There are a number of MP’s of all three main parties and members of the House of Lords who are actively doing their utmost to overturn the referendum result to LEAVE the EU. The largest democratic vote in UK political history. It is difficult to understand why they are doing this as the UK’s membership of the EEC/EU since 1973 has been a total financial and democratic disaster.

For example, since 1973 to the 2017:

1 The UK’s balance of trade with the EU on EU terms has resulted in a deficit (loss) currently costing us £1.639 trillion.

2 The UK’s balance of trade with the rest of the world on WTO terms has resulted in a surplus (profit) currently worth £477 billion.

3 Only 6% of UK businesses trade with the EU

4 The EU’s share of UK exports on EU terms has fallen to about 44% compared to the rest of the world 56% on WTO terms.

Hence, there is absolutely no reason to fear leaving the EU on WTO terms with no deal. In fact, if this had happened soon after the referendum result the UK would have saved £billions in further payments to the EU and avoided having to pay the EU the £39 billion bribe for nothing!


5 The annual cost to the British economy through being in the EU in 2014 was calculated by Tim Congdon as being in the order of £190 billion. As this figure goes up every year the annual cost after another 4 years must currently be at least £200 billion.

6 Using Congdon’s figure of £190 billion it can be shown that the TOTAL cost to our economy from 1973 to 2017 of EU membership could have currently cost our economy nearly £11 trillion.

7 Since 1973 the UK has been contributing nett funds annually to the EU budget. This has currently cost the UK taxpayer £275 billion. Funds given to our competitors on the continent and never seen again by the UK taxpayer.

8 Apart from the budgetary contributions and the cost to the economy which the UK taxpayer bears through being in the EU’s customs union, it costs the UK taxpayer up to £1,000/annum extra on their grocery bills. This has to be compared to the £80/taxpayer/annum saved by EU exporters on the EU import duties on their exports to the EU.

Not a good return for our money for UK taxpayers! In addition, a percentage of all our VAT payments goes straight to Brussels!

9 In addition, there is the very real prospect of the next generation of UK taxpayers spending all their working lives having to help finance the £30+ trillion liability in EU “pay as you go” pensions if we stay in the EU.

Therefore, the costs to our economy and our exports with no tangible benefits to the country as a whole due to EU membership are horrendous. The loss of UK’s sovereignty through having to comply with EU laws, taxes and diktats are obvious. So why are all these MP’s and others so keen to overturn the popular vote to LEAVE and stay in the EU with all its glaringly obvious disadvantages?

Clearly a number of MEP’s and Lords are totally committed to the UK staying in the EU as their pensions and pay depends upon it and they allegedly could not care less about the costs to the UK public as long as they get their money.

However, the only logical and practical reason for MP’s remain attitude is that they are all completely committed to complying with the EU’s reason for being in existence in the first place. That is to abolish all the nation states and to form a supra-national entity formed of all the nation states. This suggests that all these pro-remain MP’s and others must, despite the horrendous financial and political costs of being in the EU, be entirely committed to:

Abolishing the UK as an independent, sovereign and democratic nation and to making the UK a vassal state of the EU!

This means abolishing the Queen as Head of State and disenfranchising all UK citizens. I believe this is totally against the law of the land and our constitution and I suggest they are therefore allegedly committing


I therefore suggest that all these MP’s are de-selected or voted out of office at the earliest opportunity. In fact, Ian Duncan Smith in his article in the Sunday Telegraph of 3rd March 2019 confirmed that the abolition of the United Kingdom as an independent state in order to make the UK a vassal state of the EU was Conservative, Labour and Liberal/Lib Dem policy for the last 70 years!



1 All figures quoted above are referenced in this link.

2 Current figures quoted above are derived by correcting all figures to 2017 values using the University of Illinois web site and summing the results.


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