Freedom allows the cultivation of imagination.  Without freedom the cognitive processes become dull and apathetic.  There is another attribute of freedom. It provides the opportunity for critical analysis.


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The new activity that will sweep the Nation

Yes folks, statistics show that you’ve all had enough!

Annual admissions

People are leaving their homes in their droves!

Why? We asked.

One anxious person replied “to escape the television”.


This is a proposal to by-pass the MSM and exploit the trend in gatherings for the reward of information and entertainment.

The letter posted below is an attempt to garner support from an expert speaker.


Dear ******

As you know there is great anguish at the moment about the obfuscation, obstruction and deceit in the guise of delivering Brexit.

The majority who have asked for their sovereignty returned are frustrated.  We cannot to put up with this, and must continue being positive, innovative, and responsive to our beliefs, continually finding ways to inform and persuade.

Many realise that there is great partiality in the Main Stream Media. I have always extolled the use of Leaflets and Pamphlets to counter the lies that are being told.  There seems little appetite for that method of dissemination of information. Those leaflets I have seen appear to take a tribal stance referring to Leavers and Remainers.  People have had enough tribalism.

I have an idea that may work to give exposure to alternative information and views, countering the propaganda that we are being subjected to. I would like to know your thoughts on my idea of holding public talks. I do realise that you and others have given talks and lectures, but you may decide that my idea puts a different slant on this. Please take the time to consider my proposal.

I have noticed that UK cinema admissions have been on the rise over the last twenty years and are now at levels not seen for 45 years. Is it possible that people want to go out and get away from their lounge televisions?  That people want to go into the real world and enjoy a ‘night out’ testing their perceptions and thought processes. There could be a trend towards active involvement attending live events for a way of experiencing the ambiance of a venue and escaping the virtual reality of online information.

Recently I attended an event that was billed as a ‘debate’. It was organised by an ex-LibDem MP. The two debaters were the organiser and an ex-Tory MEP.  This was not a pleasant meeting and the audience was subjected to an onslaught of pro-EU propaganda which was put in a very condescending way, attacking those who disagreed.

If they could organise an event like this why can’t ordinary people, frustrated with the media bias on politically based topical subjects, do the same?

My idea was to have, most importantly, a non-party event allowing a platform for speakers with Alternative Information. That would present topics perceived as distorted, poorly covered, or ignored by the MSM. It is important for speakers not to represent political parties as this may put off involvement from the public who have, I believe, had enough of politicians plying for support. Far better to put across an alternative perspective by supplying people with information that is new to them, based on that alone and without the possible stigmatism of any individual party meeting.

Examples of the types of subjects that could be entertained are

  • Climate Change and CO2
  • Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech.
  • Free Trade and Protectionism
  • The Pros and Cons of Social media
  • Localism
  • Social Responsibility and Ownership
  • Pollution in the 21st Century
  • Democracy and Lobbying

As you can see there could be lots of subjects, some of which are controversial, others have facets and perspectives, which need to be aired in public.

By allowing people with the expertise and experience to speak out, the public can realise that the full story is not being presented to them on the television or in the newspapers.

The promotion of these events can be at a local level by leafleting and advertising.  I would like to see two talks in one evening session, with an interval for refreshments.

For that purpose, I have made inquiries about the hire of a large hall. The one in mind is ** ****’* Hall in ********. It can hold over 250 seated audience.  Even at £3 per head, if 60 people turned up the event would be financially viable.

There is, of course, one ingredient missing and that is the speakers.

Yes, that is why I am asking you, if you would be prepared to give a 30 or 45-minute presentation. I could not pay you but could possibly offer you something towards expenses depending on the turnout.  The reward would be to inform and persuade people to think, to question and to realise that there is more than what is told.

There could also be an opportunity to have leaflets, information and contact details of various organisations, parties and groups who do not fit into the Establishment agenda.

The only risk to you would be a small turnout rendering your effort and enthusiasm impractical.

We are living in difficult times. This may seem a tenuous effort to inform, but some very successful ventures have started with little apparent potential and we must try.

For my part, I will be committed to this if I can encourage capable people to give presentations.

You may have some conditions or concerns which I would be very pleased to discuss with you. You are the first person I have approached.

The function will be organised by an ‘Association of Common Political Interests’.

By providing unbiased information people are better able to make informed decisions.  Let us open people’s minds and counter the games being played.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely


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