What fresh hell is this, again?



Unsurprisingly, the MSM are again showing us this morning what they really think of us plebs: the thickos wo read the Red Tops are getting their fix with stuff on ‘teh royals’, the less thick peasants reading the Broadsheets are presented with stuff on the ‘shame’ of the Rwanda flight, the economy and the EU (link). I’ll mention in passing that seeing the photo of the former PM Mr B. at the ceremony for the Order of the Garter was utterly stomach-turning. 

Two ‘staples’ on which the MSM survived for months and even years have vanished. There were no covid ‘news’ and the war in the Ukraine has now become something to be hidden well below any other reports, the only hold-out being the DT where the editors still run a ‘live blog’. This might as well have been written in Kiev. The most egregious of those ‘news’ is that the bad Russiains have destroyed the last bridge out of Severodonetsk so that the poor civilians cannot flee. Not one word about Ukrainian military groups being holed up in a factory complex (paywalled link).

I mention in passing that the authors of that DT propaganda blog refer to an ‘investigation’ by Amnesty International according to which hundreds of civilians were killed in Charkov by Russian cluster bombs. Not one word, neither by that NGO nor of course by the DT, the Kiev mouthpiece, on the ongoing shelling, with cluster bombs, by Ukrainian military of the city of Donetsk where yesterday five people were killed and over 33 injured. That was reported by TASS and so must be Russian propaganda (link).

Does it occur to the chief editors in the MSM that their partisan reporting has made us ever more disinclined to believe a word they say or write because they haven’t given us the whole story, for years? Does it not occur to them that our disinterest in their partisan reporting is due to their unmitigated refusal to give us both sides of important events? Doesn’t it occur to one the other of their ever so clever ‘thinking heads’ and opinion writers that our political ‘apathy’ is due to the fact that we are no longer content with being presented with a ‘Labour’ or ‘Tory’ spin of a news item which is lacking in objective, factual reporting?

The accusations of ‘fake news’ when reported in ‘alt media’ and especially in social media not controlled by Big Tech have become stale. The Westminster critters still rely on their illusory ‘power’ to influence public opinion while more and more of us are getting our news elsewhere. Blocking and prohibiting access to other news channels isn’t working any longer. Moreover, those writing or speaking on such channels are doing what our wonderful MSM editors are not: they always provide the sources, leaving it to us to check out what they were saying, to make up our own minds.

Meanwhile, Mr ‘e, clearly delusional, vowed to ‘take back’ the whole of the Donbas and the Crimea, provided the stingy West gives them even more ammunition and advanced weapons systems (link). Also meanwhile, Poland’s PM is demanding that the NATO allies – that includes us – should replace all the military stuff they’ve sent to the Ukraine: “We expect the gaps that have arisen in our resources to be refilled also within the framework of allied support mechanisms,” (link) – as if our Armed Forces are sitting on mountains of military hardware and have the capacity to manufacture more of that stuff to give away.

I assume some ‘correspondents’ in the Westminster MSM do glance occasionally at Reuters which is, after all, not providing ‘Russian propaganda’. There’s an intriguing item showing that, en coulisse, the think-tankers and other political influencers in the West are pondering how to get out of that mess – and how to distribute the spoils of a beaten Ukraine (link). One has to go to Larry Johnson’s blog to read why the Ukraine is so important, economically, for the West (link). One has to go to India, to Mr Bhadrakumar’s blog, to read about what is being whispered in the USA, by important ‘players (link). 

This information, those talks are of huge importance especially at this time when our economy is struggling, not least thanks to the government’s support for sanctions generally and militarily. Don’t think for a minute that an end to the shooting war in the Ukraine will mean that we won’t need to pay out more to Kiev, not when the  USA is planning to support Kiev with $1.5 bn a month (link, machine translator needed). That money must come from somewhere …

Is that why BJ so cavalierly refuses to cut taxes unless ‘inflation is under control’? I see this as a cynical ploy to keep the Treasury coffers full:

“Boris Johnson is not planning to cut taxes for households until inflation is brought under control, meaning action is unlikely before next year. Downing Street and the Treasury fear soaring prices could “spiral”, even further if a tax cut is adopted soon to help with the cost of living. Both the Bank of England and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predict inflation will only start dropping next year. It means that pressure to bring forward a planned income tax cut and reverse the increase in National Insurance is being resisted for now. Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, has refused to promise personal tax cuts in his autumn Budget, only going as far as pledging help for businesses.” (paywalled link)

Why institutions like the BoE believe inflation ‘will drop’ next year is not explained. There are murmurs of a recession but interestingly enough no mention is being made of stagflation. I cannot help but think that this is just the ticket as far as the international neofeudal class is concerned. New military hardware has to be manufactured after all, and plucky, corrupt Ukraine has to be supported. That’ll cost us while being a nice little earner for those economic overlords. Perish the thought that ‘things will get better’, not when the government has its tax boots firmly stomped on our necks!

At least we still have this one  week in which the days are getting longer. From next Tuesday onwards it’ll be downhill all the way: the days will get shorter again, the economy will tank a bit more. But no worries! There are the summer holidays to come and there will be more theatre to keep us from asking serious questions of our ‘rulers’. What was this about making hay while the sun shines?

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