Ten years ago the MPs expenses scandal gave the general public a rare insight into just how corrupt our politicians are. Once the initial shock had died down, in customary Westminster and Mainstream Media style, the whole scandal was swept under the rug.

Now just as years of Brexit betrayal and subterfuge have left our politicians public esteem at almost historic lows, the whole expenses scandal has exploded into the limelight and onto the front pages of the Daily Telegraph, see here.

I’ve often in previous articles referred to the expenses scandal, I never did forget but I’m very suspicious as to why it should pop up again at this particular time. The Telegraph article asks if anything has changed much, but recent political events suggest that not only have things not changed, they are in fact a lot worse.

It seems to me that our politicians, our supposed representatives, not content to screw the public for substantial sums of our money, they’ve now gone a few steps further and attempted to sell out our entire country. The European Union makes no secret about the fact that it would like or even need to form a borderless European superstate with a centralised European Parliament, to do this, logically they’d have to destroy our own government. Isn’t this just what is happening?

The Conservatives have been rightly given a drubbing at the UK council elections, losing thirteen hundred seats. The Brexit Party (TBP) are set to win big at the European Parliament elections, we the people may feel that we’re fighting back, but like Brexit itself, are we being duped, is this all just really part of the plan?

What of The Brexit Party? Well, UKIP has long been accused of being a single issue party but the operative word is independence, it refers to an independent Britain, far less of a single issue than TBP

Brexit shouldn’t be an issue by now but the only way that it makes sense in the long term to launch a party like this is if there is no real intention to let Brexit happen. I’ve written about this in my article: ‘The Political Paradox’. TBP then seems to be far more of a single issue party than UKIP ever was and I’m very suspicious that they are just part of the deceptive pantomime that is being played out.

Theresa May is still determined to get her treacherous Withdrawal Agreement signed off, it is a testament as to the depths to which our government has sunk that Mrs May can even suggest such a deceptive treason and get away with it. I’m certain that we’ve executed people for a lot less in the past.

Some people may think that if Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement is signed off, at least we’ll be leaving the European Union – let’s have a think about this. The Withdrawal Agreement amounts to Brexit In Name Only and still leaves the EU with a huge amount of control over our country. As we know, the EU plays a very long game, we have to ask ourselves where our country would be in a few years time.

I don’t think any of us are under any illusions as to the type of people our politicians really are after the expenses scandal and three years of Brexit negotiations: let me spell it out.

What we have today are career politician that as the Army would say, are NFTS, they’d probably never never be able to hold down a real job. Useless people that hide behind fancy titles and are easily bought being the greedy, self serving parasites that they are, they are obviously easily controlled by those with supranational ambitions. Among the motley Westminster crew, there is more than a smattering of sexual perverts and pedophiles that I’m very sure are very easily blackmailed.  

These are the people that we rely on to represent us and look after our interests, traditionally the LibLabCon, look where it has got us today after many decades of their rule. Our democracy is all but gone, along with our industry, economy and way of life. Not a great track record is it? What we will have in reality as our mainstream political parties collapse is a power vacuum that will be exploited by the EU.

If Theresa May gets her Withdrawal Agreement through the Commons, do you really think that we’ll have strong leadership to represent our interests against European Union arbitration? I think you’d have to be very naive to believe that.

It seems to me that Brexit has been a distraction and everything is going according to plan for the European Union who have found a very neat way to deal with one of their more troublesome member states, making them completely subservient with no representation whatsoever.

While we’ve been distracted by the Brexit pantomime, plans have been going quietly ahead to merge our military with the EU who are close to getting the keys to our nuclear arsenal. We already have ten thousand European troops on our soil, supposedly for joint military exercises (pull the other one), we still haven’t heard about when these troops are leaving, I’d suggest never and with more on the way.

Let’s face it we’ve been had, there is nothing of the above that even begins to resemble the Brexit that we voted for, it was never the intention to allow us to leave the European Union. I’m sure that Theresa May, once her treason is complete will walk away from political life to a very comfortable and wealthy retirement, as did Tony Blair.

We’d better hope that something rather unfortunate (depending on your perspective) happens to Theresa May before she can get her Withdrawal Agreement past the Commons. We’d better hope and fight for a real Brexit.


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