The Daily Telegraph reports:

The Queen will be asked to agree to suspend Parliament today, it has emerged.

Her Majesty, who is in Balmoral, will be asked to agree to prorogue parliament by the Privy Council.

They will meet on Wednesday to discuss extending the conference recess until Oct 14, with the Queen’s Speech being held on that date.

It is understood Parliament is likely to meet from next Monday until around Sept 11, as Downing Street believes it has “legal protection” if they are suspending Parliament to come back with a Queen’s Speech.

If it goes ahead, it will decrease the time MPs  have to try to stop no deal.

After it was reported that the Government could suspend Parliament from  mid-September, Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly tweeted: “Or to put  it another way: Government to hold a Queen’s Speech, just as all new Governments  do.”


Her Majesty has agreed to the prorogation.

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