The Express reports on a ‘bizarre’ Irish plot to stop Brexit.

BREXIT will likely finally happen on October 31, with Britain leaving the European Union three years after the referendum vote, but a bizarre Irish plot could completely stop this in its tracks.
One of the political parties in Ireland could change the balance of power in Westminster – preventing a no deal Brexit and avoiding a hard border between the UK and Ireland. Boris Johnson has continued to insist the UK will leave the European Union at the end of October – deal or no deal, “do or die”. He has ramped up no deal Brexit preparations but is facing huge opposition from both inside and outside of his own Conservative Party on this.
The Prime Minister’s majority has been cut to one following the tory defeat to the Liberal Democrats in the Brecon by-election last week, piling further pressure on him.
Yet Sinn Fein, who launched several attacks against Mr Johnson during his visit to Northern Ireland last week, could hold all the trump cards.
Sinn Fein, although it doesn’t occupy them, holds seven seats in Westminster at the moment.

But the PM’s new advisor says it’s too late to stop Brexit, reports the Telegraph.

MPS are too late to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Boris Johnson’s most senior aide has said. Dominic Cummings told ministers and officials that the Prime Minister will honour his October 31 pledge even if Jeremy Corbyn and pro-Remain ­Conservatives succeed in forcing a general election.
In a series of explosive briefings last week, Mr Cummings suggested that the Labour leader had missed his ­opportunity to secure an election ­before the UK’s intended departure date from the EU.
If Mr Johnson loses a no-confidence vote when the Commons returns in September, potentially leading to a general election, the Prime Minister would have the power to schedule the poll for after Hallowe’en, Mr. Cummings disclosed.

Other papers have picked up this warning.  The Mail says:

Boris Johnson‘s most senior aide says it is ‘too late’ to stop a No-Deal Brexit because the Prime Minister could delay a general election forced by a no-confidence vote until after October 31.
Dominic Cummings claimed in a series of briefings to civil servants last week that it was too late for Remainer MPs to force Mr Johnson out and stop Brexit from happening.
If Mr Johnson lost a no-confidence vote, a general election would be triggered, which could see Jeremy Corbyn win and kill a No-Deal Brexit.

The Express also reports the adviser’s comments.

BORIS JOHNSON’s most senior aide, Dominic Cummings, has warned MPs it’s too late to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
Mr Cummings told ministers and officials that the Prime Minister will honour his promise to the people of Britain by leaving the EU by October 31, according to The Daily Telegraph. He also said Mr Johnson will honour it even if Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other Remainer Tories succeed in forcing a General Election. In a series of briefings last week, Mr Cummings said that Mr Corbyn had missed his opportunity to secure an election before the UK’s departure from the EU in three months.
If Mr Johnson loses a vote of no-confidence when the Commons returns in September, it could lead to a snap General Election.

The Great Political Realignment

It seems the two main political parties are polarising over Brexit.  The Times reports that Remainers are talking.

Remainers are plotting to join forces in 100 target seats at the next general election to oust Eurosceptic hardliners and stop the prime minister, Boris Johnson, winning a majority.
A leaked document shows the People’s Vote (PV) campaign is mobilising for the biggest campaign of tactical voting ever planned in an attempt to prevent a no-deal Brexit and secure a second referendum.
Tories to be targeted include the former leader Iain Duncan Smith, the environment secretary, Theresa Villiers, and Zac Goldsmith — all sitting on small majorities.

The Express says the PM is under attack.

BORIS Johnson is facing an imminent attack from Remainer Tories who are plotting to defect to other parties to sabotage his no deal Brexit preparations.
The new Prime Minister has only been in the role for two weeks, but is at risk of a summer recess plot by rebel Tories looking for other parties to jump ship to in a bid to derail Brexit and keep the UK in the EU despite 52 percent of the population having voted to leave.
Mr Johnson’s Government remains vulnerable having lost the Brecon seat to the Lib Democrats, whose mantra is ‘Stop Brexit’. Supporters of a second referendum or so-called People’s Vote, Phillip Lee and Guto Bebb, are among two Tories said to be looking to leave the party for a pro-EU one, The Independent reports.

There’s a move afoot to force a second referendum, says the Guardian.

The campaign leading the push for a second EU referendum has drawn up a hit list of 100 marginal seats in which it will tell Remain supporters to vote tactically at an early general election. The aim is to boost the number of MPs who favour putting the Brexit issue back to the people.
The People’s Vote campaign is planning to blitz marginals across England, Scotland and Wales before a widely expected early poll, urging Remainers to ditch their traditional party loyalties where necessary in order to help install pro-referendum MPs or defeat MPs or candidates who oppose a second public vote.

The Mirror is another paper reporting on the ‘Remain Alliances’.

Anti-Brexit parties are in talks to form more ‘Remain Alliances’ across the UK after beating the Tories in a key by-election.
The Lib Dems left Boris Johnson with a Commons majority of one after seizing Brecon and Radnorshire by 1,425 votes.
Crucially, last night’s margin of victory was smaller than the votes won in 2015 by the Green Party and Plaid Cymru – both of whom pulled out this time to unite around one Remain candidate.

And the Independent reports on a call by the new LibDem leader.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has urged the so-called “Gaukeward squad” of pro-European Tory former ministers to “stand up and be counted” on Brexit – because she fears not enough of them will try to stop Boris Johnson crashing the UK out of the EU without a deal.
Ms Swinson said the coming weeks represent a “big test” for Conservative MPs who recognise the risk of no deal but have so far held back from rebellion.
Without naming names, she made clear that the group included not only those walked out of the cabinet rather than serve under Mr Johnson (Philip HammondDavid Gauke and Rory Stewart) but also others who took ministerial posts despite previous misgivings about EU withdrawal (Amber Rudd and Nicky Morgan).

On the Leave side, the former UKIP leader has asked the PM to work with him, says Breitbart.

Nigel Farage has urged Boris Johnson to embrace a Tory-Brexit Party election pact, with the Tories standing aside in working-class constituencies where Farage’s party is poised to unseat Labour, and Farage’s party standing aside in constituencies more favourable to the Tories.
The former UKIP supremo and veteran MEP made the proposition during an interview with The Times, in the wake of the Tories losing the seat of Brecon and Radnorshire in a by-election as a result of the Welsh separatist Plaid Cymru party and far-left Green Party standing aside so the Liberal Democrats could eke out a victory for an explicitly Remain candidate.

But Westmonster reports that Boris won’t play ball.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has “no intention” of any Conservative pact with the Brexit Party.
That’s according to a government spokesman who has said Boris has “no plans at all” for a deal with Nigel Farage’s outfit.
The spokesman also said that the PM had “absolutely no intention” of any arrangement between the two parties.
Recent by-election results in Peterborough and Brecon have shown the the Brexit Party has the potential to be a domestic political force, with the party finishing in second and third place.
Polling by ComRes even has the party securing more support than the Conservatives at a General Election if it is held after 31st October with Brexit not having been delivered.


Will we ever escape the grasp of the European Union?  The Sun reports on the prospect of paying much more.

SNEAKY EU chiefs are planning to hit Britain with a tax bill for £1TRILLION, it has been revealed.
Whitehall officials believe they are storing it up as a “secret weapon” to unleash if Brexit talks turn against them.
The demand will come on top of the £39billion “divorce” billthey want as part of a smooth departure deal.
Tory MP Mark Francois, vice-chairman of the European Research Group, said: “This is a classic example of arrogance from our so-called EU partners that convinced so many Brits to vote leave in the first place.
“The House of Lords says that, legally, we don’t owe them £39billion, so if they’re now ludicrously claiming a trillion, they can whistle for it.”

The Brexit secretary is talking tough, says the Sun.

BREXIT Secretary Stephen Barclay has called on EU leaders to give their chief negotiator the mandate to re-broker an agreement, otherwise no-deal “is coming down the tracks”.
Mr Barclay, 47, said the EU negotiator told him in their discussion this week that he is bound by the instructions given to him by the Commission and leaders of member states.
But Mr Barclay argued the “political realities have changed” since the task was set, with 61 per cent of MEPs having changed in the recent election.
“Such a fundamental shift illustrates the need for a change of approach,” Mr Barclay wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

Boris is laying it on the line for the EU negotiators, reports the Express.

BORIS Johnson will remind the European Union of the “huge difficulties” a no deal Brexit will cause for member states, including the car industry in Germany, and exports of fresh fruit from Spain and Portugal, as the October 31 deadline looms, a Brexiteer MP has predicted.
Shailesh Vara, a former Northern Ireland junior minister who resigned in protest last year after then-PM Theresa May unveiled her much-criticised withdrawal agreement, said it was time the bloc “wakes up and recognises we mean business”.
And the MP for North-West Cambridgeshire said the Conservative Party’s poor showing in the by-election in the neighbouring constituency of Peterborough in June underlined just how important it was to deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum.

Sky News also reports the Brexit secretary’s comments.

EU leaders must give their chief negotiator the mandate to revise the UK’s withdrawal agreement, otherwise a no-deal Brexit is “coming down the tracks”, the Brexit secretary has said.
Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Stephen Barclay said “political realities” had changed after May’s European elections.
New MEPs were elected in 61% of seats, he said, marking a “fundamental shift”.
He called on EU leaders to allow Michel Barnier to negotiate in a way that finds “common ground” with the UK.

The Telegraph has a story about the EU’s sheer decadence.

British taxpayers are forking out millions of pounds so that MEPs can drink from sparkling water fountains, be driven around by chauffeur and sit in £220 memory foam chairs, the Telegraph can reveal.
Quaestor’s Quarterly, a newsletter written by the European parliament’s administrative officers, offers an intriguing glimpse into the gilded lifestyle of MEPs, who also benefit from a notoriously secretive expenses package and an airport fast lane.
One issue of Quaestor’s Quarterly seen by the Telegraph tells MEPs that a special VIP line has been set up at the airport in Strasbourg, the home of the second European parliament after Brussels, so they don’t have to queue up with the masses.

Labour Party

Back home, the Telegraph has a story of how the Labour leader is running his party.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party has “radicalised” some members so they are now publicly attacking Israel and Jews, according to a report.
A dossier submitted to an official inquiry reveals how a series of Labour members became “obsessed” with Israel after Mr Corbyn’s election.
In one case a party member who made no public Facebook comments about Israel before the leadership campaign is now posting more than 300 times per year on the issue, including a claim that “Zionists … bankrolled Hitler … all for one goal [,] Israel.”
One user who has since shared a post referring to  Dame Margaret Hodge, the Jewish Labour MP, as a “Rothschild Zionist millionaire”, said that she had been posting content relating to Israel “since I heard Jeremy Corbyn speak of the atrocities [in Gaza]”.


Following suggestions that a US/UK trade deal could be in jeopardy, a group of American senators have hit back, reports the Times.

A group of 45 American senators have signed a letter to Boris Johnson pledging to back a trade deal with Britain whether or not the UK leaves the EU with a deal.
In an unprecedented show of support for the new prime minister, the Republican senators say they will come to Britain’s aid if Johnson is forced to leave with no deal.
They also vow to maintain full co-operation on intelligence through the “Five Eyes” alliance — also including Australia, Canada and New Zealand — and Nato.

Green belt

Development on the green belt would not be popular, says the Telegraph.

Relaxing green belt  restrictions would be highly unpopular with voters, campaigners have warned, after Boris Johnson promoted several advocates of major planning reform to his Cabinet.
The Campaign to Protect Rural England will publish a new poll showing that 63 per cent of the population oppose changes making it easier for homes to be built on green belt land – the protected zones across the country designed to prevent urban sprawl.


Boris Johnson writes for the Times.

It must have been about a year ago that I was barefoot in the garden — mucking around with a barbecue — when I stepped with some force on a shard of glass. It was a spindly little triangle from a broken cafetiere and it went right into my heel. It sounds pathetic, but it hurt like hell.
In fact, it was still hurting so much a few days later that I overcame my natural embarrassment and attended the A&E department at the local hospital.
A team was assembled: nurses, doctors, experts in foot injuries of every kind. They shushed my protests. They palped and they probed. They gave me all sorts of scans.

Medics are continuing to turn back the clock. The Times has a story about pushing back the menopause.

Women can delay the menopause for up to 20 years in a medical breakthrough being offered by the fertility expert who pioneered IVF.
The revolutionary procedure could transform the lives of thousands of women by tricking their biological clocks into thinking they are much younger than they are.
There are clear benefits for women whose menopause triggers serious health problems, such as osteoporosis and heart problems. It comes at a time when women are living longer than ever before, and many will find their menopausal years last longer than their fertile ones.

The story has been picked up by the Sun.

DOCTORS may be able to delay the menopause for at least 20 years, according to reports.
The surgery which can take just 30 minutes, will be offered privately to women up to the age of 40.
Medics insist the procedure will trick women’s biological clocks into thinking they are younger than they actually are.
This means women could have babies in their sixties, The Times reported.
Nine Brit women, aged between 22 and 36, have already undergone the surgery, which removes a piece of one of their ovaries.
The ovarian tissue is frozen at -150C, and held until the women reach the menopause.

And the Mail.

Women can delay the menopause by up to 20 years with a new 30-minute operation that tricks their biological clocks into thinking they are much younger than they are.
The revolutionary procedure is set to transform the lives of thousands of women who suffer severe side effects of the menopause, such as osteoporosis and heart problems.
For millions more, the appeal of delaying the menopause would be a reduction of often debilitating physical and emotional problems such as hot flushes, a reduced sex drive, night sweats and mood swings.

The Sun also reports the NHS’ out-of-date IT equipment.

A MILLION NHS computers are at risk of fresh cyber-attacks, it was claimed last night.
Three out of four are using software which will be out of date in just six months.
They will no longer get support or security updates when Windows 7 expires in less than six months.
The revelation comes two years after 40 NHS trusts were targeted by hackers in an international cyber-attack.


The Telegraph has a warning about silent subs

A new breed of “super-quiet” Russian submarines are feared to be operating unseen in British territorial waters, according to military sources.
The new Russian Kilo-Class submarines are feared to be threatening UK security by tracking Britain’s fleet in the North Atlantic undetected or by tapping into under-sea internet cables.
HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s flagship aircraft carrier, and the nation’s nuclear deterrent submarines could be vulnerable to the Russian boats’ stealth technology, extended combat range and ability to strike targets above and below the water as well as on land.

And the Times reports a Chinese destroyer has elicited a naval escort.

A Royal Navy frigate has shadowed a Chinese warship as it sailed through the English Channel today.
Portsmouth-based HMS Westminster was scrambled to monitor the progress of the destroyer Xian as it entered the Dover Straits today.
The Chinese missile destroyer is a Type 052C armed with eight anti-shipping missiles and 48 surface-to-air missiles.

The Sun says the destroyer picked up the ship in the English Channel.

THE Royal Navy was forced to scramble a frigate to shadow a Chinese warship as it sailed through the English Channel today on its way back from Russia.
Portsmouth-based HMS Westminster, a Type 23 frigate, escorted the destroyer Xian as it entered the Dover Straits in the latest face-off in UK waters.
Last month, HMS St Albans was scrambled to shadow the same Chinese ship up the Channel and into the North Sea.

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