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Previous investigations of “Russian interference” in western elections have been shown to be either false or exaggerated. This Report by the Intelligence and Security Committee of the British House of Commons provides no evidence but blames the Government for not finding any! It quotes biased journalists and a Russophobe “Intelligence Expert” (recently condemned by the Courts) as “witnesses” and is forced to admit there is no case to answer.

The Report admits that in September 2019

“The National Crime Agency announced that it had concluded the investigation having found no evidence that any criminal offences had been committed”

The Report loses any credibility by virtue of the “experts” it uses but whose “evidence” is totally redacted – Christopher Steele, the compiler of the totally discredited fake dossier on Donald Trump and the serial Russophobic journalist Anne Applebaum. Another contributor is the Russian-convicted fraudster, US Democrat party donor and UK citizen, Bill Browder!

Just a few days ago a London judge Justice Warby ordered Christopher Steele’s intelligence firm to pay damages to two Russian bankers. He found that Steele had reported inaccurately (in his discredited 2016 dossier on Donald Trump) that the pair had arranged payoffs to Vladimir Putin during the 1990s. Steele was given short shrift in Court when the judge said:

“[Steele] has given two very different versions of events, which are mutually inconsistent in a number of respects. Mr Steele kept few records, and most of these he did keep have been lost or destroyed.”

The “evidence” of these three “experts” is redacted from the report and so could not be verified. What a farce. And what an indictment of the MPs on the Intelligence and Security  Committee that one of their chief “witnesses” was so recently condemned for his false Russophobe accusations by a British court!

On the other hand US interference in other countries’ elections and in the violent overthrow of other governments is a matter of historic fact.

Americans John McCain and Victoria Nuland and the German Foreign Ministry (and German Political Foundations) all aided the violent overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian Government in 2014. Then there is the Russian sourced money transferred to the Clinton election campaign by Bill Browder and the Biden family money from the Ukraine and the Obama/Biden administration forcing Ukraine to drop the corruption investigation into the firm for which Biden’s son worked!

The USA interfered in Egyptian politics when the Morsi Government was overthrown.

When the CIA Director James Woolsey as asked whether the USA had ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections he replied: “Oh probably – only for a very good cause”

The CIA even produced an Assassination Manual originally written in 1953 and declassified in 1997 – with excerpts published in the New York Times on May 31 1997.


The US Democratic Party sponsor George Soros has for decades funded “colour revolutions” in Eastern Europe in order to pursue “regime change” – and has poured millions into the Black Lives Matter and the British Remain in the EU campaigns. Soros organisations have rightly been banned from Russia.

And when it comes to hacking the Democratic National Committee (of which Russian “agents” are accused) it was their own Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman who employed a Muslim Brotherhood operator who hacked the computers of Congressmen and women. When she was told that her employee was under investigation for espionage and hacking (and doing so from Pakistan) she kept him on for nearly a year. The chief suspect in the removal of DNC data was the party’s employee Seth Rich – who met a violent death in Washington DC.

The biggest foreign interference in the British 2016 EU Referendum was the disgraceful attack on Leavers by the US president Obama who came to the UK specifically to promote the “Remain in the EU” campaign. He infamously said that Britain would “go to the back of the queue” for a trade deal with the USA if we voted to leave the EU. The people took no notice of him!


This long awaited report is an embarrassment to all concerned. It is full of suggestions, intimations, unfounded accusations and totally non credible witnesses. Professor Arthur Noble in a recent article in the British Church Newspaper quotes the decisive paragraph in the British Parliament’s Intelligence Committee Report

The written evidence presented to us appeared to suggest that HMG had not seen or sought evidence of successful interference in UK democratic processes or any activity which has had a material impact on an election for example influencing results.

So not even this Russophobic Committee is suggesting that the results of the 2016 referendum nor the recent general elections in the UK were affected by any Russian interference. If the Government – or the MPs on that Committee – are continuing to insinuate such effects then they should of course resign and hold the elections again!

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