Janice North writes:

Sunshine, a guitar and the demise of patriotism – UKIP North London’s Brexit stall at Chalk Farm Bridge last Sunday

‘England is gone! England is dead! I’m not English!’ That was the low point for me. A middle aged white English bloke dressed like a  hipster rushed past me and shouted back (don’t they always?). Before I could open my mouth he was gone.

The day had started well – bright, sunny and busy, in the middle of Chalk Farm Bridge. Great weather and lots of people – just what we needed! I’ve already had my first ‘racist’ of the day’, smiled one of our members – so used to it are all of us. The language was indeed colourful from various people, but there was also the usual mix of Remainers and Brexiteers who wanted to chat quite amicably.

I had checked the demographics before we opted for Chalk Farm – there were lots of fairly expensive residences but also the majority of the rented accommodation was social housing, so I hoped we would meet some hard working ‘ordinary’ citizens, not just tourists, students, liberal elites and those on working visas. On the other hand I have long concluded that most of the social housing in London is inhabited by British people who do not work or foreign nationals who do (or do not) work. Strange – it used to be for British workers on low incomes… I also asked my dad what he remembered of Chalk Farm –  ‘very run down’ he said – ‘and very working class’. Not so any more – rather expensive instead, like much of London now. Low income workers doing everything of course – but ownership or properties or any type of life there is out of reach for many…

There were conversations with people from all parts of the world –  mostly nice enough. We also had a chance visit from a new member of Ealing branch who was very  happy and surprised to come across us so unexpectedly. And a branch member who works in China but happened to be back this weekend popped by – he told us how all the English pubs and restaurants in China are ablaze with conversations about Brexit – and just as divided in opinion as here.

As usual it was our own people who gave us the most abuse. Quite a few choice swear words this week too. Plus the usual leaflets torn up in our faces. And more leaflets than ever ended up in bins (we always check).

I noticed how beautiful our Union Jack flag looked against the Graffiti on the bridge (not very artistic – can’t they do better than that? as someone noted) but also how our skyline is being ruined – views of skyscrapers from every angle.  

A high point was a lovely busker who turned up to play guitar. The music calmed everyone down and we soon ended up chatting to him. An older black man, he was very supportive of Brexit and understood that the EU had no consideration for our relationship with the Commonwealth. Eventually one of our team ended up playing his guitar!

However in the middle of this an angry young man – white English  (of course) – stormed over and told us to get away from the busker. He said we were blocking him and no one would give him any money if they saw us! I explained to him that this was his own prejudice, not ours, and the busker had invited us over to chat. But no, we were in the wrong, we were causing trouble, we were unwanted and the busker was just too nice to say so, apparently! I turned to the busker, and said we had better leave, but he wanted us to stay and chat a bit longer. We ended up sharing biscuits, popcorn, and eventually email addresses as we took a lovely photo of him and he wanted a copy.

Turned out he had a keen interest in politics and supported us. But yet the young English chap decided to take offence on his behalf even though none was given and none taken. Such is the sorry state of our society now that everyone must rush around virtue signalling and being offended on behalf of everyone else! I struggled to understand the twisted state of this young man’s mind to behave the way he did. On a lighter note we wondered if perhaps we should bring a guitar next week and pen our own Brexit song…!

The genuine working class British still left in Chalk Farm probably support Brexit though – the young woman serving in the café was certainly interested. Which begs the question as to why so many white English people feel obliged to hate their own country and people…. Perhaps we must look to the education system, long infiltrated by the far left.   

All in all a good day though. And do watch out for us – we are a merry group and will not give up – the travelling Brexiteers – coming to a town near you very soon!  



Felix Aubel writes:

LML Ammanford & Cardigan Stalls 22/2/ & 23/2/19:

I was delighted with the overall response we received from people during the clean Brexit cross party street stalls which were held in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, on Friday 22 February and in Cardigan, Ceredigion, on Saturday 23 February. Nearly 2,000 miscellaneous Leave Means Leave and UKIP leaflets were also distributed to eager members of the public. Thank you to everybody who assisted with this vital cross party work to Stand Up For Brexit and oppose the Brexit Betrayal of the EU Withdrawal Agreement. We certainly made our mark and look forward to returning to these places shortly.

The response in Ammanford was truly excellent and exceeded our expectations.  The working class Leave vote appeared to be holding-up remarkably well, with no one having second thoughts about Brexit. There were even a handful of Remainer voters in 2016, who now said they now supported a clean Brexit because of the appalling way in which the EU has treated us.

Although there were many people who supported us in Cardigan, there were also many vociferous Remainers, particularly Plaid Welsh Nationalists supporters. I had, thankfully, an excellent team around me, which enabled us to more than hold our own against the usual unfounded Project Fear scare mongering.  It’s definitely onwards and upwards for our Brexit Means Exit campaign in West Wales.



Jen & Ian Walsh write:

Torbay UKIP – Torbay Street Stall

Thank you all who came to man our UKIP table Saturday 23rd Feb.

We met at the UKIP shop at about 8.30 and set up the table in town by Primark by 9.00.

The ‘opposition’ – the remainers, (who dont like the referendum result and want another go at it) turned up about 10.00 Much to their chagrin, finding us already there, with people coming up to our table.

We had a steady stream of the public throughout the day coming over to our table in support. With people walking up the road passing the remoaner table first, and expressing fury at the remainers “not getting it” about having already had a referendum. And people going down the street so stopping at our table first, expressing to us what they were going to say to the ‘opposition’ on their way past them down the street.

Several members of the Remainers came up to our table and we had polite discussion.

We UKIPERS had already determined to outstay the opposition, and about 2.30 one of their party came up the road to whisper to one of them who had been there for some time talking with us …. and was overheard saying that the (remain) group ‘were due to pack up at 1.00 but due to them wanting to outstay us’ (eg REMAIN) longer ) had stayed there overtime.

But ‘due to US showing no sign of packing up’ they were going to Leave. This we thought was a good metaphor, as they single filed past our table with their eu flags blue jumpers and berets, with us politely saying and waving goodbye to them, much to the amusment of the folk sitting drinking coffee out front of the coffee shop opposite. We packed up and left an about 3.00. Job well done !!


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