Aren’t our politicians entertaining! They present us with their Daily Farce, with ever more ridiculous proposals to divert our attention from not implementing Brexit. We shout ‘it’s behind you!’ but they don’t hear us – they are busy preening before our incredulous gaze.

Yesterday Corbyn kicked off the Labour campaign for the EP elections and he told the nation that basically a 2nd referendum (he carefully did not use that expression) would ‘heal the Nation’:

“I would want that to be seen as a healing process bringing this whole process to a conclusion. Nothing is easy in this, but, our essential message has to be to bring people together.”(link)

It’s astonishing how he and incidentally Tory MPs are again wallowing in ‘bringing us all together’ imagery. They cry out for ‘unity’ after having busily destroyed it – but only when they see their cushy job as MP is in danger. Three years of not implementing Brexit is a case in point.

Corbyn has also learned from the EU. Not only is he happy to let us vote again and again until the result fits, he’s standing as firm as M Barnier in saying ‘No’:

“The hard-left leader suggested that cross-party talks with Theresa May’s ministers in recent weeks were going nowhere, saying he had received ‘no big offer’. And in a swipe at Tory infighting he added: ‘It’s difficult negotiating with a disintegrating government with Cabinet ministers jockeying for the succession, rather than working for an agreement.”(link)

That type of language sounds rather familiar! Just replace ‘hard-left leader’ with ‘M Barnier’ … see what I mean?

Meanwhile the LibDems showed us how ‘with it’ and ‘modern’ they are by having Sir Vince Cable launch their EP election manifesto with the title “Bollocks to Brexit” (link) – yes, really!

The Tories however have upped the stakes with their EP election leaflet, actually attacking Tory Brexiteer MPs:

“Theresa May is facing renewed anger from Brexiteers after Tory European election leaflets included a link to a website that names and shames MPs who voted against her withdrawal deal. […]The pamphlet is being distributed by freepost rather than activists, many of whom are on strike. The leaflet shows the party is effectively using the campaign to criticise the 34 Tory Brexiteers who call themselves the “Spartans” and the second referendum supporters who declined to back Mrs May’s deal in March, causing it to fall in the Commons.” (link, paywalled)

That’s bound to be a vote winner! There are more, utterly farcical news. A Remainer has filed a complaint with the Electoral Commission because TBP’s logo is an arrow which is next to the voting box and thus an unfair advantage (link)! Never mind, Anna Soubry (TIG) said the TBP logo showed a house that had fallen over, symbolising the ‘chaos of Brexit’ (link).

It’s laughable: all those Remain champions still believe that all of us Leave voters are total idiots who are even too stupid to realise what a logo means!

That was Act One of the Remainer EP farce. Lets lower the curtain, have a break, and raise the curtain on Act Two: what the ‘real’ politicians in the House of Clowns are getting up to – aaand: it’s more holidays!

The leader of the House, Ms Leadsom, announced another recess which will take place from May 24th to June 3rd. Astute readers will have noticed immediately that our MPs will go home right after the EP elections. The result won’t be made public before all EU member states have gone to their polls, some of which are on Sunday the 26th of May, so our lot won’t have to face the MSM when the results are out. Here’s a nice interpretation:

“Andrea Leadsom, the Commons leader, announced a week-long recess immediately after the European elections. The government uses recesses to stop MPs plotting, although this tactic has backfired because positions often harden when the Commons is not sitting as MPs discuss topics on WhatsApp groups. Asked whether it was right for MPs to take a break when Brexit legislation still had to be pushed through parliament, a Downing Street spokeswoman said: “Recesses are obviously agreed by the House. This particular recess occurs every year. […] We hope we are able to bring forward the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before recess.” (link, paywalled)

Other MSM pundits also think this is about preventing Tory MP plotters from plotting:

“This could give Theresa May protection against efforts to oust her if the Conservatives perform as badly as expected. Mrs Leadsom yesterday told MPs the Commons would rise again later this month ‘subject to the progress of business’.” (link)

Why are the PM and her Remain colleagues so frightened of ‘plotting’ and ‘ousting’ her? The Brady Bunch of the 1922 committee have now shown to all that they are toothless tigers, that their roar is akin to that of a frightened mouse. They won’t bite – they only want to play! For good measure, Amber Rudd warned the male leadership contestants:

”Amber Rudd rounded on Tory leadership contenders last night for ‘parading’ their wives in a bid to win support.The Work and Pensions Secretary also complained it was ‘all the men’ putting themselves forward to succeed Theresa May at the moment.” (link)

Good grief – hasn’t she noticed the female contestants? Could they not ‘parade’ their husbands? Or is that a cry to Tory members to vote for yet another female leader because the current one is such a success?

Farcical, isn’t it! Lower the curtain while we laugh! Now onto Act Three and that ‘business’. This is what the PM and her Remain cabinet plan:

“The Prime Minister is preparing to hold the votes in the next fortnight if Brexit talks with Labour collapse, and wants to find a mechanism that would force Parliament to choose a way forward, rather than risking another stalemate. One of the methods under consideration is to make MPs rank the alternative Brexit outcomes in order of preference, so that second and third preference votes are counted if no one option gets a majority.” (paywalled link)

Don’t despair – they have alternatives if that one doesn’t work:

“Other alternatives include a knockout system, where the least popular options are dropped after each round of voting until only one option remains.” (paywalled link)

The actual reason for this proposed HoC Farce, hidden in the text, is to keep the PM in office for as long as possible:

“It would mean Mrs May could prove to voters that progress had been made, and that Britain will leave the EU by the start of August. Downing Street hopes that would temper the expected backlash against the Conservatives in the European elections, in which party officials fear the Tories will finish sixth.” (paywalled link)

Don’t splutter! Sixth place is well deserved – but note that Drowning Street has now extended their timetable to August. What are a few extensions between friends, after all! This is why it’s a farce:

“But if the talks with Labour fail, Mrs May’s plan B is to hold indicative votes – so-called because they indicate the will of Parliament, rather than being legally binding. Last month MPs voted on eight different alternative Brexit outcomes, including remaining in the EU, a no deal Brexit, a second referendum and a customs union with the EU, all of which were voted down.” (paywalled link)

According to good old EU fashion: ‘force Parliament’ to vote again and again until the result fits. I’m sure the PM and all the Remainers in LibLabSNPGreen etc regret deeply that the EP elections can’t be re-run, and I suspect so does that lot in Brussels.

Yesterday evening the BBC broadcast the 2nd part of that Belgian TV show on how our EU friends regard us. Here’s a most excellent comment published in The Times:

“If Nigel Farage had commissioned a party political broadcast to expose the arrogance of the European Union elite he couldn’t have come up with anything as damning as a documentary shown this week.” (link, paywalled)

I’ll now watch it on catch-up, and if you haven’t watched it, you might like to do so as well, given this assessment:

“Any dispirited Brexiteer who needs reminding why they voted three years ago to leave the EU should watch it. I suggest that my Remainer friends should watch it too and then try telling me, with a straight face, that our future lies in an organisation as ghastly as this.” (link, paywalled)





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