Appeal for the National Alliance Against Lockdowns


The recent actions of the government have shown that their policies of lockdown restrictions will continue until March and beyond.

Their lockdown policies have wreaked havoc on the economy, destroyed thousands of businesses and millions of jobs.  Billions in unnecessary expenditure have been spent, creating a massive national debt. 

The health of the nation has suffered too, with other conditions and diseases being considered not as important as covid-19.

The government has essentially treated the British public with huge contempt, and has ridden roughshod over any consideration for their feelings.

Unless something is done, the situation will become worse and yet worse for the citizens of this country.

The time has now come for the British public to rise up and insist on no more deplorable treatment.

No more being taken for granted. No more being duped by the government propaganda machine which somehow manages to influence virtually every media outlet in the country.


There are over 70 organisations, a number of small political parties, and numerous individuals, who, since the imposition of the first lockdown in March, have been valiantly campaigning against lockdowns.

They have achieved a little, but nowhere near enough to stop the onslaught of the government’s lockdown restrictions.

The only way that this can be stopped in its tracks and reversed, is for all those who have been campaigning against lockdowns to work together to achieve this objective.


When the country has had single issues such as those decided by referenda, it is common for different groups to work together under one banner.

The same must be done on the issue of lockdowns, and thus the National Alliance ( for freedom from lockdowns) has been set up.

This body aims to provide coordination for all those involved in the anti-lockdown movement, the organisations, the parties, the MP’s, the medical and other professionals, the media, and of course a huge proportion of the British public.

The National Alliance has already been proactive and been contacting many interested parties and individuals, and the initiative is seen as both well overdue and popular. 

This process continues and the coordinators have asked for organisations and individuals to contact them directly, rather than wait to be contacted, as time is of the essence.


The National Alliance intends to be supportive of the activities of existing organisations, as well as to organise its own, where it is seen as advantageous to do so.

The spirit of working together will increase the strength and effectiveness of the campaign.

The government will find itself under pressure on all fronts.

The tables will be turned. The government will be on defensive and will have to retreat on their lockdown policies.

Any opposition politicians who support them will be called to account.

The same will apply to those at local authority and police level who have effectively suppressed local businesses and communities.


The National Alliance, by working together, will ensure no stone is left unturned in this fight.

It will be bristling with campaign initiatives and will be aspirational, forging the best of the British public, all ages, all races, all backgrounds, all united for a common cause, that of freedom.


There will also be the insistence of equal media coverage to that given to the pro-lockdown side.

We are building up a panel of people able to speak on all the covid-19 and lockdown subjects, so that we can offer them for all media contributions.

Yes, there are two sides in this, as in a referendum, and so far those who believe in freedom from lockdowns have not had their fair and proper say.


In order to be successful this campaign needs funds, as we need to build up a professional and politically credible organisation. So if you are able to make a donation, please say so when you get in touch.

So please, contact National Alliance, and stand proud under the banner for freedom.

You will be standing up for the whole of the UK.


~~~   ***   ~~~


[Ed: we’ve been asked by the author, Anthony Webber, a member of the team of coordinators for the National Alliance Against Lockdowns, to inform readers that the website of the NAAL is being designed right now and will be up shortly. There you’ll find the pertinent informations about aims, joining, donating. The link will be provided as soon as the site is up and running.]

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