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[Part 1 was published yesterday, you can read it here.]


Returning to the Johns Hopkins statistics regarding the Diamond Princess, my suspicions of them ‘Doctoring’ the figures was confirmed looking at them for a second time the night of the 24th March. In the morning the figure of 712 read ‘cruise ship’, at night of the same day this whole statistic was missing along with the corresponding 10 deaths (this figure is disputed with some sources maintaining actually 8 deaths) attributed to the Diamond Princess!

As if they think no-one will notice them essentially altering the facts! Then lo and behold on the third time of looking on the morning of 25th March the 712 had returned along with the 10 deaths attributed to the ship. This time the 712 was labelled ‘Diamond Princess’ but this creates a major problem for their statistics as previously ‘cruise ship’ potentially covered all cruise ships affected by the virus but now obviously it does not, so the data is flawed. There are confirmed cases from many ships including Costa Luminosa (36 and a further 75+ with symptoms who were not tested) and Grand Princess (at least 21 Guests/ 19 crew). Ovation of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas, Zaandam and others reported many cases but conveniently had no testing kits. Potentially there are thousands of cases from the breeding grounds of the many cruise ships where the people have just been allowed to leave the ships without being tested even when obviously displaying symptoms.

Also, the confirmed death from the Ruby Princess was present in Johns Hopkins statistics the morning of the 24th March but has also disappeared. On the subject of the Ruby Princess, the Guardian reported on 23rd March that the 2700 passengers were allowed to leave the ship “by mistake” untested into Sydney on 19th March. ABC Network in Australia reported that 130 CoronaVirus cases can be traced back to the Ruby Princess. This is reinforced by New South Wales Health stating that of 133 suspected cases, 107 are thought to be in NSW and 26 in other states and they are attempting to trace them, these figures are probably much greater. The Australian Corona cases have also been boosted with similar “mistakes” with cruise passengers and now stands at 1682, including 818 in NSW alone. These “mistakes” have needlessly spread the infection. No help or guidance has been forthcoming from WHO to prevent these “mistakes”, it appears that this is the intended result. This fits in with keeping flights going to infected areas and not checking for infected passengers.

A final analysis of the Johns Hopkins statistics revealed on 25th March, 423,670 worldwide confirmed cases and 18,923 deaths, and mortality rate of nearly 4.5%. A non-fake figure should be around 10 million cases including mild cases, giving a mortality of less than 0.2%. This is how a ‘Pandemic’ has been ‘Doctored’!

The biggest death toll is in Italy, what the MSM has hidden from the public is that 100,00 Chinese workers from the Wuhan area were working in the garment factories of Northern Italy and continued to go back and forth to China long after the outbreak. No help has been given to Italy from either WHO, UN or the EU and the Chinese ‘help’ is questionable as they caused the outbreak in the first place. Maybe it is coincidence that Italy is being particularly ‘punished’ in this way for anti-EU behaviour? Likewise Iran (anti-American/ EU behaviour, how exactly did it spread so badly there?!), France (for anti-Macron/ EU behaviour?), Spain (for anti-EU behaviour?) and the UK for Brexit? To explore these questions it is important to examine firstly Johns Hopkins and secondly ‘Event 201’.

Johns Hopkins actually organised, hosted and sponsored ‘Event 201’, research into this Organisation reveals it is ‘associated’ with Bloomberg News and is incredibly rich with a $1.9 Billion ‘endowment’. It is also run by Billionaires including the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, William E Conway, co-founder of The Carlyle Group (deep state) and two Billionaire Vice Chairmen. Other trustees include a member of the Rockefeller family and Billionaire David Rubenstein who is also co-founder of the Carlyle Group, Member of The Council on Foreign Relations, Member of The Trilateral Commission and an attendee of Bilderberg 2017 (unfortunately I cannot go into these deep state organisations now, but would encourage you to do your own research so that you can see where I am going here). Johns Hopkins also works with the Chinese with infectious diseases in North America including at the level 4 facility in Winnipeg, Canada with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases.

Moving on to ‘Event 201’, we are told it refers to the next of the alleged 200 viruses the world has every year but looking at the ‘Event’ logo of 2 then the 0 as a world and then 1 it could be referring to the UN Agenda 21/ Agenda 30 (again, please research these). Agenda 21 was always rumoured to commence in 2020! Likewise, perhaps it refers to January 2020 (20/1) which is when it all began in China, or both? This could be the first of many ‘Pandemics’ that “unfortunately just happen” so are they planning to decimate the world population? They are certainly planning to gain control! Event 201 was attended by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (!), the CIA (!), NBC (!), World Economic Forum, United Nations Foundation (!), The World Bank (!), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (!) etc. It was supposed to simulate ‘management’ from 3 months into a Pandemic, but surely if the intention really was not to create the ‘Pandemic’ we are suffering now, it should have been an exercise in avoiding a ‘Pandemic’ in the first place? Please check out the details of this event as it is scary to say the least, as it all appears to be coming true!

We are currently being ruled by the Globalists using propaganda and F.E.A.R!

The fight back starts now!

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