.
If we are to avoid this situation, there needs to be a real negotiation between us and the EU.”
Article 16 of the Protocol can be activated by either side to dispense with its terms if they are proving unexpectedly harmful.
The UK has called for a renegotiation of the Protocol, which ties Northern Ireland to the EU single market, as it has caused disruption on goods moving to and from Great Britain. 

Further details in the Mail 


MARAUDING EU supertrawlers are continuing to plunder UK waters despite Boris Johnson’s pledge to ban vessels which he earlier this year claimed were “hoovering up” fish, environmental campaigners have pointed out.
And the Prime Minister has once again been urged to make good on his pledge to take back control of UK waters after Brexit, with one furious fisherman warning: “We can’t compete.” Neil Whitney, a local fisherman who operates in waters of the south coast of Britain, joined Greenpeace activists at sea in a protest against the Maartje Theodora, a German-flagged and Dutch-owned 140.8m long supertrawler which spent at least 243 hours fishing in UK protected areas in 2020.
They displayed a banner reading “This is a marine protected area” in front of the supertrawler and shadowed it out of the Offshore Brighton Marine Protected Area (MPA). 

Illegal immigrants 

Jet skis have been seen in the Channel apparently rehearsing how to shepherd small boats back towards France in a bid to stop migrants reaching the UK.
A clip shows three jet skis surrounding an inflatable dinghy before one rides alongside the boat, seemingly in an effort to turn it around.
Introducing the footage on GB News, former politician Nigel Farage said the dinghy had 20 volunteers inside, and claimed the exercise showed Border Force were trialling a way to turn boats back to France.
Mr Farage described the video as having been taken by ‘one of my spies on the Kent coast’ on Monday morning.  
The channel’s Home Affairs & Security Editor, Mark White, agreed with Farage, saying the clip ‘does show that Priti Patel appears to be serious, at least in trying to implement this turn back policy in a limited fashion’.  

The Times also has the story. 

FROM the air, the sheer scale of Dover’s dinghy graveyard is staggering.
Hundreds of discarded vessels that have ferried migrants across the English Channel lie stacked on a patch of industrial ground.
It’s the end point of a lucrative — and deadly — supply chain that today The Sun can reveal stretches 5,000 miles away to the factories of China, via GERMANY.
Last week we told how France has banned the sale of inflatables and kayaks from Channel ports in an attempt to stem the crossings.
But peering through the wire fence at the Dover storehouse, the name stamp on one dinghy revealed the flourishing boat supply line has a German source. 

Twelve bishops at the increasingly woke Church of England have penned an open letter to the government urging them not to turn back illegal migrant boats coming from safe, EU member-state France, published by the leftist Guardian.
The 12 senior clergymen, who described themselves as “bishops within the Church of England with a particular oversight of asylum and refugee issues” — a focus that comes amid the institution currently experiencing a collapse in church attendance and belief — said they were “deeply concerned about the government’s approach to migrant crossings of the Channel.”
The Bishop of Bristol, Bishop of Chelmsford, Bishop of Croydon, Bishop of Bradwell, Bishop of Dover, Bishop of Durham, Bishop of Gloucester, Bishop of London, Bishop of Manchester, Bishop of Southwark, Bishop of Wakefield, and the Right Reverend David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop in Europe, claimed that the “new ‘turn back’ policy, which will see boats forcibly returned to France… raises significant moral concerns,” arguing it “starkly increases the risks at sea and endangers the lives of those attempting the crossing.” 

Northern Ireland 

BORIS Johnson must stop Brussels from taking the credit for a new scheme aimed at ensuring peace in Northern Ireland by withholding a proposed payment of £730million if necessary, a scathing new report has argued.
The damning assessment was published on the website of pro-Brexit think-tank Facts4EU in the wake of the visit to Belfast of European Commissioner Maros Sefcovic last week, with the EU and UK still deadlocked on the subject of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol aimed at preventing a hard border on the island of Ireland. In one speech at Queen’s University, Mr Sefcovic said: “The EU has an unshakeable commitment to the people of Northern Ireland to ensure that the peace, stability and prosperity they have enjoyed over the last 20 plus years is preserved. After all, the EU is a peace project itself.”
He added: “We will therefore continue to support the PEACE+ programme, together with the UK and the Irish government, to the tune of around 1 billion euros.
“This financial support will be all the more important as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Supreme Court 

BORIS JOHNSON’s plans to strip the Supreme Court of powers following the 2019 Brexit row over the prorogation of Parliament took a huge leap forward after clearing the Commons.
The Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill was voted through its final stage of the Commons by 312 to 55. It repeals the Fixed Term Act introduced by the coalition Government in 2011, returning power to call an election to the Prime Minister.
Clipping the wings of the Supreme Court, the Bill also seeks to rule out judicial intervention.
The Bill makes it explicitly clear the decision to call an election could not be challenged in the courts. 


Laser weapons are to be trialled by the British Army and Royal Navy for the first time, a defence minister is to announce, with a new generation of high-tech battlefield lasers potentially in service within a decade.
Speaking on the first day of a defence trade show in London, the minister for defence procurement will say on Tuesday that an extra £72.5 million has been made available for the MoD’s “novel weapons programme”, The Telegraph understands.
Trials will take place in 2023 of laser and radio frequency weapons mounted on a Type-23 frigate and a Wolfhound vehicle, Jeremy Quin will say. Full capabilities are expected to be in service within 10 years.
Launching the novel weapons programme in 2019, Penny Mordaunt, then-defence secretary, said such technologies “have the potential to revolutionise the battlefield by offering powerful and cost-effective weapons systems to our Armed Forces.
“This significant investment demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our Armed Forces operate at the forefront of military technology,” she said. 


The NHS in England is short of around 50,000 doctors ahead of what is set to be one of the worst winters on record, the British Medical Association has said.
The BMA warned that the number had fallen behind comparable European Union countries, with 2.8 doctors per 1,000 people compared to an EU average of 3.7.
Its research at the start of the summer showed that meeting this average would require scaling up the medical workforce by an additional 31 per cent – or a further 49,162 full-time equivalent (FTE) doctors. 
The latest data showed falling primary and secondary care doctor numbers pushing the shortage up to 50,191 FTE doctors, it added.  

More details are in the Telegraph 


Boris Johnson will on Tuesday declare that Britain can “live with the virus”, as he sets out plans for a winter without lockdowns despite concerns over mounting pressure on the NHS and schools, saying that such measures will only be used “as a last resort”.
The prime minister’s claim comes just a day after chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned of a difficult winter for the health service along with disruption to education, and said that “anybody who believes that the big risk of Covid is now all in the past … has not understood where we’re going”.
Public health experts responded with horror to the message that is to be sent out by the PM in his winter plan for coronavirus. The plan will include the rollout of single-dose vaccinations for 12- to 15-year-olds, alongside booster jabs for older people – probably from 50 years of age – but will also state that mitigation measures, such as mandatory masks, Covid passes and new lockdowns, are being kept “in reserve” for use only in the event of a sharp new spike in cases. 


All over-50s in the UK will be offered a booster jab by Christmas as part of the Government’s plan to keep Covid under wraps this winter – with Boris Johnson warning: ‘The pandemic is far from over’.
Ministers are later expected to announce plans for a UK-wide booster jab programme  – a scheme they hope will be the key line of defence in preventing a national lockdown this winter.
Over-50s will be offered a Pfizer/BioNTech jab at least six months after they received their second dose of the vaccine under the scheme, according to the BBC.
As part of the wider winter plan, compulsory masks, working from home and some social distancing could also be reintroduced, but only if the NHS is under threat from Covid.
Vaccine passports will be retained as an option, just 48 hours after Health Secretary Sajid Javid said they would ‘not be going ahead’. 
No 10 even refused to rule out another lockdown, saying draconian measures may be needed ‘as a last resort’.  

Other media covering the story include Telegraph, Mirror, Times, Evening Standard, ITV News, BBC News, Breitbart, GB News 


The global pipeline of new coal power plants has collapsed since the 2015 Paris climate agreement, according to research that suggests the end of the polluting energy source is in sight.
The report found that more than three-quarters of the world’s planned plants have been scrapped since the climate deal was signed, meaning 44 countries no longer have any future coal power plans.
The climate groups behind the report – E3G, Global Energy Monitor and Ember – said those countries now have the opportunity to join the 40 countries that have already signed up to a “no new coal” commitment to help tackle global carbon emissions.
“Only five years ago, there were so many new coal power plants planned to be built, but most of these have now been either officially halted, or are paused and unlikely to ever be built,” said Dave Jones, from Ember.
“Multiple countries can add their voices to a snowball of public commitments to ‘no new coal’, collectively delivering a key milestone to sealing coal’s fate.” 

Assisted dying  

Medics are being urged to drop their opposition to assisted dying before a landmark vote on the issue by Britain’s biggest doctors’ union.
As its members prepare to debate the issue at their annual representative meeting on Tuesday, the British Medical Association (BMA), which represents 150,000 doctors, is facing calls to adopt a neutral stance. It has opposed legalising assisted dying since 2006.
In an open letter shared with the Guardian more than 100 leading medics publicly urge the union to end its opposition.
“In an era when modern medicine can extend the length of an individual’s life but not necessarily its quality, we believe that those with terminal or incurable conditions deserve a choice about how, where and when they die,” the medics said in the letter, organised by the UK Assisted Dying Coalition.
“As medical professionals, we believe that it is our first responsibility to preserve life. But that does not mean we should prolong it at any cost. 

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