Inevitably, the campaign to replace Ms May is the main subject today. The ‘debate’ on the BBC on Tuesday evening and the result of the ballot of Tory MPs yesterday have thrown a light on the mindset of our ‘Betters’ in the Westminster Establishment. It shows in an important way how much the Remain campaign has poisoned our political system and public life during the last three years.

First, the nitty-gritty. The result of yesterday afternoon’s ballot was: Johnson: 143 votes; Hunt: 54; Gove: 51; Javid: 38; Stewart: 27. Thus Rory Stewart who lost 10 votes compared to the 2nd ballot, was eliminated. More on this below.

There are two ballots today: from 10am – 12pm MPs vote in the fourth round of the leadership contest, the result to be announced at 1pm. If there are more than two candidates left, MPs will vote in a fifth round: 3.30pm – 5.30pm, the final result to be announced at 6pm.

Obviously there will be horse-trading – this is nothing new, but certain candidates are bleating about ‘dark arts’ employed by Boris Johnson’s team. It’s to get their retaliation in first, to show that they are not to blame for being kicked out – and never mind the damage they do to the prospective PM and indeed the Tory Party by their wailings.

A special case is of course that ‘special’ candidate, Rory Stewart. He, as you recall, was the adored, preferred candidate of the London MSM. First, look at his remarks after his elimination:

“Speaking after his defeat, he said it was clear that his support had been among “people in the country” rather than his party. He said that a YouGov poll showed he had won Tuesday night’s BBC debate “overwhelmingly with the public. Clearly I am not winning that debate yet with the party, but we will see.” (link, paywalled)

Next, we get this:

“Mr Stewart’s campaign was designed to reach over the heads of Tory MPs and appeal to voters. His decision to take to the streets of Britain in a series of walks, in which he invited anyone to turn up and ask him a question, was at first seen in Westminster as eccentric. But he became the surprise breakout social media star of the campaign as he showed a willingness to listen to ordinary people.” (link, paywalled)

Finally, there’s this:

“Mr Stewart directly accused the Johnson camp of dirty tricks. […] He said: ‘There are dark arts in politics and they’re done with proxy votes, they’re not done with someone saying ‘would you please vote for this person’.’ (link)

Oh dear. There’s the wail of “I won the popular vote” (where have we heard that before?) to ‘I wuz robbed’ because of ‘dark arts’. Obviously, the brief acknowledgment that his BBC performance might have cost him votes (here) had to be buried. It is never ever the fault of the losers, it’s always the fault of ‘dark forces’ that they lose. And of course, they themselves would never ever use such ‘dark forces’ …

Note also that he apparently hadn’t grasped the fact that he was supposed to get the votes of his MP colleagues first, then that of the Tory Party members, and that this was not a GE campaign with him running as PM. He also hasn’t understood that ‘likes’ on social media don’t mean votes in real life – a lesson he and other politicians ought to have learned by now.

Next in the dock today is the BBC. ‘Egg on their faces’ doesn’t begin to describe it. In their arrogance of pushing Remain Rory and trying to stop Johnson, they committed grave errors from which there ought to be no come-back, see e.g. this report. Two of their ‘selected’ public voices were shown to have had extremely unsavoury pasts besides being Labour supporters and not ‘Tory voices’ as advertised:

“The BBC omnishambles was rife with controversy as it emerged on Wednesday an imam who had been selected to grill the Prime Ministerial hopefuls had been accused of anti-Semitism. The religious leader in question has since been suspended from his role as a deputy headteacher. In another damaging revelation it emerged another one of the contributors was a Labour activist who harboured extremist views.” (source)

A BBC presenter has apologised but the damage is done. The BBC’s planned ‘Question Time’ programme with the last two candidates seems now in doubt:

“The BBC is planning to hold a special edition of Question Time with Fiona Bruce for the final two candidates. One of the campaign teams told The Times that it would be reluctant to take part. “We are concerned about impartiality and the competence of the BBC to pick a fair audience,” a source said.” (paywalled link)

We’ve been talking and shouting about BBC Bias for years. Now it’s out in the open to such an extent that even the establishment MSM cannot help but take note. Well, for a couple of days, that is …

Unsurprisingly, the female presenters from  other TV stations have gone into a huddle to defend hapless Ms Maitlis. Her inability to lead that debate was not her fault, oh no: it was that of the male contestants! Really:

“Maitlis was defended by her fellow broadcasters with the Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman tweeting that the “guys on #BBCOurNextPM debate are basically just ignoring the only woman present . . . It is NOT a good look!” Kay Burley of Sky News said “anyone who thinks they could have done a better job . . . had never ringmastered live TV”.” (link, paywalled)

When real life and facts intrude, retreat into the feminist bubble and blame the males. That’s the low to which our public debate on vital political issues has sunk. Rational discourse: forget it.

Meanwhile in real life Philip Hammond is having another go at thwarting Brexit (reports: here and here):

“The next prime minister should “explore” holding a second Brexit referendum if he fails to break the deadlock in parliament, Philip Hammond said last night. […] He said: “If the new prime minister cannot end the deadlock in parliament, then he will have to explore other democratic mechanisms to break the impasse.” Allies confirmed that he meant either an election or second Brexit referendum. “First, unless there is a general election, the parliamentary arithmetic will not change,” he said. “Parliament will not allow no-deal — and on the evidence so far, parliament will not support the only deal that is on the table. Secondly, the European Union will not renegotiate the deal. And, thirdly, the Irish question, and with it the backstop, will not go away.” (link, paywalled)

Nothing has changed, in other words, and Hammond and the rest of the Remain Tories will see to it that everything stays just as it is: “Remain Forever”!

Isn’t it amazing that one of the creators of the Brexit Betrayal still does his utmost to force it through, even unto shackling the May successor. They seem unaware of what the unavoidable, inimitable Sir John Redwood has been saying. He writes in his Diary today:

“Mr Johnson insisted on exit on 31 October. He has in mind offering a free trade deal to the EU. If they will agree to talks on such a proposition then the UK need not impose any new tariffs on them as we leave, nor them on us. Under GATT 24 there would be ample time to discuss the Free Trade Agreement whilst continuing to trade without tariffs whilst doing so. If the  EU refuses to discuss a Free Trade Agreement then we leave without a deal and impose the same tariffs on the EU as we impose on everyone else. They do the same to us. The EU has always said they are interested in a free trade agreement but it has to be negotiated after we have left.”

We’ve often said that Remainers seem to be impervious to rational arguments and to plain facts. Rory Stewart exemplified it, Philip Hammond never took off his blinkers. They are drunk on their own rhetoric. Reason is not necessary when you have civil serpents succor you or when you have thousands and thousands of ‘likes’ on twitter.

Those two Tories also show us that, to keep us In, Remainers are blithely abandoning customary Party loyalties. All MSM eyes may be on ‘dark forces’ in this Tory Leadership election but we must not get distracted: in the end it has to be about getting us out on Halloween.

However, BoJo or not, the Remain forces are not going to go away. So, as always, be vigilant and remember that it’s no longer about Parties but about one thing only: to get Brexit.




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