Say good-bye to all that – we need giant greenhouses and wind farms now


The first observation regarding our heroic MSM today is this: the blue-and-yellow ‘banners’ at the top of the front pages ‘supporting the Ukraine’ have gone. Not even The Express is displaying it. ‘War News’ have been relegated to the bottom of the various front pages, even the rabidly pro-Ukrainian DT has curtailed their Ukrainian news.

At the time of writing early this morning, they dedicated that former ‘war reports’ spot to the very sad news that Phil Bennett, ‘Wales and British Lions legend’, died yesterday (link). The BBC has a compilation of tweets from former colleagues (link). One doesn’t have to be Welsh to feel sad about the passing of one of the Greats.

Meanwhile, the Silly Season is starting, with ‘travel advice’ and gossip about strife inside the House of Windsor – Charlie doesn’t want Andy back. The PM  is trying to out-Maggie Maggie with his ‘right to buy’ scheme, and there’s that Home Office ‘flagship scheme’ of flying a handful of illegal immigrants to Rwanda which has become a nice little earner for lawyers.

It’s as if Ms Patel’s mandarins are secretly sniggering about this scheme’s failure. The Times gloats that the last remaining 10 illegals might also appeal successfully and that tomorrow’s flight may well be abandoned (link, paywalled). Given the ever rising inflation, I wonder how long it’ll be before the donations to those lawyers, the charities and NGOs will dry up. As the old saying has it: food comes first, then virtue signalling.

In another sign that the war in the Ukraine is coming to an end, there were no reports on the latest sayings of that ‘hero of Kiev’, the Ukrainian PM. Various ambassadors and various Ukrainian politicians have filled that gap, putting the blame for the coming defeat firmly at the feet of ’Teh West’, for not giving them all their weapons and ammunition.

The ‘orrible Russians aren’t fighting fair, see, because they use more artillery shells and stuff than the brave blue-and-yellow troops. How that is possible when Putin’s troops were said to be running out of ammunition and men in March … in April … in May … even now: don’t ask silly questions!  Still, ‘our SAS’, or rather former SAS members have allegedly given Putin a bloody nose, ‘destroying Putin’s mercenaries’ (link). That doesn’t really make up for the death of a ‘British hero’, as reported by Reuters yesterday:

“A former British soldier has been killed fighting for Ukraine in the city of Sievierodonetsk, his family said on social media, and a senior Ukrainian official praised him as a “true hero”. Jordan Gatley left the British Army in March, his family said, and went to Ukraine to help in the fight against the Russian invasion. The family said it had received the news on Friday that he had been shot and killed.” (link)

Our broadsheets have reports as well (link, paywalled; paywalled link). The death of this young man ought to be put at the feet of La Truss who stated at that time that Brits were free to go and fight ‘for democracy and against Putin’. She ought to have paid more attention to the problem of NI but then, going to Belfast and Dublin and even Brussels isn’t as swanky as going to Moscow and New Delhi. Now Tory EUrosceptics are on the warpath (link). That’s what happens when the PM and his Ministers, keen on photo ops, take their eyes off the ball. 

It must have suited Miz Truss’ Remain mandarins though who seem to have happily given her enough rope to hang herself as warmonger. It’s a bit like the situation in which her colleague Ms Patel finds herself. One wonders why the professional feminists in politics and the MSM aren’t crying out loud about this sexist, antifeminist attitude of the old, white male mandarins in Whitehall. Such outcry would surely provide some nice copy to fill the pages in the Silly Season!

Two other reports caught my eyes. One is in the DT, telling us more about the government’s ‘Food Strategy’ initiative to combat inflation and produce more ‘food security’. It’s beautiful:

“Giant greenhouses will be given planning permission under a “grow for Britain” strategy to be unveiled by Boris Johnson, to end the UK’s reliance on overseas food. The plans unveiled on Monday by the Government include reviewing the current planning permission process to support the development of “glasshouses” to increase the amount of UK-grown food the country consumes.” (paywalled link)

We’re informed that there were, for example, around 1,200 of those giant greenhouses in the 1960 in the Lea Valley, now reduced to a bare 300. One wonders if the land on which those greenhouses used to stand has meanwhile been used for other purposes, such as housing or ‘solar farms’ or ‘rewilding’. In ‘mandarine speak’ we next read:

“It is understood that food the UK has the climate and expertise to produce needs to be increased as the country only produces, for example, 23 per cent of the cucumbers and 15 per cent of the tomatoes supplied domestically. It is also hoped the rising cost of energy for farms can be helped by making use of surplus heat and CO2 from industrial processes, and renewable sources of energy.” (paywalled link)

Let’s not ask if this ‘food insecurity’, created by our demolishing greenhouses and other items such as grubbing up perfectly fine apple trees had something to do with our EU membership and with out ‘going global’.

Moreover, it’s magical thinking at its finest as no thought is given to how and with what and where these giant greenhouses will be built. ‘We’ will produce more tomatoes and cucumbers and it’ll all be ‘green’ because somehow industrial ‘surplus heat and CO2’ will be used. The rest of the energy will come from those sacred ‘renewables’ which somehow won’t be needed for household fuel supplies. 

There’s another government scheme to alleviate inflation. It’s a proposal to end “the system by which the wholesale cost of gas in effect determines the price of electricity for consumers.” (link, paywalled). We know that gas is the enemy of green and must be stamped out to ‘save the planet’, never mind the cost to millions of households. The Times, now deep green, writes next:

“More than a quarter of the UK’s electricity is from renewable sources, for which costs have been largely unaffected by rising global energy prices. However, the link has been blamed for exacerbating the cost of living crisis as it has forced customers to pay over the odds for electricity because of spiralling wholesale gas prices linked to the conflict in Ukraine.” (link, paywalled)

We know that politicians and mandarins find it impossible to join the dots, especially not when riding their hobby horses. Apparently the three-quarters of households not using renewables will be blessed with lower electricity prices in order to wean them off their gas habit.

How the inevitable increase in demand for electricity is going to be satisfied when gas power stations are closed, when energy from renewables must also be used to heat those giant greenhouses, never mind keeping industrial processes going and ‘fuelling’ all those electric cars: nobody cares as long as they can signal their green virtue. 

This is the future the Westminster denizens are dreaming of: we’ll no longer be a truly green and pleasant land but one plastered with bird shredders, ‘solar farms’ and giant greenhouses. Say good-bye to ancient hedgerows, wildlife, birds and insects. Who needs them when they can live in cities, cheek-by-jowl, with ‘cheap electricity’.

I expect a quick come-back of the one-bar electric heater to keep us all warm: that’s ‘green progress’.

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