What do we lose if the USA splits? Equally, what do we gain? Couples often have to face this dilemma, and in many cases, divorce follows. Is this ideal? No. Can Americans create Utopia? Only in the minds of children – and liberals. America does have a great Constitution for those willing to live free, but you have to accept the difficulties that come with that choice.

However, what if you don’t like those pesky liberties and the personal responsibilities tied to them? What if you prefer the bloated nanny state and are willing to accept subjugation to supercilious Brahmins as the price of security? Or, what if you are one of the elite benefitting from the government-spending boondoggle and the status bestowed on the leading caste? Then, maybe the Constitution is not for you. If you look with contempt at those who support certain Amendments to the Constitution and consider it a “living thing” to be tinkered with, why not establish a regime more conducive to your thinking? Forget those little people, forget needing super-majorities or packing the court – just secede peacefully, open the borders and let ‘em in! It definitely beats going fully kinetic.

Long ago, divorce was often frowned upon, but this is no longer the case. Being tied into a relationship that neither party is happy with is why the pressure release valve of divorce exists. Interestingly, countries also now split by agreement, and why not? The Czechs and Slovaks came to an amicable arrangement, so there is no Czechoslovakia. Did you notice? Does everyone even know that they split?

South Sudan appeared stage left a few years ago and has seen its Ex to the north reform its Islamic laws, and begin to repair relationships with the international community. So, a split can make things better for incompatible peoples in substantial ways – and not only for them, but for all of us. Killing ex-Muslims is no longer Sudanese law, something that the entire Sharia-following Islamic world has to join them in if the integration of Muslims is to succeed in the West. Macron’s France has just issued a draft Charter for Muslims, which demands that recognition of this most basic human right be acknowledged by its Muslim clerics. This initiative has to be monitored closely as all Islamic law schools recognise the legal requirement to execute former Muslims.

Unfortunately, back in the USA, the acrimony between the Trumpian Main Street red states and the Techno-authoritarian Wall Street blue states looks terminal to me. Their world-views are fundamentally conflicted: the exit appeals when an incoming team starts smearing all followers of the outgoing team as unpatriotic, and talks of re-education for the “domestic terrorists” who disagree with them; including Senators Cruz and Hawley, MAGA-hat wearers and National Guardsmen who turn their back on the passing “fake” President.

US military personnel come disproportionately from Main Street homes, and the academic industry’s Newspeak goons and their media boosters from those of Wall Street bluffers. What might we see if this odd pairing decide enough is enough, and the United States disunites?

We are likely to see the red Republican states, probably led by a Texit, retaining the Constitution in their new fly-over federation. The Banksters and city-slickers who pour red ink so liberally over the globe’s accounting books can feast upon the remnants of the carcass in the Amendment-free Union of Losers, pumping out printed dollars to lob into their Chinese handlers’ pockets, all the while protected by Biden’s Stasi-lite. However, Pakistan and Bangladesh have shown that it is probably impossible for one House to maintain control over geographically separated coastal entities, so maybe they can agree to an adult split as Techiefornia and Newtopia.

The red-staters must first address the primary cause of the split – the disgraceful indoctrination of the young by the erroneously titled Department of Education and the Academy: destroy forever the Prussian-modelled automaton-spewing factories foisted on the free-thinking Americans by the public-school founding East-coast Brahmin elite in the late 1850s: root out the terrible teacher unions and the hard left “educators/indoctrinators”: replace the school and university covert corruptors with cohorts of teachers versed in critical thinking and life-skills who answer for their performance to parents, not distant mandarins and “experts”. Children of the Untouchable Trump-caste proles freed from the bonds designed to ensure obeisance to The Man will set the American Revolution back on track in these states for generations to come, and demonstrate to others the power of minds freed from ideology and conformity.

Those militia folks stroking their guns and stoking talk of civil war need to calm down. America can come to an equitable divorce as secession is feasible and beats piling up bodies of loved ones and innocents. Northern Ireland’s simmering low-intensity conflict lasted thirty years, and the equivalent proportionate body count for the US would be 22,000 dead – per year. And how did the blood-letting end? A negotiated settlement with the leaders of the fighting factions patting each other on the back as elected buddies, but with bodies littering the path to peace. And for many of the fighters? Bitterness and disillusionment, wondering why they bothered.

A very wise man with a lifetime of experience of war advised us well at a White House luncheon in 1954, that it is “better to jaw, jaw than to war, war.” It should be remembered that the first time Mr Gatling’s machine guns were used was on the streets of New York, gunning down rioting Irish who did not want to be conscripted into the Union Forces in the civil war which cost America roughly 700,000 lives. The militia should stick to marching around the hills and keeping a beady eye on their representatives at the negotiating table. Patience and focus are needed, not blowhard mutterings from camouflaged realtors with muffin-tops overwhelming their belts.

Whilst the last secession may have led to civil war and freed the slaves, if there is to be another round, let it be peaceful this time. Acrimony there will be, fighting words will be uttered and shots occasionally exchanged, but this time fight for freedom of the mind and battle at the negotiating table at the start, not the end.

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