Well to my amazement it’s Monday. The days are lost on me at the moment – as they are to many. Pottering around Boots I was informed they were closing early as “its a bank holiday”. Double take! Shock! Do they still exist? It had occurred to me as Boxing Day was a Saturday but still… that reasoning seems like a distant dream now…

The rain was dreary and heavy – even noisy hailstones out of nowhere. The few shops open had 50% off plastered everywhere. They had built it but still the people did not come. The streets were empty. Dreariness ruled. Boots told me yesterday was a big day… Hmmm – define “big” I thought, sadly.

In a supermarket food was being rapidly marked down. No big queues to snap it up. Working from home destroys so much, including spontaneity. I bought a few things – why not? Who knows when this drudge will end. I guess it’s ok for those living in luxury, ordering online and attending private parties. The rest of us just drag ourselves through it. Winter does indeed change the experience of lockdown – aka tier 4.

As I walked round the shopping centre a voice over told me to wear a mask, keep to the left, social distance – but from who? The nearest person was like a dot halfway across the centre. Post Christmas sales on a bank holiday used to be fun…

Once outside it was worse – zombies seemed to loom in the distance. The town was empty. Shops shut – old, out of date adverts on the windows. Rain dripping down. Christmas trees and decorations with no admirers. Post Christmas can be dire but this was hopeless.

As I passed McDonald’s I saw movement. A couple of people tapping on screens to order. A masked security guard making sure they stayed in line. A bell rang – a lone man had ventured into Costa to order a takeaway coffee – the bright lights inside offering a deceptive view of a welcome that did not exist. Once you have your drink you must leave immediately!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t want people to die unnecessarily. I don’t want hospitals overloaded. But the virus has been here for 15 months. No death seems important unless it’s “with” Covid. People used to die of other things long before we heard of Covid. As far as I know they still do…

Have we gone completely insane? After all our country has achieved do we have a government paralysed with fear? We lock our nation down but don’t shut our borders. We shut our pubs with no proof of infection. People who make (up) the rules break them. The pub where Nicola Sturgeon broke her own rules is now being bullied and trolled.

I put up my umbrella and start the walk home. On the way I spot some Ivy that might go with my vase of holly – maybe tomorrow. The full(ish) moon makes the road look sleepy hollow like.

On reaching home I scroll the internet for news – Tier 5 looming… great!

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