Ed: At the weekend, readers asked for the email address of the Prime Minister because they wanted to let him know what they thought about his cancellation of Christmas. Our Debbie posted the address in a reply:

“The Prime Minister can be contacted by email at privateoffice@no10.x.gsi.gov.uk “

Our reader Frederica  has given us permission to publish the email  which she has sent to Johnson. We are happy to do so. There’s no reason why any reader who wishes to let Johnson know what they think should not follow in Frederica’s footsteps!

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Dear Prime Minister

Your “inhumane” pronouncement that Christmas is effectively cancelled for millions of UK citizens has set the seal on your premiership for ever.  This is the latest and most damaging of your many vacillations over the past awful year!

This cancellation comes hard on the heels of your previous statement that cancelling the promised ‘Christmas Truce’ would be (in your own words) “inhumane”.  To change your stance at this 11th hour for a ‘mutant strain’ of COVID that even your Chief Scientists have described as being no more virulent than before but simply more infectious, is risible.

The common cold and annual seasonal influenza have many permutations.  Thus the annual ‘flu jab’ is an amalgam of different strains each year and as such is a ‘best guess’ scenario as to the effectiveness thereof.

If you will take the trouble to look at the outraged response to this, latest and frankly ridiculous, measure, you will see that for some considerable time now the statistics (that your ‘preferred’ scientists deign to put out for general view by the masses) are being shown as being largely ‘not fit for purpose’ if indeed not downright fraudulent spin!  The PCR testing has been shown to produce unsound results in many instances  and ‘cases’ have not resulted in the numbers of deaths that the ‘prophets of doom’ have been so anxious to pronounce at every turn! 

If your intention is to coerce the population into accepting ‘mass vaccination’ as a means of escaping permanent house arrest, I think you have misread the runes!  People are already suspicious of the vaccine and will merely become more so if they are subjected to continual ’fear factor’ treatment.

Is it your intention now to suppress every religious festival or major anniversary (such as the Remembrance Day parades) in order to ‘nudge’ the vaccine take up?

Distrust of your Government is now widespread.  Your wilful suppression of protest and also of Parliamentary scrutiny and debate in favour of ‘government by decree’ issued from the sofa cabinet, has been duly noted.

You profess to be an admirer of Winston Churchill (why didn’t you move to protect his statue – by stringent police prosecution – from outrage by the BLM and others?).  If it was your ambition to be thought to be his worthy successor, I suggest that your actions during this last year have fallen significantly short of the qualities required!

Instead of leadership you are being seen as simply a ‘follower’ lead by those same ‘scientist’ who have been perceived to have failed many time before in their modelling of previous health oriented scenarios (ie foot and mouth and SARS to name but two)

You and your comrades on the sofa have taken this country into significant and questionable debt.  You have broken the economy.  Your actions have driven many businesses (both large and small) up to and beyond the very point of extinction.  

Many people also now suspect that you will deny the UK the BREXIT for which they voted in favour of a sell-out compromise to the rapacious EU.

I respectfully suggest that you now reflect long and hard upon the direction in which you are currently taking this once great, proud and free nation.  History will be your judge!


Yours truly, 



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