It’s been an interesting few years, hasn’t it? Brexit never seems to quite happen; our borders are never quite closed and so on and so forth. I think the reality is that we’re just looking at a pantomime – a pantomime that has been carefully created to distract us from reality. Certainly, most of our politicians would do well in Hollywood.

We like to cling to hope, many of us would like to believe that Donald Trump or Nigel Farage are our champions and will save us; I’m sorry to say that I just don’t think this is the case.

Trying to unveil the truth is difficult, I don’t think that I need to say much about the farce that is the mainstream media. Sometimes if I want to find out what is happening in Britain or Europe, I get more information from the Brazilian press. The alternative media, while useful, is full of disinformation and the real nuggets need careful digging out.

I just watched a video by Gregory Mannarino because it was about a subject that I’d written about myself. I hadn’t watched any of Mannarino’s videos for quite some time, but upon chancing on this one I realised that unfortunately, it was about right; it fits in with my own view of things, and it’s quite disturbing.

“Post Fed. SPECIAL REPORT: The CRIME OF THE CENTURY.” By Gregory Mannarino

Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, trillions in various currencies, particularly US dollars, have been created. Over ten years later – in spite of the propaganda – the world’s economies are sluggish and unable to sustain more normal interest rates.

The world as a whole is awash with some two hundred and fifty trillion dollars in debt, a Ponzi scheme in other words and like all Ponzi schemes, one day it’ll come crashing down. We’ve all grown up believing that we lived in a world of free markets, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that we do not. This Ponzi scheme will come crashing down when certain people decide it will, most likely when we’ve all been bled dry.

In a world awash with debt, we pay direct interest on personal debt and interest on government debt through taxation, one way or another we the people always pay. The bankers though, the ones bailed out were soon back to paying themselves massive bonuses. In other words, the 2008 Financial Crisis was a massive wealth transfer from we the people to the banking and business elite.

It appears though that 2008 was just a warm-up, a test run and we’re heading into something much worse, it’ll leave us without a pot to p*ss in.

What I’m talking about is the bit of Mannarino’s video that talks about stock buybacks, I’ve written about this before, but the situation is worse than I realised. Donald Trump has been calling for and encouraging the repatriation of money back into the United States by businesses and corporations, supposedly to create jobs for Americans; it appears the real reason is more sinister.

What business and corporations have really been using this money for is to buy back their own stocks, another reason, apart from the trillions in printed money that is propping up the stock markets that have long been completely divorced from fundamentals. CEOs, fund managers, other executives and particularly non-executive directors can sell their own shares into artificially inflated markets, raking in millions and billions.

It appears then that Donald Trump, rather than being a champion of the people is really just a part of the pantomime, we the people have been had again: but what of his friend Nigel Farage?

I well remember the night of the 2016 Brexit referendum when leave unexpectedly won, the camera caught Nigel Farage and I was surprised that instead of looking ecstatic, he looked shocked and worried. Perhaps after making a political career out of Brexit, it wasn’t in Nigel’s best interests to win the referendum or maybe as some here have suggested he was just controlled opposition.

Politics it seems to me is all about maintaining the norm, not rocking the boat, after all, Socialists, for instance, have promised people the Earth for many decades but the poor still remain poor, to alleviate their poverty would be to undermine their electorate. This is a political paradox that I’ve written about before, and it seems to me that when we vote, great care is taken to make sure that we’re presented with no real choice for the better, we’re left with trying to choose the least worst option.

That least worst option now is still UKIP (I think), I wouldn’t trust The Brexit party as far as I could throw them and as for the LibLabCon; don’t make me laugh. I even suspect that The Brexit Party has suddenly materialised to try and give our political system some credibility with the voting public and will ultimately fail to deliver any improvement to our lives.

It’s important to remember that in our fight for survival, we have no champions fighting our cause, they’re all part of a pantomime of distraction, the actors of which at some point will slink off to their places in the sun. These actors will keep their heads down while they party and swig Champagne until it’s time to emerge once again, rinse and repeat. Of course, nobody ever goes to prison for these crimes against us.

I suppose I’ve written this article as a warning, we the people need to face reality, we can only help ourselves, if we can’t the future is very bleak. None of this is surprising when you consider that in our globalist world, whether it be the EU, UN, Euro, multiculturalism or any other of the grand globalist ideas, none of these ideas work in a practical sense, they were all designed with rather suspect motives in mind.

Facing reality is important; if we can do this, we may still leave ourselves with a pot to p*ss in.

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